Friday, October 28, 2016

Postscript to "A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations" - Judge Anna

By Anna Von Reitz

I said something that wasn't quite correct in the prior post -- "A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations"--- because I didn't touch on things that happened after the time period we were discussing when the "United States of America" first reared its head.
I said that there was no country called "United States of America" and no National Trust established under that name, and at the time period we were talking about, that is true---- but circa 1900-1904, that changed.
The Insular States and District of Columbia joined together to form a country called "United States of America", sometimes referred to as "United States of America (Minor)" early last century.
The United States of America (Minor) is populated by United States Citizens who are all British Subjects operating as a democracy.  The Island of Puerto Rico has opted to be a Commonwealth within this union of "American states". 
The United States of America Minor has a land jurisdiction represented by the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and the land holdings of the Insular Island "states" that are part of this separate and foreign country.
It's "citizens" are allowed to roam freely around the fifty American states as "residents" here to provide essential government services.
To serve their "citizens" who are "residents" here they have set up their "State of State" franchises, which are all foreign states with respect to us. 
The "State of Florida" is a corporate franchise of the old United States of America. 
The "STATE OF FLORIDA" is a corporate franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC.,
And all of these so-called "inchoate" corporate franchise "states" are foreign with respect to you and your organic states of the Union.  Literally foreign.
So also are the people functioning as either "United States Citizens" or as "citizens of the United States" ----- all technically foreigners, all either presumed to be federal or "federated state" employees, or federal dependents--- and operating under foreign law and in foreign jurisdictions with respect to you and your actual, factual states of the Union.
So, yes, Virginia---and Ron--- there is now a country called the United States of America (Minor) and it has a seat of government in the District of Columbia which is defined as the "State of New Columbia" for the purposes of the "union" formed by the "American states" that are part of the United States of America (Minor). 
And I trust that the magnitude of the confusion and corruption caused by all this abuse of deceptively similar names is now becoming painfully apparent, along with the outrages and usurpations and disservice we American State Nationals have suffered because of it.
And this somewhat alters some of the presumptions that MIGHT be made with regard to the proliferation of Demands and Declarations that are pouring forth all of a sudden. 
From what I am reading I surmise that most, if not all, of these heartfelt diatribes are coming from disoriented American State Nationals operating under false assumptions of citizenship and being part of the "United States of America"----- but it could be possible that at least some of this is coming from people who truly understand that they are "United States Citizens" living in the inchoate states of the United States of America, Inc.----and who are fed up with it. 

But in either case, it still presents itself as people who have no standing to complain against their employers----just different groups doing the same thing.
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Anonymous said...

Part 1 of ?

Ha ha, Anna, the green eyes / jealousy is funny.

Anna, as I have taken my journey, I have learned a lot.
I started it with beliefs. Things people I trusted told me, to guide me through this world.
And then one day I wanted to live without any to see what is 'really' there.
I would ask myself, do I feel this way about this lady I see from something she did to me, something someone told me to believe that has to do with something I see in her, or am I choosing to feel this way about a lady I do not know or never met.

I found most of what I believed was embedded in me from people I trust, and I carried it like luggage and used it to get through my days, but that made me a part of them, an extension of them, and I wanted to know who I was. What parts of me are not an extension of them.

To do that, takes faith. I mean faith! And fear will keep anyone from taking a 'leap of faith'.
When someone is suicidal they have no fear, they'll do anything for the outcome they are seeking.

But someone seeking to live will not do the same things, to do anything for the outcome of 'living'.

Love is the key, and it unlocks 'EVERYTHING'. and the biggest part of that key is Love is UNCONDITIONAL.
That doesn't mean you slap me and I put my face out there for you to slap again, I may get slapped and try to avoid another slap and you reach in further knowing I am trying to avoid, so you can slap me again.

The old me wanted to get even. The awake me knows the source that created me, you, my body, your body, and the energy of that slap, and the pain from that slap is AWARE of all that happens.

That source, binds to me the power of love for the avoidance and attempt to avoid, and binds to you the energy of the slap, and the pain of the slap. Should you die today, that energy is yours. You earned it.

The doors to the Kingdom of Heaven are 'RIGHT HERE'. I am not preaching that stuff people say you have to go to a building to hear someone who's had a calling to talk to the people that come to the building.

I'm saying, the source that created us, gave us all the same access to the same things.
What we do with it is our decision.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of ?

The only way to unlock the door, is to accept EVERYTHING because the source created EVERYTHING and you have to know how that energy flows. All these 'light and love' people want to push only that to someone.
Well I may be in a danger where avoidance is not an option, and I have to take a life because I do not want to give up mine for theirs through their force on me. That is created, it is part of the EVERYTHING.

I may want to give up my life to save another, in a rescue where I am not suicidal, but I know I can help them and knowing they are the last I'll see, I can give my last energy to them, of my free will.
What I put out, I get back, it follows me.

There is a difference in being spiritually immature and spiritually dead.
Spiritually dead people will do things and have no emotion about it. Sometimes they are drawn to the people who have the energy they created in this life or prior lives that must be 'transcended', or worked off in order to clear what was created.

If you find yourself in situations where things are happening against your will, if you test your will to see if these are energies you must transcend from things you do not remember, you can come out and look back at that 'wild ride' with pride you made it through.

There are those that as bad things happen, they want bad things to happen to others, and they project that out, and this is like a room with a echo, what you project out comes back to you. You created it. You are the creator. Why are you upset that you project anger and anger is all you see.
You project hatred and that's all you see. A room full of angry people are bound to have a bar room brawl.

You've seen the movies, a mean guy comes in, starts a fight, and before you know it everyone is fighting everyone, and only those that don't want to participate get out of the saloon.

Anonymous said...

3 of ?

The source is NOT going to give you the keys to the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, if you are still in the 'fallen' state. You still rebel against what is created by the source. You want to take over and control how things are done and claim to want to help humanity.

Where would your funds go? To Islamics to help them build a mosque if you hate them?
To people with gender diversity, who want to use any bathroom that is open?
They don't want you? Pervs want you, but they don't; they just want to piss or shi[f]t.

You want to judge the man you never met, is he too ugly, too poor, doesn't have enough teeth, has no job and is holding a sign that you can ignore?

The baby pictures you see saying let this baby live, if it's reptilian born, or some other alien, or even an anchor baby, maybe of a religion you don't agree with, or a future gay, lesbian, transgender, or a current welfare, aids, hermaphrodite baby, can it still be born without you wanting to kill it?

These things are things from the heart. These are the things that are created from the source of all things.

The KINGDOM does not open the doors until you are willing to accept these things and reserve your judgment and let the source manage what it created.

AND, there is no way to get the keys if someone is representing you. They are holding the keys.
You will NEVER get the keys as long as you are on the tit of someone else who speaks for you and decides things in your name.

So as all of you run back and forth in this election cycle, with your name proudly placed on a 're-gistrate-tion card, where gistrate can anagramed as 'stage it' so you re-stage-it, you cannot expect to drag that representation anywhere with you when

All men are created equal.

And even leaving out religion

Where I go, you can follow.

But I sure as heck can't drag you along with me like some sort of attachment.
You have to have your own key, and how many will fit in that eye of the needle when you have all those attachments.

The thing is. Your freedom is your choice, and it starts with your mind, and when your mind is free, your heart soon follows.

The keys cannot be given to the 'get a rope' and 'have more bullets' people.

You will kill the source's creation and 'pre' tend you are helping source clean house.

If you want to kill, kill yourself and let the rest of us figure things out, because killing in the name of the source for which you demand the keys to one of many doors, is just not going to cut it.
You'll recycle until you become one of the un-fallen.

How do I know the door exists? Because I've seen it. Spiritually know it's there. Have I gone through? No, that's why I'm still here typing. Will I go through. Yes, because it's what I've been working toward.
Will people still see me once I go through. Yes, but your realities will be different.

They will still see hatred and war and fear, and I'll see a lot of souls still lost, asleep, and fallen trying to figure things out and find their way to the door.


Anonymous said...


Like thinking of a game called Love. It has a start and a finish, where the finish can be the beginning of a new game, or playing the same game again.

As you move through the game, the things you do either move you forward or move you backwards, but the start never moves and the finish never moves. What you do puts you where you are.

The game is the same, Love. Move forward, you moved forward in love. Move backwards, you moved backwards in love.

Love is all there is.

Anonymous said...

To pass through the door means to possess no attachment.
It doesn't mean to like or dislike the one who has committed mass crimes, or done horrifying things to the world like Soros has.

It means to pass by and let them go, let them die for the crime.
But it does not mean that you intervene or make them die yourself.
You've actually done that your whole life, by living a lie that is created through a number in the government's viewer screen.

Consider the parable of the wounded man.....
A terrible scourge of a man, a one eyed pirate who ran Blackbeard's dead man's cove. He slaughtered anyone who came in or out.

From the man's eyes, these people were trespassers..they constantly came through his cave and stole what he felt was his.
They hated on him and attacked him, so what other choice did the old man wearing Blackbeard's cloak have...than to terrorize them.

You don't have to like the terror, the hatred and malice....All you have to do is accept it, there are people who are like this. And like all living things the creator will mete out judgment.