Friday, March 2, 2018

Dear Mr. Trump -- March 2, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Please do not allow yourself to be bullied into making any unjust decisions that may affect Americans who are non-citizen nationals owed all guarantees and protections including the right of free speech and to keep and bear arms.  

The present attacks against both the First and Second Amendments are not to be allowed or promoted by any agency of the federal government, and in fact, inappropriate acts of censorship by Google, which is in receipt of the benefit of our public infrastructure, should be countered immediately. 

If they want to use our infrastructure, they need to respect our rights and prerogatives, and so do all members of law enforcement and agency personnel.

You can tell your own employees to stand on their heads and do table dances if you please.  Anyone who wants to disarm themselves should be encouraged to do so, and charged a "Security Tax" for their failure, unwillingness, or disability to help enforce the Public Peace owed to this country.  

Any infringement or trespass will be cause for international outcry and commercial prosecution by the Foreign Sovereigns being mis-addressed as U.S. Citizens. This country functions under American Common Law and any legal liabilities created will be charged against those trespassing on our jurisdiction. 

Any such infringement or trespass would also be further evidence (if more were needed) of Breach of Trust, Bad Faith, and violation of commercial contracts owed by the British Territorial United States.  

Anna Maria


  1. Does this lady ever leave her keyboard.

    1. It is because 'this lady' remains at her keyboard - alert and targeting actions of vast importance to you and to me - that information is being pointed out to the Administration that can be VERY EASILY overlooked. Once brought to their attention, they have NO EXCUSE for NOT making proper amends to their intended actions. Be glad someone is on guard - watching - on your behalf. Did YOU know this? Did YOU notify President Trump's administration? Doubtful. Unless you have a better way to resolve these issues, leave her alone. Better yet - be grateful for her and to her. Stop your complaining. You don't have to read the posts regarding AVR so your complaints are NOT warranted. Just demonstrates ignorance.