Monday, November 12, 2012

20 States file petitions to secede from USA - Links to your state enclosed

Subject: Fwd: Fw: 20 States file petitions to secede from USA - Links to your state enclosed
Date: Monday, November 12, 2012, 6:44 PM
You have to register - I did and I signed - for my state - sign if you believe your state needs to consider your future safety

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Now ... Forward and sign! We have a 25,000 signature per state deadline
first week in december (or one month from the date the petition was filed) And for those that might be overly cautious about creating the account, to sign the petition... let me say this... you are not providing the White House with any information, that they didnt already have about you!


Peacefully grant WE THE PEOPLE withdrawal

from the United States of America
[image: Picture] **
*20 US states have filed petitions to secede following the re-election of
Barack Obama. State petitions requesting the Obama administration to
peacefully grant the applied state to withdraw from the United States of
America in order to create their own government, on the **White House
website* <>* include the
click the state to see or sign that states petition

New Jersey<>
New York<>
North Carolina<>
North Dakota<>
South Carolina<>

*NOTE: 25,000 signatures needed by ONE MONTH from the date of creation to reach goal. The threshold must be met by the deadline, for this to even be
seen by the US Legislators.*


  1. You left off Arizona

  2. Exiting that it made Yahoo! headlines as well.. Say's "White House may respond " .. WITH AN IRON FIST and FEMA TRAINS!!! WOO WOOO .. ALL ABOARD!! .. But seriously, lots of interesting headlines these days!

    Stay Positive My Friends!

  3. KISS, Keep It Simple Sovereignty!

    ALL States need to REMOVE their Corporations at ALL Levels; State, County, City, and Government entities!

    If the Sheriff's Departments are Corporations then they need to be SHUT DOWN!

    ALL Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports MUST be SHUT DOWN, and ALL Finances need to be put in the budget to remove the present Bankruptcy actions being filed at ALL levels!

    Maybe a campaign needs to be put out that within 30 days if the Government entities don't REMOVE their Corporation then ALL persons involved need to be ARRESTED!

    A Sovereign State that still has their Corporation is just FRIVOLOUS on their Sovereignty!

  4. This is totally hilarious. Sending a petition to Washington? Might as well flush it down the commode. First of all, none of these states has the backing of the state governments. You need to start there first. Second, if Washington does reply, they'll say no way and that will be it. Then what are you petitioners going to do? Nothing I say. This kind of crap has been going on for years and then it fades away. Same thing will happen with this round. You need to clean out you local, county and state governments first but of course it will never happen. This will blow over in a few weeks or at least by the inauguration. Then the buses will be on their way to pick up the people who signed up and haul them off to FEMA camps for reprogramming. Good Day!

    1. Start with referendums supported by the voters in the respective states seeking to secede.

    2. This Site will not allow the truth! I tryed to reply. Was not accepted.

  5. The delegates of each state must call a meeting and vote to remove that state form the union.

    Then assign Ron Paul as provisional president till new elections can be held.

    Obama nor washington DC needs to give us their blessings while there sheep run off.

    We don't need there permission! Period!

    It is our right and our duty to change the corrupt guard. End of story!

    Do I need to hold your hand?

  6. didn't Drake and Co. already do this with the Hague notification? you all need to get ur $#1t together. grow the hell up you bunch of lost souls. No wonder the world is rhe way it is. I hope 12/21 knocks you all on your asses and pulls your head out of the sand and the clouds and gives you all the tools and skills to take responsibility for becoming smart and free will thinking beings.

  7. there is a saying that if you dont try then you dont get nothing but if you do then the least you can get is a no,if you can remember a few years back when the texas governor wanted to stop the airport security invasive searches, and to stop it altogether he was told by washington that he could not do so, otherwise texas will become a no fly zone,well he lost his nerve and bottled it.what he should have done was to have a vote for the texas people if they wanted to back him and then called the bluff of washington telling them that you will break away from the union and just see how many other states will also follow suit,i think that day he missed a golden oppotunity.

  8. the states of america does not have choice they have been betrayed by their government.

  9. The Hague notification was what is needed. This Petition will just provide a hit list for the Corporation. All 50 states have sent notification, but need to now take steps within their state to organize their counties with elected officials to occupy the vacant seats since 1860. The courts gave a clue with the verdict with the Rod Class case! No permission slip fron District of Columbia needed! WAKE UP! SMELL the ROSES! Tommorrow is a new day!

    1. Gateway to occupy the original vacant seats of congress is as I already have.

  10. Alex Jones mentions 11/13 at about 15 minutes into show that Texas has 25,000 signatures on secession within a few hours, now by the time he mentions it it could be 40,000.

    This could be a major blow that Obama MUST write an EXECUTIVE ORDER TO BAN THIS, for your protection!

    1. Texas to withdraw has 87,893.Total signatures 9:17 pm 11/13/2012