Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PizzaGate Explodes

PizzaGate Explodes: 
Anthony Weiner To Sink The Clintons

Published on Mar 12, 2017
Why haven't any major arrests occurred yet in the ongoing PizzaGate investigation? Because Anthony Weiner has damning information that could be used to finally bring those responsible for these heinous crimes against children to justice.  He is negotiating with authorities to testify against the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein and other high level figures involved in exchange for the FBI dropping child pornography charges against him. New evidence will see the Clintons locked up for life!  David Zublick brings you the horrible truth in this special report.


  1. Well again I don't know where a lot of you get off with this crap. You are all very intent on pretending things that aren't there.

    Your faith in leaders, is where most of you make your biggest mistake each time. They're not going to solve things for you. Trump from what we've seen isn't particularly good. This guy has jerked people around again and again on things like health care and the types of people he hires.

    While he may be better than most of the trash that gets into office, that isn't truly saying much. He may have delivered on most of his promises but it only happened due to people lighting a fire under his hot seat, holding him accountable.

    It's like my teacher says. People get the leaders they deserve to have, not the other way around. I don't think there's going to be much good to come out of Trump himself, but I do believe God is using him and others to reveal great abominations in the united states that have been hidden.

    The biggest problem folks need to hone in on, is that this entire government: the whole system itself that a corporate (fascist) fraud which has to burn down since there's nothing that can salvage it.

    Even the very *best* leaders couldn't right this ship at all. This is what folks need to realize, the biggest thing that needs to happen is the phony debt has to be taken into bankruptcy court. This whole dam government has to be brought into bankruptcy court, with a full default on their debt, which as a result will close down hordes of useless agencies like the EPA, USDA, DoD and CIA overnight. Also the whole lot of them will be arrested too.
    Whether there is real progress on that or not is what people ought to care about. Trump is perhaps one who can be goaded with the wrath of people to get the message and repudiate the debt...Bankruptcy proceedings is the ONLY thing that will save your the word is ***PHONY*** government!! Believe it!

  2. Btw Trump has even commented before that he "doesn't want to waste his time on Clinton."

    When the Clintons wind up in the slammer, it's going to only be because pissed off americans stood up who are tired of this charade. And no doubt that will apply to many topics.

  3. there's NO way to put a patchwork on this pig....

  4. They need to get the Bushs, Clintons, Obamas, Soros, et al off the face of the earth. And their buds in crime.
    Obama Flees After Massive Drug Bust Aboard Lady Michelle Vessel In Caribbean --

  5. "At least 98% of your government is corrupt...and needs to be cleaned out..." Ramtha ( 1998 )