Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cloning - Recent Times

John's Comments - I have a hard time with this topic. But I remain open minded.

Cloning - Recent Times

Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. President to be cloned. As you will read later on, it is important for world control that all the “leaders” be cloned, as they will then follow orders without thinking, and they have no emotions – no compassion, for instance, so they will carry out orders regardless of the moral implications of the action.

The mind is a liquid crystal so it can be downloaded into the new “clone.” It frequently requires refreshing, and as time goes on, the frequency increases. That frequency will go down to every two weeks before it is time to discard that model and bring in a fresh one.

If you are observant, you will find differences in facial characteristics. When George Bush Sr was giving his speech in Tokyo, he collapsed and had to be removed. When he was brought back about ten minutes later, how many people noted that he now had FRECKLES? Nobody in the press dared mention that!

He had been hit and killed by a Russian particle beam. On subsequent occasions a black box was seen positioned on both sides of him to counter these deadly weapons.

North of the border, Canadian Prime Minister Chrétien was known to speak out of the side of his mouth. One day he started speaking out of the OPPOSITE side of the mouth! Physicians will tell you that this is impossible. Of course, most of the time nobody really understood what he was saying, so nobody paid much attention to him at the best of times.

Russian Premier Gorbachev had a prominent scar on his forehead. That always remained, but you might recollect that he was “missing” for three weeks at one time, and the Russians had failed to concoct an adequate story to cover up that absence. This was the time when it took a full three weeks to create a new clone. A giveaway to those who understood.

To some this is a funny story. It was early days when President Jimmy Carter was cloned. Clones are programmed, and he was programmed to give a certain speech at the United Nations. To the dismay of the Americans, President Carter gave a speech opposing rather than supporting the topic in question. They hurriedly took him away for examination. It was later revealed that the Russians had ‘ambushed’ and re-programmed him with their version of what he should say…. talk about one-upmanship! Security was increased…..

The most important personages have THREE clones at any one time – in case there is an accident, such as happened in Tokyo. This also explains why there is such a huge entourage around the U.S. President – it is easier to hide the clones that way. Then a secondary clone can come out as if nothing had happened – as in Tokyo.



  1. Yep, you gotta watch those clones of clones of clones of clones. When you get down to a fifth generation clone you can always pick them out. Usually the right ear can be found in the socks. Internal organs are all over the place. A man's brain can almost always be found .. you know where. They are easy to spot in single's bars because they think all the women want them. All those with big ears are clones. There was a movie about this subject called "Multiplicity". Perfectly believable.

    P.S. Hillary is an alien from a planet far far away. Don't confuse aliens with clones.

  2. May be true; but, humor always fits.
    A rich man had a clone made of himself, a look alike "twin" that became obscene around ladies and children. He took him back to the mad scientist to "fix" him. Mad scientist said, "can't, I make em, can't fix em." O.K., says the man, I'm taking him to that 200' cliff outside town and I'm gonna push him over. "You can't, that'd be murder." Nope, I already checked, it's only a misdemeanor to make an Obscene Clone Fall.
    And, that's my lesson for today.

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  4. hmm so when do presidential candidates find out they will be cloned... Is their original self killed off? If they knew this would they all be wanting the job?

  5. I've read all the Peter David Better tapes on this subject< and said that only "Key" people were cloned...it never said Bush Sr. was cloned Bush Jr probably was though. Bush Sr. is so "Evil" he didn't need to be cloned...Both him and his wife are devowd Satanist.
    But something is "Fishy" about this post.

  6. wow that sounds like the movie the prestige , We need to check the basement of the whitehouse for glass cases filled with water and dead clones.with clones are there rules on when to feed them and not to get them wet. Sure would not want to see 100's of obamas running around causing trouble, just because he got wet or they fed him after midnight.

  7. Jimmy Carter re-"appeared" at one point, after being in Walter Reed Hospital, I believe I recall, and thereafter had his part on the wrong side, compared to previously. Also, you can find pictures of him with "attached" earlobes, then later "unattached" earlobes (or visa versa). His voice is greatly different, and he doesn't really look like the same person - only from a certain angle, with a hat on. That's why you almost never see pics of him, practically since he was, in my opinion, killed and replaced, which was during his term, I had heard back then.

    Why was Obama given the inauguration oath twice? I haven't ever heard a sensible explanation of that, and suspect that it has to do with something like this. He sure doesn't seem to be the same person who ran a candidacy.

  8. Know I do believe that Obama was cloned because this Obama thats in the WH now is acting like an "Idiot"..I believe the REAL Obama is currently not on this planet at the moment.

  9. Great article...explains SO much! I'm trusting that the "real" cabal have been REMOVED from the planet. Wow, we really are living in the "illusion"...thankfully, not for long!