Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Business Letter to U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sessions

By Anna Von Reitz

April 18, 2017

Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, U.S. Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
 Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Mr. Sessions:

I am writing this afternoon ---the 242nd  Anniversary of the “Shot heard round the world”---regarding three areas of immediate and urgent concern: (1) the continued forced, fraudulent and inadequately disclosed enrollment of American state nationals in Social Security programs intended exclusively for Territorial United States and Municipal United States citizens and (2) failure of the Territorial and Municipal United States to come to an agreement with the actual land jurisdiction United States regarding proper identification of American state nationals and American State Citizens v. United States Citizens v. citizens of the United States on passports and other international and interstate IDs and (3) the pending bankruptcy of the Puerto Rican Electrical Utility and the fraudulent creation of millions of purported “franchise” public transmitting utilities operated under ACCOUNTS that are deceptively similar in appearance to the names of Americans. 

The pretense that people are knowingly volunteering to serve as Withholding Agents, that is, Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marine Service, to help win WWII ran out of steam in September 1945.

The continued international racketeering aimed at deliberately misinformed Americans and their enrollment in “Social Security” under these patently false presumptions of federal employment and Territorial and/or Municipal citizenship have to end immediately.  The Territorial and Municipal Government organizations have been under Notice for going on two years.  The longer you wait to admit the circumstance and release the adhesion contracts the worse it gets--- and the more people are harmed. 

Ditto the situation with passports.  The American people are owed competent passport service, but they are being routinely misidentified as United States Citizens and/or citizens of the United States as a result of having been improperly and unconscionably enrolled and conscripted under conditions of fraud as U.S. Territorial and/or U.S. Municipal citizens. 

As you are aware, it is illegal to use “legal names”.  As you should also be aware, it was never the intention of American states nationals to operate in commerce.  Instead, another false presumption was foisted off on us by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration which sought to “redefine” our lawful American Trade Names as U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts so as to palm off the debts of the private, mostly foreign owned “United States of America” Inc. onto the American states and people by an undisclosed process of hypothecation, fraud, and assumption of debt we never owed. 

That boondoggle ended in 1999.  Trillions of dollars-worth of labor and assets were siphoned out of this country as a result.  Let me suggest to you that there isn’t going to be a re-run of it. 

We aren’t putting up with any more “government” racketeering or fraud.

Tell your Boss.  Tell the members of the feckless, treasonous, disgusting Congress. 

They need to drop the whole plan of bankrupting all those purported public transmitting utilities NAMED after JOE Q. PUBLIC Americans and stop hypothecating debt against all those illegal, unlawful, non-specific, but deceptively similar ACCOUNTS that appear to be our names, and stop sending fraudulent bills through the U.S. Mail.  

Tell Mr. Trump--- “NON-ASSUMPSIT” in very large letters.  Tell the COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO its electrical utility will have to go bankrupt like any other mismanaged corporation on Earth. 

While you are at it, get ready for all the homebound Americans who are now wise to the scam, returning to the land jurisdiction and surrendering all those millions of bogus U.S. PERSONS that were created by the UNITED STATES, INC. back to the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Also be aware that we seized upon the derelict United States of America, Inc. that we bailed out of bankruptcy and paid off and which is ours and when we did so, we also took all 50 American land jurisdiction States with it and rolled the whole enchilada back into our actual land jurisdiction state trading companies.  Look at the extractions on file and made part of the public record. 

All the States of __________ and STATES OF ___________ belong to the  ____________States and the __________States belong to the united States of America which belongs to the States which belong to the actual states and people of this country.  

It’s over, Mr. Sessions.  The Great Fraud that began with the so-called “American Civil War” is over.  The Territorial and Municipal “United States Congress” members need to get their paws out of our pockets and start paying attention to those nineteen enumerated services we are owed, including the national trust indenture owed as the Preamble of that old, musty, dusty original equity contract called The Constitution for the united States of America.  

Beyond that, if Mr. Trump needs money to continue operations, he doesn’t need to borrow any debt from the Israelis and he doesn’t need to borrow credit from the Rothschilds.  He just has to realize where the actual money and credit has gone and assist us in our efforts to recover the assets that are owed to us. He will have all that he needs to operate the governmental services corporations.   Free and clear.

                                                                                   Judge Anna Maria Riezinger


  1. I know one thing I want...my Federal taxes I paid for 34 years. I'm not joking either. I want it back in treble damages.

    1. Hey, being serious here, not being mean or condescending.
      I see what you wrote. I'm not joking.
      Have you ever asked for it back?
      I'm not talking about through the fraudulent 1040 contract.
      I'm talking about contacting someone in the agency through one of those many departments they have, via some FOIA request or something, or the commissioner or some high office in their chain of leadership and asked for it back?

      Just asking.

      Cause they will say, and I know they will.
      They will say, 'no one asks for it back'.

      Now when they seize from a business that they claim structured their payments to a bank, those people hire an attorney and the attorney asks for it back. But maybe those people could have asked for it back without hiring an attorney and never tried.

      Maybe you don't ask for it back from the one that took it from you, you ask for it back from their supervisor, and their manager, and their manager's manager, and their legal department, and their investigative agent, or whoever.

      I hear you.
      If you already asked for it back; I am sad to know they didn't give it back to you and didn't give an explanation of why they keep it.

    2. I am sure that if you tell them they were fraudulently acting under the law of the sea they will immediately refund you.

    3. This article

      In June, the IRS announced a “special procedure to allow property owners to request return of property, funds in specific structuring cases.”

      And Attkisson reported, “The IRS has invited more than 1800 people impacted by the questionable seizures to petition to have their money returned.”


      What would happen if we said we made an error (due to lack of full disclosure) and want rescind our signature on the 1040.

      What would their response be and who will go out on a limb to make it?

  2. if it's paragraph 5,
    " mostly foreign owned “United States of America” Inc. "

    if it's paragraph 11,
    " bogus U.S. PERSONS that were created by the UNITED STATES, INC. "

    if it's paragraph 12
    " the derelict United States of America, Inc. "

    Why call it a government? Judges are more careful with identifying things.
    " We aren’t putting up with any more “government” racketeering or fraud.

    LORD God

    Those are three different entities doing different things in the bible.
    Since we know JOHN Q PUBLIC and John Q Public and John Public and JOHN PUBLIC are different,

    “United States of America” Inc.
    United States of America, Inc.

    are different as well, and then you put 'government'.
    What is the government Anna?
    We are at a time where we can't assume God, LORD God, and Lord are the same, because they aren't.

    So all of those and the word government are not the same.

    Let's have some reality here.

    1. I don't see why you could not just tell the IRS this and they should just automatically return all your money. (Try it if you want to see some reality!)

  3. Like an artist you are judge Anna... 50 years from now our great great grandchildren will be reading about you in school! Hopefully... thank you for taking a stand for "US"

  4. On Bloomberg, April 19th, from Japan... Just announced "Westinghouse" declared bankruptcy, was DENIED! Westinghouse is energy!!!

    NAILED JUDGE!!! Thank you NESARA-REPUBLIC NOW-GALACTIC NEWS for the years, YEARS, of information relating to this and the peoples of Puerto Rico etc.