Monday, November 12, 2012


     In honor of Erasmus who in the time of Martin Luther wanted to reform Christianity but not lose the unity of Christianity, let me as the modern Erasmus of America now release my version of In Praise of Folly first written by the brilliant Erasmus of Europe. In honor of our veterans who fought and died trying to preserve and stand for freedom also in America as well as abroad, let my praise of American folly begin.
     On Sunday, Nov. 11, "Sixty Minutes" released its TV report on American education. The conclusion apparently is that the high school seniors of America now graduate normally as basically functionally illiterate. And there are technical jobs available in America that cannot be filled as the new generation of "educated" American youth cannot handle them having never been trained in their education how to handle technical details in jobs. In praise of folly now! How wonderfully "Politically Correct Education" as imposed by liberals has prepared our youth for earning a serious living in life! Now In Singapore, now in China, and some other parts of Asia, they take education seriously and are apparently skyrocketing past American students in world test standards because they take their studies seriously and practice the serious education America used to practice but no longer does practice in our schools. Now there is still a pocket of American students who still score good on national and world tests for students. Those who are educated in private schools and those who are home schooled. We have "feel good" education with American youth to develop "self-esteem" who cannot write any longer but only print letters when writing on paper, they can't do math on paper any longer, do not have the foggiest idea what is stated in the U.S. Constitution, do not know what logic or common sense really is.
Must be entertained all the time watching TV or else playing with their electronic toys, but most youth today probably don't read any books outside of ones required to read in school. But with many I understand no longer doing homework given them by school, when do they have time to read any books to expand their minds when all their time outside of school is spent on electronic entertainment of some sort or another?
     When a government official of Kaiser Germany visited America at the time of a world fair in America then after our "Civil War," he reported back to the Kaiser that America had huge land and resources that Kaiser Germany did not. The only way that Germany could ever compete against America in producing national wealth and becoming a world leader was to make German education better than the American.
Soon Germany was producing many of the top scientists and engineers in the world and German industry skyrocketed because the German industries created by these well-educated German scientists and engineers made the German economy boom and prosper. Germany rapidly emerged as a world leader because her now superior educational system where they played no "politically correct" games with German education made them a power to reckon with in the world. Asian nations are thinking like the Germans did under Kaiser Germany and they plan to skyrocket past America because they train their children to think, to be professional, to use their brains for brilliant ideas, etc. and they observe with great scorn that America no longer believes in giving the youth of America serious educations any longer. Foreigners come to America not to be educated in our public schools, but to attend the American colleges and universities which still offer good higher education. Then these foreigners can go back to their nations to lead them or else get good professional jobs in America they are qualified to fill but not Americans educated in our public American schools.
     Like the child's fable of "The Emperor's Clothing," I point out that the emperor is naked with no clothes whereas everyone else embarrassed to admit what their eyes seemed to see, praised the emperor's clothing when he had no clothes on at all. Under "politically correct" American culture now, Americans are scared to death to state the truth and admit what their eyes see. I intend to break this Matrix culture of fantasy, false ideas and concepts put in the minds of the people so they believe in lies instead of the truth, and teach them the moral courage to start facing the truth and reality again in America.
      The correct goal of education should be at a minimum the following in America. Do not teach the students just facts carefully picked for them to study by the educators assigned to teach them.
Also, teach them the principles that make sense of these facts so they know how to apply knowledge to get results in life. Teach the students how to think, not just memorize the "politically correct" propaganda fed them in school. Teach them not just to get a paper certified education of knowledge, but a practical education of knowledge that will teach them how to think, apply themselves, and get results in life. Also, until the "politically correct" education was born in America, Americans used to be taught moral values in schools. They are no longer taught moral values but whatever feels good is good for them to do. We used to teach our youth moral values in a moral philosophy called Christianity.
      I am a strong scientific and engineering brain. Others also have strong technical talents like this. I am smart alone and maybe much smarter when we collectively pool our talents together, our technical knowledge together, our professional experiences together, When I have other smart people working with me, I know we can pretty much come up with any smart answers needed to solve any of the problems of a nation. But give me the graduate of too many of the American high schools today and they don't strengthen my team to get results for America. America is finished as a nation if it does not return to a base of sound education in America. Pass my Omni Law and we will straighten out the educational system of America. I am a Christian and can defend belief in God with very powerful, smart answers. You don't have to believe in God if you don't want to believe in God, but at least be educated enough so you can put up a good defense for your side of beliefs if you don' want to believe in God or honor God in your life. I will think you a fool if you don't believe in God, but at least might as well be an educated fool meaning you never learned how to think soundly despite all your formal education. I have said at times in sarcasm, "Take a fool and educate him, and what do you get?
An educated fool" It takes more than assembling and memorizing study notes to make a seriously educated man or woman out of study notes. It also takes learning how to think with sound logic, use of common sense, and the motivation of character that you will pursue the truth in the chosen field until finally you break truth and find the actual truth. With discovered truth in science or engineering, it is amazing how many powerful things you can then do in society.
     I had a roommate in military school. His name was James Raymond Harding. He was of good character, very intelligent, and good in learning regular military training. I liked him and respected him. One time we captured the imagination of the military academy. We decided to fight World War III. He represented the Communist side of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact and Red China and allies. I represented America and NATO. We had a giant world map with a plastic coating over it so you could mark it with a crayon or whatever and erase it when you wanted to. We placed our soldiers, tanks, planes, navies, etc. the same as reported in standard military reports. James played the military game the predicted Soviet way with their military positions, etc. I have always been unorthodox in science, engineering, economics later on, and also in military tactics and strategy. James should have won the game. He had a better hand to play.  I played a game of cunning with him. I first had to find a way to block his tanks from the Soviet Union from overrunning Western Europe. I used a trick formation from the Roman Army of 2,000 years ago and his tanks could not break through my line of tanks. While stalled there, I laid an ambush that wiped out the main Soviet Navy. I had to knock out his navy for the maneuver I had secretly planned. I then made myself look weak towards China. It was a sucker trap. He fell for it and the main Chinese Army under him was marching in for the kill to wipe out my main army. I then sprung my surprise and wiped out the Chinese Army on the map. When the game was over, I had won World War III in theory.
This game went on for about one week. Other military cadets would ask how the World War III was progressing. After a week, when asked, I sort of grinned and said, "I won World War III." Moral of this story.
Never be afraid to follow unorthodox ideas also if with a regular education, your unorthodox idea makes sense to you. Never be afraid to expand the knowledge of mankind in science, engineering, etc. if you get an inspired idea that works in reality once tested. And like Thomas Edison who refused defeat when test after test did not produce the first working electric light bulb, if you in your gut still feel that your idea should work, keep pushing until finally your idea works as planned or else you are convinced by your own tests that you barked up the wrong tree and your hunch or theory was wrong as proved by your own experiments. When playing on hunches, don't be afraid to gamble to see if your hunch proves right or wrong if you have a good feel for the field you are working in.
      I have a heavy professional education and in several fields, not just one. I studied formal engineering but dissatisfied I was getting the angles I wanted for teaching technical brains how to invent in engineering, I set up my own private "university equivalent" education in inventing. I guess for 10 years after finishing with formal schools I gathered everything on inventing I could find including many private reports by inventors who got the results they sought. Studying so many brilliant brains in inventing, I still saw how their mental processes worked that got results and  sadly, I found the engineering schools did not understand the mentality that creates great inventive geniuses. When my Camelot Project is built, I want to teach technical brains how to set up the Thomas Edison "invention factory" which is a concept of inventing not taught in engineering schools. And I want to teach technical brains the Albert Einstein system of "thought experiments" not taught in science courses. By the way, Einstein, Tesla, and myself all used the system of "thought experiments" which we must have been born with the knowledge how to do as no schools ever taught us how to do this.
      I have tricks how to get smart fast in professional fields I am out to crack and master. I pinpoint who is either the smartest or one of the smartest brains in some field and then study whatever represents the most brilliant work he has ever written showing the final answers he came up with in life. As I want to mastermind the reunification of the serious side of Christianity as Jesus Christ did not found 22,000 or so independent Churches, but one Church of God on earth with thousands and more of branches to it, I picked who was the smartest scholar for the Greek Orthodox Church to show their side of Christianity. I found in my evaluation their smartest brain was Elder Cleopa of Romania who wrote "The Truth Of Our Faith." He presented a brilliant presentation of the Greek Orthodox side of Christianity. I looked for who did the best job in the Roman Catholic side and who did the best job of presenting the Protestant side of Christianity. Seeing all three sides of those trying to be serious and honest in Christianity, I see the pivots that can shock all sides so they all say, "We agree  on this" and as the dust settles, we have our basis for the reunification of Christianity without any side selling out their integrity to Christ in the process. Christianity has been getting its teeth kicked in across America and elsewhere because there is little leadership that matters and mostly anarchy in the churches so they don't know how join together to give Christianity victory in America and the world. An army needs a general or generals and chain of command authority in lower levels so we have a unified movement able to win victories for its side. Christianity is the same way. The soldiers of Christianity are demoralized because they have not tasted real national victory in a long time in America. I tested their morale level by releasing on Nesara News "Miracles Of God In Christianity For Modern America And The World From Erasmus Of America - Oct. 31, 2012."
I called upon all Christians to mass promote this across the internet in America. I was pleased to see some who send out nationally did push it, but the ordinary Christians being already defeated in their mind that Christianity cannot win did not push it. I had already tested this like a market test and the enemies and critics of Christianity are overwhelmed by it and cannot answer it. If the Christians were not already brainwashed that they are losers and not winners for Christianity, this report if mass pushed by ordinary Christians would have stormed American overnight and we would already be addressing a Christian America instead of a licked dog Christianity in America on Nov. 12, 2012.  Let's try it again and this time ordinary Christianity get serious to win America back to God! Go to the search box on the top left of Nesara News, put in Erasmus of America and look down the list for my report of Oct. 31, 2012 which is "Miracles Of God In Christianity For Modern America And The World! From Erasmus of America
- Oct. 31, 2012."
This time promote it nationally 20 or more copies and include this report In Praise Of Folly after it. Maybe the second round the Christians will finally get the message I have handed you on a silver platter victory of Christianity in America. Follow through the simple system of promotion for this report and does not have to cost you a penny in money to do! St. Padre Pio of Italy wrote to me many years ago when I was in military school with a secret message for me to champion true Christianity in the world and God would smile upon me for this! He told me a powerful secret of mine he had to know from God and I took that as a sign God had willed this message sent to me. St.
Padre Pio had the wounds of Christ on his body for 50 years and he had Miracles of God occur with him all the time like the small 7 year old girl with no pupils to her eyes, he prays to Jesus for her healing and she instantly could see and still with no pupils to her eyes meaning dumbfounded medical doctors could not explain how she suddenly could see and normally with eyes that had no entrance for light to enter her eyes! He told people secrets of their lives, predicted things correctly before they happened, etc. He got a vision once that Jesus showed him a number of Catholic priests that Jesus called "butchers"
because they weren't leading the people to Christ as they should. Of course, too many Protestants in the same boat! Comfortable in their church positions and not winning the masses outside to Jesus Christ and Christianity. My miracle report will turn the tables for all the churches and pack your churches with new members once you push my report. And sad commentary of all the churches both Catholic and Protestant. I have this Omni Law drive and not one church in America before the November 6, 2012 election would even openly back me when I am committed to restore prayer and the Bible to the public schools after the Omni Law is passed. Shame! Shame on you! Jesus is ashamed of you that you are ashamed of Jesus before America!
     Jesus Money was taught by Jesus in the New Testament and used with skyrocketing success 4 times in history until bankers overthrow it not liking it. Everyone  now became prosperous and rich, no poor and unemployed left in society, crime nearly disappears in society, churches even get blessed with prosperity also with this, businesses boom with success, governments get rich and no longer need high taxes.
And now the churches sitting like dumb idiots on a log looking the other way have not yet raised one finger yet to support the reestablishment of Jesus Money to society such as America and abroad Not the first penny has come in support from any church. Others have backed me to pass the Omni Law which will restore Jesus Money back into power in human society, but where are the churches? Jesus Money is part of the ministry of Jesus Christ for mankind. Jesus wills to help the poor by getting them jobs and security in life. Why don't you churches want to help the poor of America and abroad by the reestablishment of Jesus Money in human society? It works as proven by history! You don't have to be rocket scientist geniuses to understand that what works does work! Jesus arranged this was already tried and worked in history as many of you don't think Christianity should use its brains for Christ! As Albert Schweitzer once shrewdly commented, "Christianity must be founded upon thinking!" Argument is over! It works! Let's use it now!
     If the Christians were strong and united instead of weak and believe in anarchy instead of standing up seriously for Christ in America, then I wouldn't have to use power tactics and moral force to engineer the coming rise of Christianity to power and the leadership of America as I intend to happen. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and know rather incredibly strong tactics of how to achieve victory by overwhelming the other side if required. I got this super deadly legal scandal of the U.S. Justice Dept. about deadly enough to collapse the whole federal government of Wash., D.C. and I don't want to play this scandal ace unless I have no choice. With strong Christian national support, I don't have to be so strong of tactics to win the restoration of legal rights, etc. for Christianity in America. But I intend to win and also know how to win. I will likely play my ace by this coming Friday unless I see the U.S. Justice Dept. realizes that it is smart to meet with me partway so I don't have to be like Genghis Khan and just totally wipe them out legally!
     For those wanting to back me financially so the Omni Law is passed soon, send any financial support to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Say for Omni Law Drive.  I don't really need elections or mass support to win now and get passage of the Omni Law.
God blessed me with a sharp legal mind and I keep engineering legal upsets that shock lawyers who are confident of victory until they are suddenly crushed and wonder what happened to them. Like a chess game, my pieces to play are already on the chessboard except the federal scandal of the U.S. Justice Dept. good enough if fully pushed to bring down the entire federal government with it which I decide later this week whether to play it or not. These are power tactics and not dependent upon mass popular support at this time. If I play all my aces, the only way the federal government can survive after that is immediately pass my Omni Law and ask me to help save Wash., D.C. from being outlawed internationally as a totally criminal and rogue government according to the terms of international law. Technically Wash., D.C. has set up a genocide situation that will kill off the entire human race on earth unless ended in time to save the human race from going extinct like the dinosaur. Science says this is what happens if my Omni Law is not passed and now in America!
      Again look up my Omni Law in the search box at Nesara News. Look up my 80 or so other national reports also posted with Nesara News over the last 7 seven months by putting in Erasmus of America which is my pen name to read them. Folks, pass this report all over America by the internet. Everyone send out 20 or more copies of this by email and we will soon have all of America evangelized for Christ so long as my Miracle of God report is sent along with it or following right after it.
      The Middle East was the heartland in which Christianity was founded. When the great Christian capital of Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1463, the blood of Christians mass flowed in the streets and Christians were slaughtered in the Church of Holy Wisdom which was the finest Christian cathedral in the Middle East and maybe the world at that time. Nearly all the people in Asia Minor, now called Turkey, were Christians then. Today 2% of the population of Turkey may still be Christian. The same fate awaits the Christians of America if you don't back me and now. Hate to expose deceptions, but Obama is as hardcore a Muslim as could ever be placed in the White House. I got a report the other day that Israeli Intelligence had been tracking down two Muslim plants to take over America. They recently found out that one of the two Muslim plants for the takeover and mass slaughter of Christians in America was a man by the name of Obama and came from Chicago, Illinois. They couldn't get the missing name until recently as these two were known by other names also.
      I am offering America a chance not offered to the Christian people of Constantinople in 1453 when conquered and then mass slaughtered by the Muslims once Constantinople fell to them in 1453. I have warned you in time and have the hand if you back me so America does not fall to Islam like Constantinople did in 1453 because the Christians refused to stand up politically and militarily before it was too late to save the Eastern half of Christianity from mass conquest and mass slaughter by the Muslims. Back me now because the Muslims are getting ready to take over America through Obama if the Christians don't care now whether Christianity stands or falls in America now. Any interested in future reports of mine, send your email to and say "Add to List." When shortly I have the crew I should, this will become a far more active branch of our communication with you. Also, we add more computers and attempts to interfere with our communications to you will no longer work. We have had dirty trick hacking attacks that you do not know about trying to block us from saving Christianity from Islamic takeover through Obama and Wash., D.C. while this can still be done.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name.
Descendant of Constantine the Great who founded Constantinople to be the Eastern capital of Christianity shortly after legalizing Christianity in the Roman Empire. Christians were so relieved then no longer had to be martyrs to die all the time and be persecuted all the time by pagan Roman authorities. To correct some Protestant scholars whose history is not correct, Constantine the Great invited the Nicene Council so the bishops, etc. of Christianity could set up their rules and creed for Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. He did not tell them what to do and they merely formalized and legalized what was already their practices and creed for Apostolic Christianity for nearly 300 years after Christ. He just legally recognized whatever they said was official Christianity and its practices already firmly established while they were an illegal religion in the Roman Empire.
Around 30 relatives of this family line descended from Constantine the Great once all gathered together in a big family photo long ago and dressed in Roman togas to honor our ancestry from Constantine the Great. And the English Parliament centuries ago called this family line the ancient venerated line of Europe as it descended from the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. I am not ashamed of this family line. And read four of the finest defenses of Christianity back then which were personally written by Constantine the Great who totally backed Apostolic Christianity and upon his death had placed over him "The fourteenth Apostle!" The Lord has once more chosen the same family line that saved Christianity the first time when the pagan Roman Empire had the plan to totally wipe out all the Christians in the Roman Empire as soon as they defeated Constantine the Great.
However, God gave the victory to Constantine the Great instead of the determined bloody pagan Roman leaders who wanted Christianity totally wiped out this time. God stopped them by raising up Constantine the Great to be the defender and savior of Christianity from bloody annihilation in the pagan Roman Empire then. That is the real history,


  1. There is a need for Christian unity to ward off the Muslim goal of a worldwide caliphate as well as the attacks on Christianity in our own country; however, Christians (and others) remember too well the horror stories from the Inquisition, the battles of the Papacy for control over the Royals of Europe, the religious persecution and murder of Jews, the Reformation and countless other historical events related to established religions forcing others to worship in a specified manner. In fact, this country was founded by individual groups seeking the freedom to worship as they thought right and to escape the mandates of organized religious groups. Do we need to go back to that? That sounds too much like another worldwide church. Christians are not likely to accept that.

  2. Buddy,ecuse my directness,but you are a legend in your own mind and you don't posses the necessary powder to ignite your potential of intellectual knowledge that would probably fire one shot against the enemy who has many of return shots,so I guess what I am suggesting is STFU!

  3. O si taccuises, Erasme...

    There is a lot which calls for correction, and I really don`t know where to start.

    1. In October 29, 312 there was a battle at the Milivian Bridge between Maxentius and Constantine. In the afternoon before it is said by Lactantius, who was close to Constantine, and Eusebius of Cesarea, he had a vision of a cross in the sky and heard the words: in hoc signo vinces. Funny story, right? By no means! Christ is a prince of peace, not of battle and war!

    2. Short after the battle at the Milvian Bridge, that means short after his so called conversion to christendom, Constantine ordered to make a coin with him and Mithras, the sun god You can see the coin here:

    3. He ordered the killing of his wife Fausta and his son Crispus, also of his father-in-law, Cesar Maximian, also of his brothers-in-law Licinius and Bassanius, spouses of his sisters Constantia und Anastasia, also of the prince Licinianus, son of Licinius. Shall i continue?
    Constantine was a murderer!

    4. Erasmus is no theologian being firm in greek thinking. Otherwise he would know of Constantine`s influence in developing the dogma of trinity 325 in Nicaea - sponsor was a pagan deity - well, you can guess: Mithra. A fundamental theological and existantial view you can find here:

    Let us stop here. The kind of adoration of Constantine as Erasmus does is

    1. disgusting and

    2. a witness of lack of knowledge.

    Erasmus confirms a dumb, ego-driven sciolism with which he is looking to impress people. Nothing against his economic considerations, nothing against him at all! But his constant reference on

    1. apostolic christendom and creationism without showing the tiniest clue on what is behind the thoughts evolution,

    2. his succesion from whatever bloodline,

    3. his more than once claim of a superior IQ

    make his statements not any brighter.

    I hereby confess, that I have not written those lines in order to insult or offend Erasmus. No - he himself has done so by claiming a superior mind and intelligence, which has blinded his ability to look sharply and perform deeper researches. One sign of a deep researcher is without any doubt - a proper victory over his ego.

    Nunc dimittis servum tuum Domine.

    Tertiusgaudens from Germany

  4. Folks need to wake up!!

    ISLAM needs to go out of business and disappear!

    The Nation of Islam is false, profoundly violent and evil.

    And you don't need any fake Christians prophet to tell you that! Read the false evil writings of the Quaran!

    Islam was in the beginning, about respecting ONE ALLAH and God. Our error is Sura Islam has long since died out, replaced by Dialek Islam which is a PAGAN RELIGION which worships the moon!

    Today's ISLAM commits STRICK by Allah swearing everything under oath that is not of Allah, including trees or animals.

    There is no longer any respect for non-believers in ISLAM.
    Forget Erasamus, get together with your fellow humanity and prepare to ward off this dangerous, false religion.

  5. Hey Erasmus; You sure are full of yourself there guy. I also descend from Constantine and he wasn't so Great. The Council of Nicaea is who put your Bible together out of bits and pieces they stole from the Old Testament and others. They left a whole bunch of books out... such as the Book of Eli, Solomon, Mary etc. So they would gain more control over religion than they already had. You need to back down on your mighty claims of high intelligence and YOU HAVE A HUGE EGO to boot. I suggest you go back to the drawing board because you have way more to learn. So stop spouting your drivel. I'M NOT IMPRESSED with what you think you know.

  6. How can Erasmus be President of the Confederacy when he is not a natural-born citizen? He ADMITS in his report on Genocide to the UN that he was born in Illinois! In Article 2, Section 1, Part 7 of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, as adopted on March 11, 1861. it says "No person except a natural-born citizen of the Confederate; States, or a citizen thereof at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, or a citizen thereof born in the United States prior to the 20th of December, 1860, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the limits of the Confederate States, as they may exist at the time of his election." And he claims his presidency is constitutional!

    Other sites have picked this up and laughing at him, demanding where's teh birth certificate, like he was Obama. He is making us look like idiots.