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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Michael Savage Calls on Trump to Order Arrest of Antifa Members

Homeland Security should “round up the leadership”


Radio host Michael Savage has called on President Trump to direct Homeland Security to arrest prominent members of Antifa, labeling the organization a “domestic terrorist group”.

During an interview with the American Mirror, Savage said the group should be treated like the new Weather Underground.

“I think they have declared themselves to be a terrorist organization,” said Savage, pointing to a story from last month about how Antifa members strategized how they could carry out “ambushes and assassinations” to further their political agenda.

“They’re absolutely a domestic terrorist group, what else would anyone call them?” asked Savage.

He then called for the Department of Homeland Security to “round up the leadership and arrest them,” adding, “what else do you do, wait for them to kill people?”

Savage warned that the left are “in a revolution” and would continue to enact it by “smearing and destroying anyone who stands in their way — first verbally and then physically.”

“They are absolutely on the warpath. There’s very little opposition,” he added, noting that those on the far-left still revere Communist regimes that engaged in mass executions of political enemies.

Savage is known to be close to Trump and has met him privately on several occasions.

As we reported yesterday, stunning video out of Portland shows leftist Antifa thugs trying to block and direct traffic while threatening anyone who disobeys with violence and calling them “white supremacists”.
Another clip shows irate leftists chasing a driver in his vehicle who then gets out to confront the mob.


  1. Pepper spray them, arrest them, id them, dox them, jail them. No more Mr Nice Guy. These are mostly illegals and mulsims hiding their faces and destroying America. Financed by Soros - who actually has been funded with US tax dollars through Obamas, Clintons, Bushs, corrupted Congress, et al. See Q.

  2. Defund Antifa by blocking George Soros' bank accounts and his trusts and foundations that he uses to pay these violent actors.

    1. Evil nazi Soros funds his 168 anti-american organizations in the USA. They all need to be shut down, and Soros have his estates and funds confiscated. For ALL his family members.
      Russia and Hungary have the sense to ban Soros and his gang organizations. Why dosen't the US? Because he gives millions in campaign contributions to Hillary, Feinstein, Mad Maxine and too many others in Congress and House. He and Israel have infested the past WH, current Congress and House, and Governor-ships through bribes and kick-backs (tax payer money) and blackmail. See veteranstoday or Qanon for info.

  3. These are the criminals that Hillary, Obama, Feinstein, and other Soros funded a-hos are promoting

    " Even more gruesome is the video still-shot linked below that was sent to the CIA via courier by the NYPD.  It shows a young girl whose face was allegedly peeled off by Hillary Clinton in a satanic ritual.  Be warned, it is....."

  4. Need to ban any gang or mob wearing masks. Arrest them immediately and id them.
    "Let’s be clear who the “nazis” are in America. It is #Antifa. And Antifa is the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party, subsidized by Soros. #Antifa thugs are the paid brown shirts of today." -- James Woods

  5. All these whack-os politicians like Hirono, Feinstein, Holder, Mad Maxine, et al should immediately loose their government paid protection. Hillary and Bill should now loose USSS protection. We should not pay for their insanity. Let them be vulnerable as everyone else.

  6. Here's whats funny. If a large group, dressed-up like ANTIFA, was walking around in a village in Afghanistan, we would blow their asses up sky-high. I thought there was a War on Terror? Weird...