What Is Really Going On With The RV

Date: Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 12:13 PM

A new Historical Bond Tax Treaty went into effect at 12:01 AM EST Friday in the USA. This was the last piece of the international law and compliance puzzle because it restored the dignity of the Chinese people, as well as settled their past due international gold commitments.

- The treaty was altered to include Euros and Pound Sterlings along with the new USA TRN/ USN.

- The Admiral received his release authorization sometime before sunrise Friday in the USA. There is a methodical process now in place to disburse reevaluated funds, known only to the Admiral and the Elders. Expect them to be very methodical and calculated in their funding payouts, as not to place unnecessary stress on the new algorithms designed to regulate/monitor the global money supply.

- The X-Stream software platform (Nasdaq) has been tested and is operational to prevent high frequency trading from egregiously taking advantage and/or crashing the new system.

- The global gold signatory physically was in Zurich and London for vault SKR sign offs.

- All universal administrative holds were lifted (we cannot emphasize strongly enough how significant this single event is for the world's long-term prosperity), when two generals from China witnessed a Treasury Department Head Representative, along with the Admiral and a Chinese Elder Banking Representative, perform release protocols that ended the universal administrative hold via Elder SKR gold approval. Together, they literally threw the switch launching the new parallel banking system that was decades in the making.

- The birth of the Global Currency Revaluation officially began at 12:01 PM CST Thursday 10.16.14 (12:01 AM EST Friday 10.17.14 in the USA). The Chinese have long said this would be a day time event ... and it was.

- This same day time event was originally scheduled for Wednesday, 10.1.14--but the delay of two weeks was exchanged for additional removals of US military bases and weapon systems in Europe and Asia. You see, whenever there was a delay in pre-agreed GCR implementation protocol, the planet was intentionally made more peaceful and/or healthier.


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nationwide Call-In Day to the Attorneys General

Please look below for your state's AG and call him/her "Today"!! Read below for ideas of what to say. I just called and said - I want my AG (name) to hold the bank's accountable for the financial crisis "they" have created in this country.

Nationwide Call-In Day to the Attorneys General

Today, March 29, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to save millions from losing their homes and hold accountable the big banks that caused this crisis.

Right now, the 50 state Attorneys General are in critical negotiations with the big banks. The outcome of these negotiations could mean the difference between millions of struggling homeowners finally getting the help they need from their lenders, or the big banks

On March 7, the first draft of a proposed settlement from the the 50 state Attorneys General against the big banks for their rampant mortgage fraud went public.

The AGs probably thought that starting with a middle-of-the-road proposal full of potential loopholes would be a good way to start negotiations. But the big banks and their supporters have already started crying foul, trying to slip out of any real enforcement, punishment and restitution for the millions of homeowners they owe.

This means that it’s time to kick into high gear our push for a “settlement that fits the crime.”

The state Attorneys General are expected to begin negotiations with the big banks this week. While the final details will take weeks to hammer out, the opening salvo will determine what stays on – or gets kicked off – the negotiating table. That’s why we are planning a Nationwide Call-In Day to the Attorneys General on Tuesday, March 29.

We need every voice we can to demand a settlement that provides justice to the millions of us that have lost our homes and our security because of the actions of the big banks. This is the week to gather your friends and family to join the fight.

The Attorneys General need to pick a side – the millions of homeowners they’ve sworn to protect or the big banks that have bankrupted our communities and country. Let’s help them make the right decision.

PICO National Network
National People’s Action
Alliance for a Just Society
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
IAF Southeast

Alabama Luther Strange (334) 242-7300
Alaska John J. Burns (907) 465-3600
Arizona Tom Horne (602) 542-4266
Arkansas Dustin McDaniel (800) 482-8982
California Kamala Harris 510-622-4500
916-323-8270 (main comment voicemail)
Colorado John Suthers 303-866-4500
Connecticut George Jepsen (860) 808-5318
Delaware Beau Biden (302) 577-8338
District of Columbia Irvin Nathan (Acting) (202) 727-3400
Florida Pam Bondi (850) 414-3300
Georgia Sam Olens (404) 656-3300
Hawaii Mark Bennett (808) 586-1500
Idaho Lawrence Wasden (208) 334-2400
Illinois Lisa Madigan (312) 814-3000
Indiana Greg Zoeller (317) 232-6201
Iowa Tom Miller (515) 281-5164
Kansas Derek Schmidt (785) 296-2215
Kentucky Jack Conway (502) 696-5300
Louisiana James “Buddy” Caldwell (225) 326-6000
Maine William Schneider (207) 626-8800
Maryland Douglas F. Gansler (410) 576-6300
Massachusetts Martha Coakley (617) 727-2200
Michigan Bill Schuette (517) 373-1110
Minnesota Lori Swanson (651) 296-3353
Mississippi Jim Hood (601) 359-3680
Missouri Chris Koster (573) 751-3321
Montana Steve Bullock (406) 444-2026
Nebraska Jon Bruning (402) 471-2682
Nevada Catherine Cortez Mastro (775) 684-1100
New Hampshire Michael Delaney (603) 271-3658
New Jersey Paula T. Dow (609) 292-8740
New Mexico Gary King (505) 827-6000
New York Eric Schneiderman (518) 474-7330
North Carolina Roy Cooper (919) 716-6400
North Dakota Wayne Stenehjem (701) 328-2210
Ohio Mike DeWine (614) 466-4320
Oklahoma Scott Pruitt (405) 521-3921
Oregon John Kroger (503) 378-4400
Pennsylvania William H. Ryan, Jr. (Acting) (717) 787-3391
Rhode Island Peter Kilmartin (401) 274-4400
South Carolina Alan Wilson (803) 734-3970
South Dakota Marty Jackley (605) 773-3215
Tennessee Robert E. Cooper Jr. 615-741-3491
Texas Greg Abbott (512) 463-2100
Utah Mark Shurtleff (801) 538-9600
Vermont William Sorrell (802) 828-3173
Virginia Ken Cuccinelli (804) 786-2071
Washington Rob McKenna (360) 753-6200
West Virginia Darrel V. McGraw (304) 558-2021
Wisconsin J.B. Van Hollen (608) 266-1221
Wyoming Bruce A. Salzburg (307) 777-7841


  1. Just today received a letter from the Indiana AG. The AG's off is in process of investigating and asked for our cooperation. The mood of the letter seemed to allude to receiving money from the bank. I believe this letter is in response to the Executor Letter.

  2. Thanks for sharing a great list of important phone number below the article. I was really searching for them.