Monday, March 13, 2017

The Right Way and the Wrong Way

By Anna Von Reitz

I cannot stress enough the necessity of honoring the government established by the united States of America----on which all guarantees and treaties among nations depend. 

Americans now newly discovering what I have been reporting for years now---about the "corporate takeover" of the 1860's need to stuff their outrage and confusion and listen for the rest of the story. 

The so-called "de jure" government never disappeared.  It went through a succession, but it still exists.  There is still Public Law in effect.  The offices of the de jure government of the United States of America have stood vacant, but they are still here, still have requirements that have to be met.

Any idea that you can throw the baby out with the bathwater need to be stifled right here and right now. 

Each state is supposed to have a "well-regulated militia" and it needs to be called a "militia" and operated as one.  This business of trying to call state militias "continental marshals" is whacko and contrary to the law and treaties and history of this country. 

It is a mistake and it needs to be corrected no matter whose precious little ego is on the line. 

Militias you can have in each state and state jural assemblies can control them, are in fact obligated to do so. 

But Continental Marshals occupy a different international jurisdiction, operate in Postal Districts composed of several states, and are NOT the "same as" state militias no matter who says or thinks otherwise.

By stubbornly trying to maintain the mistake, you endanger yourselves and the entire effort to restore the lawful government owed to the states and the people. Give up this prideful and unnecessary error or you will clearly be operating outside the provisions of the actual Constitution and the still-standing Public Law.

All that then does is provoke an opportunity for the Federales to attack you and promote claims that you are leading an insurrection instead of restoring your lawful government. 

Same way with trying to just wave your hands and say that you are Americans while you are still registered as United States vessels in commerce.  There are many thousands of Americans rotting in federal jails who tried the same thing. 

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