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Monday, October 8, 2018

Rebuttal on charges against Freewill by the road pirates

Several weeks ago my brother created a post here on nesaranews claiming the defunct bankrupt corporate STATE OF MICHIGAN had several charges against me for "Driving" my truck. A couple of these charges were alleged as felonies for resisting arrest and having several shot gun shells rolling around in the back of my truck.

These alleged / bogus felony charges have been dismissed / thrown out.



  1. Thrown out? Most likely because if you were to be taken to "court" on them, the actual truth would have come out and they can't have that, now, can they?!?!

    1. Of course not. Victim-less crimes is a multi billion dollar industry and a ponzi scheme.

  2. The cops need to start going after real criminals instead of trying to pin crimes on innocent people. What a novel idea.

    1. I agree. Problem is they want to make money.

  3. "There is no Greater tyranny, than that
    which is perpetrated under the shield
    of law and in the name of justice."
    ~ Montesquieu ~