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Date: Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 12:13 PM

A new Historical Bond Tax Treaty went into effect at 12:01 AM EST Friday in the USA. This was the last piece of the international law and compliance puzzle because it restored the dignity of the Chinese people, as well as settled their past due international gold commitments.

- The treaty was altered to include Euros and Pound Sterlings along with the new USA TRN/ USN.

- The Admiral received his release authorization sometime before sunrise Friday in the USA. There is a methodical process now in place to disburse reevaluated funds, known only to the Admiral and the Elders. Expect them to be very methodical and calculated in their funding payouts, as not to place unnecessary stress on the new algorithms designed to regulate/monitor the global money supply.

- The X-Stream software platform (Nasdaq) has been tested and is operational to prevent high frequency trading from egregiously taking advantage and/or crashing the new system.

- The global gold signatory physically was in Zurich and London for vault SKR sign offs.

- All universal administrative holds were lifted (we cannot emphasize strongly enough how significant this single event is for the world's long-term prosperity), when two generals from China witnessed a Treasury Department Head Representative, along with the Admiral and a Chinese Elder Banking Representative, perform release protocols that ended the universal administrative hold via Elder SKR gold approval. Together, they literally threw the switch launching the new parallel banking system that was decades in the making.

- The birth of the Global Currency Revaluation officially began at 12:01 PM CST Thursday 10.16.14 (12:01 AM EST Friday 10.17.14 in the USA). The Chinese have long said this would be a day time event ... and it was.

- This same day time event was originally scheduled for Wednesday, 10.1.14--but the delay of two weeks was exchanged for additional removals of US military bases and weapon systems in Europe and Asia. You see, whenever there was a delay in pre-agreed GCR implementation protocol, the planet was intentionally made more peaceful and/or healthier.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things Are Not As They Seem.....

This one speaks for itself!

Things Are Not As They Seem.....

I don't often send out things beyond the realm of economics, but I'm making an exception for this obvious fraud perpetrated by Fox News (and I admit it is my usually-preferred news station if I must watch MSM). Please be sure to read down to the end. There's something big Americans need to realize....RIGHT NOW:
Breaking: Fox News ignores and pulls post-debate poll that Ron Paul WINS

Posted on August 12, 2011
*Taken from Wake Up 1776 .
The Fox News commentator tells everyone who just got done watching the Republican Presidential debate in Iowa to go on FoxNews.com and vote. So then Hannity comes on and brings his hired propagandist Frank Luntz and then interviews several candidates except Ron Paul. I don't even remember Hannity showing a video clip of Ron Paul during the entire show.
The announcement of the poll results was supposed to be done during the hour long Hannity post-debate show. The entire show was a propaganda piece saying nice things about everyone but Ron Paul.
Well, it turns out Ron Paul won the FoxNews.com poll handily. He won it by several thousand votes. Here is a screenshot and a breakdown of the poll results shortly after 12 am ET (after Hannity's show concluded).

1st Place: Paul with 7,796 votes
2nd Place: Gingrich with 4,751 votes
3rd Place: Cain with 2,425 votes
4th Place: Romney (the supposed front-runner) with 1,870 votes
5th Place: Bachmann (the other so-called front-runner) with 1,818 votes
6th Place: Santorum with 835 votes
7th Place: Huntsman with 303 votes
Last Place: Pawlenty with 250 votes
Here is a state breakdown of the poll. Ron Paul takes almost every state in the union except Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Georgia, and Mississippi.

Shortly after Hannity's show, Fox News pulled the poll off their website:

It was somewhere in the yellow area before it was pulled down.
So what does this mean? This means that Ron Paul got over 7,000 votes in less than an hour from all 50 states from an audience that is mostly conservative that watched Fox News. It also shows that he almost doubled the 2nd place contender's votes. It also shows he won Iowa - the main purpose for the Iowa debate and an early primary state. It shows that Fox News is scared and that Frank Luntz is a liar. It shows that Ron Paul has a real good shot at winning this election.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: If you think this hasn't been done before with other candidates, you'd be mistaken. Our perception is being manipulated, which has a severe consequence at the polls. By giving the perception that Romney is the 'favorite' to win, people make a choice not to 'throw their vote away' and vote for the advertised 'frontrunner.' In reality, I have not met a TRUE conservative that supports Romney. Actually, point in fact, I haven't met anyone who is a true conservative that doesn't think that Romney is a disgusting, lying snake. But how many votes will he get if people are made to believe he's the 'only one who can win?' Think about it. How many presidents have been elected this way? Do you need to ask why we keep repeatedly ending up with filth in office; with people who betray their constituents and their country? If I had a dime for every person I have talked to that said, "I really believe in Ron Paul and what he says, but he just can't win." I'd be independently wealthy. Well, this just proved all those people dead wrong - and by a wide margin. You also might want to ask yourself, exactly who is behind this manipulation of people's perception of Romney and what is in it for them.

How about for once people vote their conscience and not who the government-controlled media pushed us to vote for? Stop being sheeple. Your country's very survival depends upon it.

“The Constitution is not an instrument
for the government to restrain the people;
it is an instrument for the people to restrain
the government - lest it come to dominate
our lives and interests”.
-- Patrick Henry

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  1. What about Gary Johnson? They don't even let him in the debates. They let Paul in and then dismiss him but they don't even let Johnson in. So, yes, you bet it's being manipulated.