Sunday, October 30, 2016

Paid to riot

Hillary Clinton and George Soros 
Paid Me to Riot


Anonymous said...

How is the "narcissistic personality DISORDER MAXIMUS" criminal "traitor(thousands of counts, to begin)" going to be "pardoning" anybody? That cretin needs to be arrested with the rest of the shithouse(pardon please, most apt description)rats. We know them--let them eat there own "cake". VIVA.

Anonymous said...

Narcissistic personality disorder(MAXIMUS)is prevalent in the bloodline of the inbred, psychopathic "elete ???" that WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A BUCK" Then use these ill-gotten gains to manifest their looney , reptilian view of our life. No skanks Smellary, we don't need your HELP!!!Sanis mentem in corpore sano. (a sound mind in a sound body)Putrification doesn't indicate health--the exact opposite. Bushes and O'Nobel peace prince,sic are cousins and are part of the bloodline(degenerate)royale, through Pocahontas back to Akenatan. Inbred, psychopathic monsters. Royalty???, hardly. Jailbirds. Don't forget Bonnie prince Charlie, all part of the same stinking mess.

Anonymous said...

The Russians have perfected the art of the use of directed frequency in the correcting of anomalous genetic conditions with the same 100% efficacy that masterful microsurgery provides, non invasively. As opposed to hanging them all, this might be a helpful thought.