Thursday, March 16, 2017

Your State is Your Nation

By Anna Von Reitz

The latest mixed-up quasi-patriot gobbledygook is that you can change your nationality on your birth certificate (in some states) and that if you claim to be an indigenous "Moor" you can reclaim your status as a landowner.
I have news for everyone, you don't have to tell a lie--- that you are a "Moor" or any follower of "Islam"--- to regain your status as a landowner.
Go down to the Recorders Office and record your land titles in your Christian upper and lower case name and have the Secretary of the Treasury switch your ACCOUNT (UPPER CASE NAME(S)) over to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. 
Your state of the union is your nation.  It always has been.
Neither the "United States" nor the "United States of America" have ever been sovereign nations.  They are "unions" or "confederations" or "federations" of sovereign nations operating as "states" in international jurisdiction. 
To reclaim your birthright and landownership requires you to adopt your nationality as a Texan, Wisconsinite, Minnesotan, etc.
You never, ever claim to be a "Moor" unless you really, truly are one---- if you would be dishonest enough to allege that you are a "Moor" while standing there white as Frosty, the Snow Man and having no ties to the religion of Islam, you are all perjuring yourselves in front of Heaven and Earth and deserve to be prosecuted for it. 

So get your heads back out of your butts and get moving according to the history and the truth and reclaim your true nationality---and do not be confused about this again.
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