Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Letter to the Hague Prosecutor's Office

By Anna Von Reitz

18th of April
Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
P.O. Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

Dear Sirs:
We are facing a crisis in the long process to restore lawful government to the actual United States and continue to suffer false claims and insupportable, outlawed practices which the so-called Territorial United States and Municipal United States corporations have been attempting to foist off on the actual states and people. 
On May 1, 2017, they propose to set up a deliberate fraud scheme to attack and defraud millions upon millions of innocent people utilizing the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a base of operations.   This has been done before as part of the fraudulent 1930’s bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., and is apparently being done in preparation for a similar fraud scheme related to the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC.  The scheme has been prepared for by the Obama Administration and is apparently being carried through by the Trump Administration. 
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a member of the Territorial United States organization, is bankrupting its primary electrical utility corporation.  This in itself is hardly worthy of mention on a global scale and would occasion little comment or concern, except that Mr. Obama created millions of purported “franchises” which are supposedly stand as sureties for this particular Puerto Rican public utility. 
These “franchises” are all identified using alphabetic ACCOUNT designators that appear to be the names of living Americans--- for example, Alfred T. Krebs or ALFRED T. KREBS.  It isn’t certain yet whether they will attempt to use Glossa against our Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation issued last May or not, but their intention has been clearly stated in the press.   A copy of the Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation has been included in a letter (copy also attached) to U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions.
When unsuspecting Americans receive bills addressed to these foreign public transmitting utilities, they pay them under the false assumption that these bills are legitimately addressed to them.  The actual bills are already being paid out of the U.S. Treasury, so the perpetrators pocket the difference and say that these additional payments are “donations” and “gifts”----but are really the fruits of unjust enrichment, extortion, racketeering, and fraud committed by employees against their trusting employers.
It is international mail fraud, international identity theft, and involuntary conscription amounting to international slavery and racketeering being implemented via similar names deceits and the illegal and prohibited use of Glossas and false names.   Please note that these Accounts/ACCOUNTS which use middle initials are not even legal names for lack of specificity.
This is also constructive fraud on a massive scale which has been prepared with malice aforethought by foreign governmental services corporations operating as crime syndicates on our shores.  The essence of the crime is clearly established.  They kidnap, press-gang, and coerce Americans to sign up for programs that only US Territorial or US Municipal employees are eligible for, then falsely claim that these people are “voluntarily” functioning as either Territorial or Municipal “citizens” and are then subject to their private corporation statutes, regulations, and codes. 
Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, functioning as the U.S. Attorney General, has been given full warning with regard these deliberate anticipated crimes on our shores as well as a copy of our Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation which was also sent to you last May.
                                                                 Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

cc: Letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions (two pages)
Copy of Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation/May 31 2016 (two pages)


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    And I don't care if I'm wrong.
    Who elected/appointed the Hague Prosecutor?
    Government of the people would be someone people (s)elect.
    Then the (s)elected will appoint people to carry out the duties of certain positions.

    So do you petition the (s)elected if you didn't vote for the (s)elected?

    What is the Hague Prosecutor's duty to Anna, or an Alaska state national?

    As a judge, she would know the power of making a statement under penalty of perjury.

    28 U.S. Code § 1746 - Unsworn declarations under penalty of per­jury

    Where the above is an example of what I mean and for Jeff Sessions, using the declaration in (1) if his office is for both de facto (real/factual) and de jure (law/construct - where you nay claim constructive fraud).

    If it's not on t.v. or spoon fed on the internet as a 'process' for someone to 'share', 'subscribe', 'follow', or 'retweet', everybody will complain but no one will learn it anyway.

    1. Sessions is an actor in a fictional realm of probate under treaty at Article 55 Hague. Only a body politic of We THE People in assembly have the right (DeJure) and have the power over the land as the image of the creator that for which we have been made as.

    2. Freewill your comment is spot on. Sessions is an actor morphed from the 1930's and his brain is on drugs. Harry Anslinger in the 30s was saying the same thing about marijuana that Session's is spewing today. Judge Anna has put notice to proper international courts and this time around We The People have lawfully exposed this grand scheme. How will the Hague handle it? More Glossa on top of Glossa? Kind of weird how this son in law of Trump has taken power from Trump. And the building that Kushner family business is located is 666 5th Ave NY and proudly displayed. Kudos to Anna Marie Riezinger and her knowledge of American historical law.

  2. How does Anna know all of this.
    I was listening to the recent Greg Hunter video with Bo Polny who's predictions have been wrong, but he tried to explain how the cycle of seven's

    deviating to [that Lindsey Williams said the elite were moving to, the year Christine Legarde did that weird speech about 7's];

    Bo Polny does three sevens, where he can choose from four types of sevens.

    7 years,
    7 days,
    7 hours,
    7 weeks,
    7 months,

    and it seems he did a 7 months in his calculation and was off because it was supposed to be 7 weeks in that particular calculation and he would have been on track.

    Anyway, Greg Hunter said under the radar Puerto Rico defaulted and it was not in the news.

    So I looked for Puerto Rico default, and narely a story unless you know how to 'really' search for the goods.


    This mentions, a May 1 deadline to restructure $70 billion in debt.
    It also mentions, Puerto Rico will seek protection from creditors under PROMESA's court-sanctioned restructuring process, akin to U.S. bankruptcy.

    But what is PROMESA? You'd have to search.
    What is of interest is the additional news; but to find it you'd have to search for

    Puerto Rico electric


    On April 6, 2017, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) announced it had reached agreement in principle on terms to modify its Restructuring Support Agreement (RSA) and that the RSA has been extended to April 13, 2017 to allow time for documentation of the modifications.

    How is it Anna is into Puerto Rico situation without explaining to us what set her to write Jeff Sessions.

    How is it that she's gotten into the RSA Restructuring Support Agreement (RSA) to know whether there are sureties using specific names, and who are those names?

    There are over 300 million people in the U S land and I can't believe the list is 300 million names.

    Who's listed in that protected area of Puerto Rico, a location that is not in any jurisdiction of any court and can't be sued.

    Why would they restructure and not default?

    What is her interest in the restructuring and why isn't she sharing what she knows with the rest of us to make her write the letters she's writing and demand protections like she's demanding.

    Why isn't she providing some disclosure; what is triggering her response? Why now?

  3. Quiet... Word might get out about the truth!

    1. Listening, what?
      Bankruptcy and flushing out the purported creditors is supposed to be a good thing, right?
      I mean, all I read is stuff about muni-bonds, and my head says, folks in jail bonds.
      Then my head says, judges like those bonds and want to get full payment for them.
      Then my head says Anna is a judge.
      Then I read what Anna put up there.
      "The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a member of the Territorial United States organization, is bankrupting its primary electrical utility corporation."
      and this
      "On May 1, 2017, they propose to set up a deliberate fraud scheme to attack and defraud millions upon millions of innocent people utilizing the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a base of operations. "

      Whose the millions that are using Puerto Rico as a base of operations and why won't they let the company declare bankruptcy and restructure? I remember a long while back there was a firm that created Puerto Rican trusts and is this where people are hiding their wealth outside of the United States?

      "When unsuspecting Americans receive bills addressed to these foreign public transmitting utilities, "

      Is it possible the all caps names for which we receive bills is actually in Puerto Rico and if that utility company goes bankrupt we stop being billed for stuff the Treasury is paying for and we are paying for twice.

      There seems to be some exposure/disclosure that's gonna take place.
      That judge wants to jump in and create a court rule for people to make side agreements.
      Wouldn't this require legislature if it were to supercede what Congress and O set up?

      They hated O and got the world to hate O, but even with Trump, they hated him until he did what they wanted. O didn't seem to do what they wanted and they hated him til the day he left office. And people hated him with them.
      I can't wait to see what O did that made him so hateful to so many, and it just may be the very thing they were wanting and didn't know he'd have to be hated to get it done.
      I don't know, just speculating for now.

      There's a different vibe to Anna's post, similar to how she was when she wanted that passport, but more intense now. Urgent yet not revealing.