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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Open Letter to General Ham and the Republic …

Open Letter to General Ham and the Republic … From Anonymous 2
Dear General Ham and members of the restored Republic,
Members of Anonymous 2 are comprised of some very smart people, including retired military.  We have excellent contacts, and we perform due diligence on observations and reports to assure accuracy and reliability of our intel sources.
Sir - we are going to be rather blunt in asking you for a response as we do not appear to have a lot of time left before all possibilities to save our nation are exhausted.  Among several concerns there are 2 in particular that we wish to present to you and to the people of the Republic in this message.
First, millions of people are being hurt daily – doused with poisons and toxins - from the chemtrail bombing dropped on our citizens nationwide.  As citizens, if we flew our helicopters or small planes over neighboring homes and dropped wheat flour on them, we would be arrested - if not shot down - but these mass murderers are allowed to do this. How is that??
Our grapevine and intel inform us that the chemtrail bombers are now in the “kill them quick” mode, as the cabal/NWO does not want Americans to have the opportunity to exchange their currencies and thus acquire wealth which would be used in various ways that would stall their objective to bring about the quick demise of this nation.
Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex we just enjoyed an extreme rarity - 4 days of beautiful weather – only today (Oct 27th) to once again observe what was a beautiful crystal clear blue sky early this morning change to a sky of solid white silvery  chemtrail ‘clouds’ from trail after trail after trail of chemtrails crisscrossing in the sky overhead.  We saw what appeared to be 747’s, flying lower than normal, dropping their entire load of poisons within a timeframe of approximately 5 to 7 minutes.  More planes continued this mass drop for hours.  Our noses/sinuses began to burn severely.  Our eyes were burning and red.  Many of us began to cough continually and we have not been able to stop.  These poisons affect all of nature – trees, food crops, animals, birds, water and humans.
HAARP is being used as a destructive device.  Massive tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes are being created in this nation that would not ordinarily occur if it was not for the manipulation of HAARP.  Studies are being done and published proving conclusively that HAARP is being used as a weapon against our nation and other nations in this world.
General, we hear that you were sworn in to office, only again to hear of late that you were sworn in (again?).  We are told that the criminal USA corporation is now defunct along with the criminal Federal Reserve.  We are told that the Republic has been restored only to again hear that the Republic will be restored.  There are no observable changes that confirm that these organizations are now defunct and the Republic has, in fact, been restored.  All continues as per usual.
All of us understand that, as the ‘sworn in’ President of the ‘restored Republic,’ that you must be very busy.  However, we want to take this opportunity to bring HAARP and the chemtrails to your immediate attention, alerting you that it is not just we in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex that are being bombarded with HAARP and the chemtrails, but you, your friends and your loved ones as well who are being poisoned.  All Americans are having their health and lives adversely affected by these two weapons. 
We know from personal research that ‘global warming,’ ‘weather modification’ and ‘protecting the nation from UFO surveillance’ is total poppycock.  We are also aware that in the 1950’s the criminal ‘gov’ made their ‘laws’ on behalf of the USA military to ‘experiment’ on the American people without their knowledge and approval.  Both the continued HAARP and chemtrails are a declaration of war on the American people.
The Republic and its officers are either the solution to these continuing issues or part of the problem, operating as yet another tentacle of the NWO/cabal. 

As long as these two major situations continue – HAARP and chemtrails – America has no choice but to believe that the ‘restored Republic’ is a HOAX. 

In closing, as Americans and citizens of the restored Republic, we respectfully request you to order the NWO/cabal to immediately cease and desist the HAARP and chemtrails.  Please take all necessary action to assure that your orders in this regard are obeyed  or, as the President of the restored Republic, make a decision to take whatever actions are necessary to put a stop to the HAARP and  chemtrails, including shooting the planes down and/or destroying ALL facilities. 

Your action – or lack thereof – will illustrate whether the restoration of the Republic is a HOAX or for real.  What will your decision be General Ham??  Life for the Republic?  Or to allow the continued efforts that further the death of this nation and its people??

Anonymous 2