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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Get ready to have your eyes opened by the truth revealed in this video. This man is on the mark!!!!!!!!
Listen closely to what is said!!! The future existence of Western Culture, especially the USA and Canada, is
at risk and stake!!!!


  1. Very good message and I'm ready when call upon!

  2. Awesome speech, words of wisdom and righteousness are inseparable.

  3. .....................comments..............
    Anny Roweena Harvey Snowbird 10:08 am
    This is an amazing video, and very powerful speech given by Tarek Fatah, a Canadian, Indian Muslim who tells the World of the things to come. We must overome our fear of being labelled racist or politically incorrect! This may be an uncomfortable subject, but it is happening NOW!! Please listen & share...:)
    Mike Chritton 9:21 am A Canadian Muslim who campaigned for Obama, speaks in no-nonsense terms about the dangerous pop-culture trend of ignoring Islamo-fascism. A compelling and captivating video well worth the time to watch.
    Bill Robb 8:24 am Fascinating speech.
    Carmen Maria Navarro Talavera 8:09 am
    Please. please listen, or we will be in big trouble.
    Laura Lee Kennedy 6:29 am Chilling - please listen! ///
    A CANADIAN MUSLIM OF INDIAN ORIGIN -Tarek Fatah - 14:51 mn - il y a 4 jours/4days ago. - Ajouté par/ added by waupwest
    IT IS THE BEST AND MOST HONEST SPEECH by A CANADIAN MUSLIM OF INDIAN ORIGIN. // Best Links: Answering Muslims Anti-cair/Council on American-Islamic Relations Creeping Sharia Faith Freedom Fight With Israel-VIDEO/WalidShoebat FrontPageMag ISLAMIZATION/here IslamizationWatch JihadWatch killings for Islam/ MUHAMMAD VS JESUS CHRIST/here ObsessionFilm Religion of Peace? Secular Muslims/Center for Inquiry, Warning to America Part 1,Geert Wilders. Warning to America Part 2 FROM: ////////////////
    Fatah is the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress. Fatah's advocates gay rights, a separation of religion and state, opposition to sharia law, and advocacy for a "liberal, progressive form" of Islam. Some of his activism and statements have met with considerable criticism from Canadian Muslim groups.
    Multiculturalism will fail: Tarek Fatah | Toronto & GTA | News ...7 Feb 2011 – And just like Britain, Canada's will fail, said Muslim Canadian Congress founder Tarek Fatah. He said Monday that, like Britain, Canada has ...
    Canadian Muslim Activist, Tarek Fatah, unveils “the myths that fuel ... 17 Jul 2011.. comment-is-free-watch, //////////
    Controversial Muslim televangelist Zakir Naik banned from Toronto ...22 Jun 2010 – An Indian Muslim televangelist who was banned from Britain last week ... Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said he and ... | The Sunday Edition | Tarek Fatah on Islamic Extremism ... 15 Nov 2010 – Tarek Fatah on Islamic Extremism, Anti-Semitism, and free speech. jewnotmyenemy.jpg In October, the Canadian Military was celebrating ...
    Tarek Fatah: Visit his web site at

  4. Yes, this was a good speech. However...he seems also against fighting back against the dual-Israeli Zionists who have infiltrated the top levels of EVERY federal department, the Pentagon, think-tanks, ambassadors, presidential "advisors", Defense board, every big bank, the FED, DHS, and on and on. Dual-citizen Chertoff WROTE the UnPatriot Patriot Act, and the Israeli AIPAC strong-arms Congress to vote for what THEY want (ALWAYS MORE WAR), NOT Americans. In fact, 81 congressmen visited Israeli during this recess rather than going to their home states to HEAR their constituents.

    It appears that the whole world has arrived on our doorstep and are manipulating the federal government to do THEIR bidding, using the American military, American lives, and American money to do so.

    At this point, we should all just pack up and leave and let the Muslims and Jews fight it out, rather than being the PAWNS the Zionists want us to be - Christians fighting Muslims. I, for one, am VERY TIRED of it all. I hope they bomb each other into oblivion.

  5. People need to wake up to what "Religion" has done to all mankind regardless to its denomination...when this guy revealed that he used Cemo-radiation to cure his cancer, I immediately closed the door on his credibility...just another idiot trying keep the fires of FEAR burning!