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Friday, February 10, 2017

Top Federal Reserve Official Resigns

Top Federal Reserve Official Resigns
as bank deregulation looms


  1. It does not say he's resigning, it says he has been FIRED!!!

    And they did not say a new regulatory commission gets appointed. Read it again slowly. There is no plans for a new commission.

  2. Aside from firing lets hang some of them

  3. Enough with just fines and firing of bankers, its time to jail them!!

    Meanwhile, as the world is occupied with politics and games of the tyrannts, the Earth is continuing to make its changes. This perhaps may be a sign of something up-coming? Largest “Whale Sentinel” Beaching In Human History Prompts Russian Navy Evacuation --

  4. No new commission....they are putting some interest rate wise guys in who are fair to precious metals!


  5. Hang the bankers, hang the bankers, hang the bankers and UN!!