Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One million Euro note

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One million Euro note obverse
Picture: One million Euro note obverse. Commemorative issue.

One million Euro note reverse
Picture: One million Euro note reverse. Commemorative issue.

One million Euro note obverse detail
Picture: One million Euro note obverse detail

One million Euro note reverse detail
Picture: One million Euro note reverse detail

These high denomination Euro currency notes are said to have been introduced by the Rothschild EuroZone banking cartel to enable suitcase money-laundering, black market liquidity, dark pool financing and élite drug-running operations to keep the major EuroZone banks afloat after the global credit crunch of September 2008.

The particular images above are commemorative versions of the actual notes in circulation. The words "Not legal tender" show on the obverse. And the words "This certificate is backed and secured only by confidence in the European dream" show on the reverse.

At the end of June / beginning of July 2012, the European Central Bank tried to cash a €150 billion tranche of this non-commemorative "legal tender" fiat currency for bailout purposes related to Spain. It failed. 

Treasury currency bunkers all over Asia are stuffed full of pallets of shrink-wrapped packages of these high denomination Euro notes. The realisation is dawning in the East, as well as in the West, that these Euros are worthless. They are backed by nothing that is due-diligence tangible in the real-world European economy. They were tendered with fraudulent intent by a rogue faction within the EuroZone banking establishment to sucker Asian creditors.

More background here (10.07.12).


  1. Sorry but thats absolute nonsense.

  2. I guess the Asians will be going after the Rothschilds in Europe, and whoever else is responsible for this fraud.

  3. Please check the fine print where its clearly marked "" on the front of the first image shown above. This is a fake bill which you can order for personal use from

  4. you know people shouldn't talk simply because they find the whole idea absurd but it sure is real and for me it is rather advantageous rather
    than going to the banks and later have people afer you OR wiring through banks and having people suck from jars they didn't fill...

  5. do you have this money? what is the word in the security thread?

  6. This banknote could be as a fraud if the carry or possess is a crook.

    But if that has a rare banknote does have a big budget, he just signed it and for an instant it turns into value banknotes legal tender. Could be a tool or as a guarantee of payment transaction costs.