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Friday, February 10, 2017

Over 200 Inauguration Rioters Indicted for rioting

Over 200 Inauguration Rioters Just Received the Worst News of Their Lives


  1. I sincerely hope all of them are given the full ten years in prison and the $25,000 fine, to be paid from any assets they own, or in installments upon release. The organizers should serve at least 20 years.

  2. Felony rioting with damage to downtown Vancouver and a car burned happened after and Vancouver hockey game and it took a few years for the RCMP to use facial recognition to identify the criminals who had done the damage and charge them. But because this first riot with criminal felony damage was investigated and followed up on by the RCMP viewing footage posted on the internet as from local security cameras and the RCMP laid criminal charges against all they could identify, there has never been destructive criminal felony rioting ever again and we only have non violent peaceful protests and marches now.

    There was only 230 people arrested and charged on Jan. 20, but if video footage from the internet and video footage from security cameras are used to identify all criminal felons who are responsible for the damages Jan. 20 this would finally make everyone legally liable for their destructive criminal actions.

    And I would pass a law that face masks worn to hide identity during a peaceful protest or during a violent riot automatically equal arrest for intent to hide from criminal activity legal liability.

    Just saying.......