Friday, February 10, 2017

Liberal Polls Are Showing Approval of Trump!

YOU’RE  GOING  TO  LOVE  THIS:  Even  Liberal  Polls  Are  Showing  Approval  of  Trump!

Left-leaning Politico conducted a poll from February 2-4 and the results may shock you! 

They wanted to know if Americans supported all the Executive Orders that have been signed, including the Travel Ban.

And the verdict was:



    There it is all you peons!! Netanyahu's being indicted right now!
    He was part of it and was brainwashed to worship goat heads!!

    Now do you lemmings still believe Pizzagate is 'Fake News'?

    1. Once again we have a serious case of a lack of reading comprehension. The article says police likely to recommend Netanyahu be indicted. It does not say he is being indicted right now. The police may or may not recommend an indictment. If they do, it remains to be seen if the prosecutor recommends and seeks an indictment. And then it remains to be seen whether a grand jury will issue an indictment. That is so far away from Netanyahu being indicted right now that it shows how far away many people who read this blog are from reality. And you have the nerve to call people who can actually read lemmings. When you learn to read yourself, then come back and post an intelligent message.

    2. What does any of this have to do with President Trumps approval rating? Talk about people only seeing what they want to see! BTW I APPROVE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    3. You are an idiot who shows no signs of intelligence at all. It says in multiple sources that Netanyahu is being indicted!!

      And for the original poster you are also misinformed. It doesn't say the court indicted him, it says they are pressing on having him indicted shortly- read it.

    4. Also the public recommends a labotomy for the lot of you.

  2. 11:33 a.m., only an idiot would print an attitude like the one you just displayed-SHAME FOR SHAME-Only the SMART people would vote for someone to save what's left of the liberal left and the elitist's country, and turn it around in the people's favor-Wake up, for crissake-