We THE People of Michigan have given notice to the Governor and Michigan Bar of the Peoples

grand juries commencing investigations into the corruption and abuses of courts and public offices.

THE People established grand juries in several counties in 2011 – 2012 with published notices. Grand

juries are recognized in the Bill of Rights in the Seventh (7th) Amendment and by U.S. Supreme

Court rulings, the most robust being U.S. v. Williams (1992). Justice Antoine Scalia, writing for the

majority, said, “It belongs to no branch of the institutional government, serving as a kind of buffer or

referee between the Government and the people…The 7th Amendment demands a functioning grand

jury independent from the judicial branch with power to investigate criminal wrongdoing requiring

no authorization from any court.”

People across America are working to return justice to our out‐of‐control courts and public offices.

Attorneys and Judges have worked overtime throughout the past 100 years to destroy and hide from

the People lawfull due process and grand juries, the very method that can return liberty to the People.

Attorneys and Judges say the Common Law has become outdated, obsolete and that the 7th

Amendment Grand Jury is for the exclusive use of federal courts. Anyone with experience in the state

courts will tell you that the “Bill of Rights” has been over-thrown by Attorneys and Judges who

believe they are above the law. Only when the People become aware of this attitude and mind set of

the legal industry will the People, through Grand Juries, be able to secure our unalienable Rights and

Liberty. Call 1-989-450-5522, 2: PM to 7: PM Monday thru Thursday.

Johnny Angel, Grayling Mich.


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Monday, July 9, 2012


Political Vel Craft Veil Of Politics


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The following is a list of U.S Senators and the Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that these Senators received from Special Interest Groups to either support or oppose S.510 – The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. I have listed the names of the Senators, the Party and State, and the amount of Special Interest Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that they received:
BREAKING => Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Cannot Eat Nor Grow Food In The British Monarchy’s Earthly Garden!

Name of Senator – Party & State – Bribe For S.510 or Bribe Against S.510

Daniel Akaka – D HI – Bribe For: $27,690 – Against: $700
Lamar Alexander – R TN – Bribe For: $190,421 – Against: $4,850
John Barrasso – R WY – For: $31,350 – Against: $27,500
Max Baucus – D MT – Bribe for: $123,803 – Against: $55,980
Evan Bayh – D IN – Bribe For: $45,200 – Against: 8,250
Mark Begich - D AK - Bribe For: $23,050 – Against: $2,000
Michael Bennet – D CO – Bribe For: $38,509 – Against: $22,050
Robert Bennett – R UT – Bribe For: $105,530 – Against: $10,000
Jeff Bingaman – D NM – Bribe For: $31,498 – Against: $8,450
Christopher Bond – R MO – Bribe For: $49,550 – Against: $5,200
Barbara Boxer – D CA – Bribe For: $120,000 – Against: $13,650
Sherrod Brown – D OH – Bribe For: $57,800 – Against: $6,600
Samuel Brownback – R KS – Bribe For: $20,950 – Against: $13,500
Jim Bunning - R KY - Bribe For: $20,700 – Against: $2,000
Richard Burr – R NC – Bribe For: $328,086 – Against: $32,292
Roland Burris – D IL – Bribe For: $0 – Against: $0
Maria Cantwell – D WA – Bribe For: $93,541 – Against: $2,750
Benjamin Cardin – D MD – Bribe For: $72,200 – Against: $0
Thomas Carper – D DE – Bribe For: $83,150 – Against: $0
Robert Casey – D PA – Bribe For: $80,576 – Against: $4,600
Saxby Chambliss – R GA – Bribe For: $557,694 – Against: $108,041
Thomas Coburn R OK – Bribe For: $64,400 – Against: $14,200
Thad Cochran – R MS – Bribe For: $50,144 – Against: $22,000
Susan Collins – R ME – Bribe For: $157,438 – Against: $7,800
Kent Conrad – D ND – Bribe For: $41,650 – Against: $29,612
Bob Corker – R TN – Bribe For: $298,639 – Against: $8,850
John Cornyn – R TX – Bribe For: $286,648 – Against: $254,730
Michael Crapo – R ID – Bribe For: $64,199 – Against: $14,350
Jim DeMint – R SC – Bribe For: $149,935 – Against: $5,000
Christopher Dodd – D CT – Bribe For: $36,400 – Against: $4,500
Byron Dorgan – D ND – Bribe For: $28,200 – Against: $6,000
Richard Durbin – D IL – Bribe For: $151,050 – Against: $19,000
John Ensign – R NV – Bribe For: $76,297 – Against: $10,500
Michael Enzi – R WY – Bribe For: $87,394 – Against: $21,450
Russell Feingold – D WI – Bribe For: $53,854 – Against: $2,200
Dianne Feinstein – D CA – Bribe For: $168,189 – Against: 25,314
Kirsten Gillibrand – D NY – Bribe For: $98,210 – Against: $10,650
Lindsey Graham – R SC – Bribe For: $101,272 – Against: $5,700
Charles Grassley – R IA - For: $112,150 – Against: $25,500
Judd Gregg – R NH – Bribe For: $26,000 – Against: $0
Kay Hagan – D NC – Bribe For: $36,250 – Against: $3,500
Thomas Harkin – D IA – Bribe For: $138,135 – Against: $40,600
Orrin Hatch – R UT – Bribe For: $102,215 – Against: $11,600
Kay Hutchison – R TX – Bribe For: $127,811 – Against: $103,386
James Inhofe – R OK – Bribe For: $66,744 – Against: $36,430
Daniel Inouye – D HI – Bribe For: $26,350 – Against: $11,200
John Isakson – R GA – Bribe For: $280,995 – Against: $10,100
Mike Johanns – R NE – Bribe For: $159,259 – Against: $59,785
Tim Johnson – D SD – Bribe For: $26,850 – Against: $15,000
Edward Kaufman – D DE – Bribe For: $0 – Against: $0
John Kerry – D MA – Bribe For: $14,406 – Against: $250
Amy Klobuchar – D MN – Bribe For: $149,778 – Against: $16,250
Herbert Kohl – D WI – Bribe For: $300 – Against: $0
Jon Kyl – R AZ – Bribe For: $363,660 – Against: $58,906
Mary Landrieu – D LA – Bribe For: $73,622 – Against: $2,250
Frank Lautenberg - D NJ – Bribe For: $37,883 – against: $3,550
Patrick Leahy – D VT – Bribe For: $13,800 – Against: $2,750
Carl Levin – D MI – Bribe For: $49,900 – Against: $2,000
Joseph Lieberman – I CT – Bribe For: $121,075 – Against: $0
Blanche Lincoln – D AR – Bribe For: $347,526 – Against: $125,297
Richard Lugar – R IN – Bribe For: $153,579 – Against: $21,000
John McCain – R AZ – Bribe For: $118,070 – Against: $21,525
Claire McCaskill – D MO – Bribe For: $48,950 – Against: $7,650
Mitch McConnell – R KY – Bribe For: $439,593 – Against: $42,244
Robert Men̩ndez РD NJ РBribe For: $183,850 РAgainst: $250
Jeff Merkley – D OR – Bribe For: $27,350 – Against; $3,300
Barbara Mikulski – D MD – Bribe For: $52,165 – Against: $1,000
Lisa Murkowski – R AK – Bribe For: $164,713 – Against: $5,800
Patty Murray – D WA – Bribe For: $136,500 – Against: $3,150
Ben Nelson – D NE – Bribe For: $254,906 – Against: $44,950
Bill Nelson – D FL – Bribe For: $205,471 – Against: $35,748
Mark Pryor – D AR – Bribe For: $115,550 – Against: $16,565
John Reed – D RI – Bribe For: $29,350 – Against: $0
Harry Reid – D NV – Bribe For: $133,985 – Against: $10,000
James Risch – R ID – Bribe For: $56,750 – Against; $36,050
Pat Roberts – R KS – Bribe For: $167,294 – Against: $65,186
John Rockefeller – D WV – Bribe For: $21,250 – Against: $1,000
Bernard Sanders – I VT – Bribe For: $7,800 – Against: $4,200
Charles Schumer – D NY – Bribe For: $175,185 – Against: $14,200
Jefferson Sessions – R AL – Bribe For: $65,303 – Against: $16,800
Jeanne Shaheen – D NH – Bribe For: $17,090 – Against: $7,300
Richard Shelby – R AL – Bribe For: $73,616 – Against: $10,000
Olympia Snowe – R ME – Bribe For: $78,136 – Against: $2,000
Arlen Specter – D PA – Bribe For: $209,124 – Against: $9,400
Debbie Ann Stabenow – D MI – Bribe For: $84,941 – Against: $14,482
Jon Tester – D MT – Bribe For: $21,250 – Against: $61,550
John Thune – R SD – Bribe For: $218,900 – Against: $55,625
Mark Udall – D CO – Bribe For: $34,435 – Against: $45,050
Tom Udall – D NM – Bribe For: $27,102 – Against: $51,900
David Vitter – R LA – Bribe For: $188,225 – Against: $8,500
George Voinovich – R OH – Bribe For: $103,850 – Against: $185
Mark Warner – D VA – Bribe For: $116,450 – Against: $8,600
Jim Webb – D VA – Bribe For: $25,300 – Against: $7,700
Sheldon Whitehouse- D RI – Bribe For: $27,025 – Against: $1,500
Roger Wicker – R MS – Bribe For: $147,650 – Against: $16,250
Ron Wyden – D OR – Bribe For: $58,700 – Against: $4,900
Here’s a list of the Special Interest Groups that support S.510 and how much they bribed (I mean donated) to Senators:
Restaurants & drinking establishments $3,217,767
Food and kindred products manufacturing $1,753,503
Milk & dairy producers $1,717,687
Food stores $1,473,532
Beverages (non-alcoholic) $744,551
Vegetables, fruits and tree nut $709,238
Veterinarians $551,750
Beverage bottling & distribution $289,725
Food wholesalers $284,900
Food & Beverage Products and Services $281,137
Fishing $277,984
Chambers of commerce $219,234
Manufacturing $207,740
Food catering & food services $171,835
Confectionery processors & manufacturers $96,438
Consumer groups $6,100
Farm bureaus $0
Here’s a list of Here’s a list of the Special Interest Groups that supposed S.510 and how much they bribed (I mean donated) to Senators:
Milk & dairy producers $1,717,687
Livestock $1,561,207
Farm organizations & cooperatives $412,976
Consumer groups $6,100
Farmers, crop unspecified $0
I wonder how the Senators will Vote when the bill reaches the floor of the Senate?


Political Vel Craft
 Veil Of Politics
BREAKING => Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Cannot Eat Nor Grow Food In The British Monarchy’s Earthly Garden!
by Volubrjotr

(NaturalNews) Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, has been called “the most dangerous bill in the history of the United States of America.” It would grant the U.S. government new authority over the public’s right to grow, trade and transport any foods. This would give Big brother the power to regulate the tomato plants in your backyard. It would grant them the power to arrest and imprison people selling cucumbers at farmer’s markets. It would criminalize the transporting of organic produce if you don’t comply with the authoritarian rules of the federal government.

“It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption offood and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary tonatural law or, if you like, the will of God.” – Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower (http://shivchopra.com/?page_id=2)

This tyrannical law puts all food production (yes, even food produced in your own garden) under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. Yep — the very same people running the TSA and its naked body scanner / passenger groping programs.
This law would also give the U.S. government the power to arrest any backyard food producer as a felon (a “smuggler”) for merely growing lettuce and selling it at a local farmer’s market.

It also sells out U.S. sovereignty over our own food supply by ceding to the authority of both the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Codex Alimentarius.
It would criminalize seed saving (http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/20…), turning backyard gardeners who save heirloom seeds into common criminals. This is obviously designed to give corporations like Monsanto a monopoly over seeds.
It would create an unreasonable paperwork burden that would put small food producers out of business, resulting in more power over the food supply shifting to large multinational corporations.

I encourage you to read more about this dangerous bill at the Food Freedom blog on WordPress: http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/20
Watch this excellent video on NaturalNews.TV which explains S.510 in more detail:
Take action now or lose your right to grow your own food
Sign this petition at Citizens for Health:
Do it today! This is really important.
In addition, the Cornucopia Institute recently sent out an urgent call-to-action email containing the following information: (http://www.cornucopia.org/2010/11/a…)

How to protest Senate Bill 510
1) Go to Congress.org and type in your zip code in the box in the upper right hand corner.
2) Click on your Senator’s name, and then on the contact tab for their phone number. You can also call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be directly connected to your Senator’s office: 202-224-3121.
3) Once connected ask to speak to the legislative staff person responsible for agriculture. If they are unavailable leave a voice mail message. Be sure to include your name and phone number.
Give them this message in support of the “Tester Amendment” which would exempt small farms from S.510:
“I am a constituent of Senator___________. I ask that he/she support the Tester Amendment to the food safety bill. The Tester Amendment will exempt the safest, small, owner-operator farms and food facilities and farmers who direct market their products to consumers, stores or restaurants. Food safety legislation should not create inappropriate and costly regulatory barriers to family farms and the growing healthy food movement in the drive to crack down on corporate bad actors. Please support the Tester Amendment and market opportunities for small and mid-sized family farms, and small food processing facilities.”
You may also wish to explain that you oppose the Food Safety Modernization Act in its entirety, and it is a destructive, freedom-crushing law that will destroy the future of food inAmerica.
Remember, America has already lost control over its money supply to the Federal Reserve (nearly a hundred years ago). America has lost its health due to the medical industry and its profit-from-sickness agenda. Now we may lose our right to grow our own food and save our own seeds if Senate Bill 510 passes.
This is a dangerous, tyrannical law that would thrust the American people into an age of darkness and malnutrition. It would criminalize many of the very people growing our food and turn food production into yet another corporate monopoly.
Please take the time right now to contact your U.S. Senator and voice your strong opposition to this bill.

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  1. It's time for these corrupt bought and paid for people to stop putting their corrupt laws on us. They make no sense to a normal person. This is another example of what Erasmus of America's Omni Law would stop. Now along with signing the Petition for Health (which is very important!) we could also take down the information for our representatives in our area, and send them the 4 page Omni Law Report which explains the purpose of the Omni Law and has the Omni Law on page 2 of the report, and ask them to pass this law this year 2012, and if they don't, we want to know why not.

  2. Food Safety Modernization Act you say???? Let's start with the most volatile "food" product in history - - FLUORIDE. I'm under the impression that fluoride has NEVER been approved by Food and Drug Administration - true??

    That's a good place to start. GET MORE ROPE!!!

  3. Good to see patriots like Senator Ron Johnson and Rand Paul know how to further the cause of liberty. The problem with those who say the T Party is dead fail to recognize history. England learned that consequence a couple of years after the party.

  4. The problem is that "We the People" keep putting these schmucks into office. Then these guys sell us down the river, get caught, apologize and swear that they'll never do it again, and then we elect them again. There is no more saving this country. The ride is almost over.

    1. Its a bankster style fascist world wide take over. The worst part of the ride I hate to say is yet to come!