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2012 Scenario Update

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                      It seems every one is saying we are own our way. We are waiting to see things happen.                 God Bless  Love to all Smile Red rose Red heart

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 11:41:05 -0500
Subject: The Reality of Ascension on the Spirit Planes - Part 1 and more...
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The Reality of Ascension on the Spirit Planes – Part 1 and more...

In This Update...

The Reality of Ascension on the Spirit Planes – Part 1

If I have time (and I may not if the “whirlwind” starts), I’d like to look at the process of advancement on the spirit planes. If we advance, say, from the Lower Summerlands to the Higher Summerlands, that can be called progress.
But when we advance from the Astral Plane generally, of which Lower and Higher Summerlands are subplanes, to the Mental Plane, which we here know as the Fifth Dimension, then we can be said to have ascended. This particular Ascension on the spirit planes involves a dropping of the astral body leaving us in the mental body like a Babushka doll that has dropped one casing.
In our Ascension, we will not have to drop the body. It has changed from a carbon base to a crystalline base, capable of enduring higher vibrations. That is one new development in the process of Ascension.
“There are many deaths and many births,” Silver Birch, the well-known British spiritualist guide once said. (1) “You ‘die’ and are born again and again.” (2) By “deaths and births” he meant what we call Ascension.
When the spirit, for instance, passes from the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane, or from the Fourth to the Fifth Dimension, it drops the astral body and enters the higher plane in the mental body. This could be considered a death and a birth.

Frederic Myers, the first President of the Psychical Research Society, says that “for the most part, we dwell in each state or world during the time we are attached to the appearances that constitute that world. … However, I would urge that no fixed rule should be applied to our sojourn in each world or state.” (3)
So long as we’re attached to our desires, we remain in the Astral Plane, which Hindus call the Kamaloka or Plane of Desires. Once we tire of simply catering to our wants and whims, we’re ready to pass into the Fifth Dimension or Mental Planes. The unnamed teacher of Betty Bethards communicates this lesson in slightly different terms as well: “You experience the level to which you have learned to attune your consciousness. When you learn the lessons of a particular vibration, you may move to a finer vibration of experience.” (4)
Silver Birch
This is why our sources like Archangel Michael tell us to finish with our desire for Third Dimensionality. When we do so, we detach from it and are ready to move higher.
Silver Birch puts the lesson of advancement in more general terms, but shines the light on how all is a question of learning and evolution: “As you advance beyond [one plane], you leave it behind. As the spirit qualifies itself, by growth, progress and evolution, so it naturally passes to the next stage of spirit life.” (5)
He says that advancement is not so much a matter of climbing as one climbs a mountain, but of evolving: “You do not climb from one sphere into another; you grow, you evolve. The lower gives way to the higher.” (6)
The spirit teacher “Imperator,” actually the prophet Malachi, emphasizes how the way we live now in the Third Dimension, the realm of experience, determines where we end up on the spirit planes and how fast we rise. “May you so live now,” he suggests, “that hereafter you may pass easily through the intermediary spheres, without pain, to the realms of joy.” (7)
The realm so joy are higher than the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension, but we may consider it a realm of joy compared to Third Dimensionality.
The residents of the spirit planes are conversant with these facts, whereas we on the Physical Plane often are not. T.E. Lawrence, “Lawrence of Arabia,” tells us they do: “We know that our stay on any one plane is temporary and, however our estimate of time may compare with the earth calendar, this notion of progress from plane to plane as development justifies it is common knowledge here.” (8)
They still retain different opinions however about the ultimate purpose of life. Many don’t concern themselves with such questions and choose to remain on the Plane of Desires, the Astral Plane.
“There is room for much speculation and difference of opinion as to ultimate ends, of course. Much of the thought of higher spheres is open to those who care to know, but there are many here who are satisfied to enjoy the easy satisfactions of their care-free lives without speculating upon any further development.” (9)
T.E. Lawrence
Those who are concerned with the wider matters of life make the most progress the quickest, he says.
“In general, I think that those who have the farthest to go are most concerned with the journey. As I have said before, among thoughtful people at the university [here] much study is given to the progress of the human spirit, its ascent of the planes, and its probable return to earth when purification is complete.” (10)
The individual’s growth, progress, advancement, evolution are seen as the most important matter by spirit dwellers, Arthur Ford says.
“Growth of spirit as well as development of soul are essential whether here or there. We are the ones who must put forth the effort to grow. Nothing will grow in our behalf. That is why I would have you picture each of us as God, for you and we are gods who decide whether we grow or remain as embryos.” (11)
There is always a tug upon oneself to evolve, a tug which I have called the “longing for liberation,” which operates in a less hindered manner on the spirit planes, as Professor William James attests to.
“I feel myself growing out of myself in a certain fashion. My adopted characteristics are becoming too small and cramped to contain my new growth and development, and I will move on most certainly to larger psychological quarters.
“It is not only the physical body we outlive, but the psychological house we have chosen. First after death we add new rooms and suites to accommodate our greater experience, but it is soon obvious that the entire structure has had its day. We must move out of it completely.” (12)
Bishop Wilberforce
When he leaves the physical and psychological house he has long lived in, he will ascend from the Fourth or Astral Plane to the Fifth or Mental Plane.
“I do not know when I will finish this composition, but I will suddenly know that I had added my last comments, written my last words as a tenant of my present psychological manse, and will then move into the larger framework of myself which I feel is being constructed.” (13)
However unlike us, who will move there permanently, he will have to return to Earth in the Third Dimension or Physical Plane. We will ascend permanently as the cycle of duality is wrapping up now.
Bishop Samuel Wilberforce reflects the attitude of so many on the spirit planes, who are impelled to advance by the longing for liberation, a design feature built-in to beings.
“Already, under the guidance of my guardians, I have passed through the first sphere, where are gathered those who are bound to earth by the affections or are unable to rise as yet. There I saw some whom I had known in the body and learned from them, and from others, much that I needed to know. My work will be of a similar sort till I reach my appointed sphere.” (14)
Periodic visits by higher-dimensional beings inspire residents of the Astral Planes and higher to continue evolving, as Philip Gilbert discusses in his comments on the high being he “works for,” whom he calls the Chief.
“Here we at least know by personal experience that there are higher strata and higher still: people like the Chief, for instance. … They look as if they were made of radium. We rarely see them but now and then one appears, to inspire us.” (15)
William James
An unnamed spirit communicators summarizes the process of Ascension on the spirit planes to medium Charlotte Dresser:
“’What constitutes a ‘higher plane?’
“’I think you will understand it better as a sort of higher grade, like college after high school. It is a different plane or sphere or space where those of a certain degree of advancement can remain for a time.
“‘These spheres or planes are separated more by spiritual advancement than by distance, though the latter is sometimes great. We ascend as we grow, or we remain to teach others.
“’But it is all normal, and like the different grades of advancement in college or school, if I may use the comparison.
“Each grade has its peculiar work or degree of advancement, not set by any rule except that of congeniality.”‘” (16)
So although Ascension is a new phenomenon to us, it is known much more widely to spirit communicators who look forward to ascending into the higher realms of the spirit life. They spend years studying in spirit universities or with higher beings to perfect themselves and move on to higher planes before needing to reincarnate on Earth in the Third Dimension again to “prove” the permanence of their learnings.
Like us, they too will ascend when the time arrives and need no more to descend into the Third Dimension. Duality is wrapping up all over the universe and will cause the progression of their world as well as ours.


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Valerie Donner: A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council (now working with the Earth Council)

Through Valerie Donner November 7, 2012
Greetings, I am Mira.
I greet you from the Earth Council as we seek to expand our assistance wherever we are needed. Decisions must be made. We are constantly recalculating and measuring the changing scale of things.
Our efforts to co-ordinate various missions have also expanded. Some of these are in partial evidence. We are making our ways known that we are with you. Please know that you are not alone. If earth changes present themselves and you need our assistance we have prepared for it.
We understand the dilemma many of you are facing. Finding a firm footing on terra firma on a changing planet can leave you with a feeling of teetering. We want you to know that you are tethered to the Higher Source, the Supreme Being who knows, loves and cares for each one of you. Everyone is making choices now for their best and highest good. We recommend going with the flow in this part of the project.
During the recent disastrous storm on the east coast of the U.S. we were there and still are present. We help in unseen ways whether it is from people appearing out of the blue, to providing ideas, resources, and guidance to scientists or actual scientists appearing as locals, healers and helpers of all sorts. We have assembled the largest cadre of helpers from all of Creation to be with you now.
Hold steady, Ground Crew. You are present on the planet for a reason. Your love, Light and healing are a requisite for the Ascension of the Earth. We cannot do our mission without you. Keep a level head and an open heart. Know that you are far more than you think you are and your gifts are necessary.
Take the pressure off of yourselves. Open the release valve. Let off the steam. Wipe off your brow. Fluff yourself off. Know you will get through the challenges that present themselves. We have our monitors on you for your strength, compassion, love, and all of the other emotions that are maneuvering throughout the land.
Reach out a hand to each other. Follow the God within also known as your inner guidance. Seek counsel yet remind yourself that you have the answers within. Everything you need will be provided for with divine order, ease and grace.
Pay keen attention to the animals. They sense and are connected to the Earth. They are your teachers. They love you and serve you. They are smarter than you think.
Let your imaginations create the best possible future for yourself and the Earth. You are creative geniuses and are capable of creating magnificent things in your future. Lift your sights high into the most marvelous higher dimensional future you can imagine. You have it within. You have been holding it throughout many life times. Your future is now.
I will continue with more material for you in the near future.
I love you. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

Jesus: Forgiveness is the Best Medicine for Healing Available to You

Jesus: Forgiveness is the Best Medicine for Healing Available to You

As channelled by John Smallman – November 9, 2012
Now that a major illusory distraction has passed – yes, the US presidential election – you way-showers and Light-workers can focus once more on your task of assisting the sleepers to awaken.
Love . . . love . . . love is the answer to all problems, issues, and disagreements, and when you awaken into Reality – the creative energy field of divine Love – you will immediately understand this.
Here there is no conflict because Love joins all together in harmonious cooperation, and Love, your true nature, has no desires that could possibly lead to disagreement or conflict because It wants what is best for everyone, always. That is Oneness in operation.
Focus on that divine truth, refocus on it, and refocus on it. That is how you change the environment from one of fear to one of loving trust, which is what every single person incarnate within the illusion truly wants. It is achievable! Focus on it constantly and see how all your relationships change for the better.
A loving presence, which is the major spiritual attribute of every human, offered indiscriminately and unconditionally by each one of you in every interaction can and will change the world. It started to do so eons ago, but until the last two or three centuries of your present era its influence was quite small.
Since the tragedy and suffering of World War I humanity’s vision has altered enormously as the insanity of millions of men killing one another — because their governments and military commanders told them to do so — became an actuality that no one could any longer deny.
Never before in your human history has there been such a growth in concern and compassion for one another as has occurred since that unconscionable and incredibly arrogant decision was made by men of supposedly sound mind to engage in all-out war in August 1914. In a way it was a necessary lesson for humanity — bearing in mind that war, suffering, and all its attendant miseries, while extremely painful for those involved, are illusory.
When you awaken, all the embedded pain that many are still holding onto — because wars remain an ongoing concern all across the world — will dissolve along with the nightmares that you have been experiencing for so long.
Your essential task is to be loving, compassionate bearers of the Light in every moment. You can do it because the power of Heaven is supporting you in this. Do not judge yourselves as bad, wrong, or unworthy when you forget and react unlovingly to a perceived attack or offense. Recognize what has happened. Allow yourselves to be human by accepting that you made an error and by forgiving yourselves.
Judging yourselves (or others) and angrily reliving the experience shuts down the flow of loving energy which it is your express intent to share, until you stand back from the situation, or the memory of it, and forgive yourselves and the others involved. When you have done that, then you can move back into your natural intended state of love and compassion for all.
It can be very hard for you to forgive; and when you hold on to resentment over perceived mistreatment, you drain away your energy and your stress mounts. To forgive is a decision that you can make instantly (again, of yourselves or of others); it simply requires that you stand back from the situation and do it. At first your ego will resist by drawing your attention to the pain, shame, or blame it believes you have suffered.
Don’t go down that road — it is an endless loop of re-experiencing the pain of something that has passed. Just strengthen your intent to forgive and focus your attention on something that pleases you (NOT “I know I was right!”), something you are looking forward to with happy expectation, and dismiss the painful memory because it serves no useful purpose.
Because your true nature is Love, then even in the illusion, in the egoic bodies to which you have anchored yourselves, to forgive is a natural response which your egos frequently persuade you to restrain. Forgiveness is an aspect of yourselves that you are unable to discard because it is part of your eternal, loving nature.
You can deny it, refuse to countenance it, and fill your mind with justification for your unforgiving attitudes and behaviors, but it remains within you, waiting for you to recognize its validity, its essential goodness, and its ability to heal all wounds.
If you are having trouble forgiving anyone at all, or if you truly believe that to forgive is unconscionable in some circumstances, then ask for guidance and clarity from whoever in the spiritual realms you feel most comfortable addressing.
You will be heard, you will be helped, and when that happens you will experience a remarkable sense of peace and satisfaction, and you will wonder why you held out against forgiveness for so long. Forgiveness is the best medicine for healing available to you — so use it and be healed.
Your loving brother, Jesus

What is Your Vision and Dream for the New Earth?

What is Your Vision and Dream for the New Earth?
Graham: At the 2012 Scenario conferences in Sedona, AZ, conference attendees shared their visions and dreams for the New Earth, which you’ll find below.
Click here to view the embedded video.
We are powerful beings and are co-creating the new earth together. What are your visions and dreams? Comments are open.
Full disclosure of health information and perfect health
All the children are safe and well
Love is all that is
Leaders with a high spiritual IQ
Co-equal partnership
Love rules
No fear
We enjoy galactic joy rides
We are seen
Soon is now
There is no judgment
Abundance for all
We grow our own food
I am thankful for unconditional love
We see our Godselves
War is unthinkable
Language does not form barriers
We know our guides
The youth recognize the God within
There is honest in positions of power
We are all expressions of God
We have access to all spiritual tools to be who we are
We do what brings us joy
I am the one who is the last to turn out the lights
Garden of Eden
No one feels alone
No pain
Harmonious relations – balance between genders
Universal enlightenment
Living in the Now – no more clocks
Homes for all which are beautiful, nurturing and connect us to nature and our Divine selves
No judgment – only love
Allowing gratitude
Open communication with all beings, including rocks, plants and animals
Money is not required
Children are honored and thrive
We know our God selves
We know our galactic family
We embrace our immense power
I have my own space craft
All are whole and healthy
Frequency is identity
Teens know their Godselves and they participate
Energy is free for all
Joy is our natural state
Elders are valued and looked after
We give and receive love freely
We are free from suffering
Animals are healthy, happy and free and we communicate with them
All the weapons we used are dematerialized and returned to elemental form
My babies are born in the City of Lights
There is no need for intellectual property
Pollution is non-existent
We practice unconditional love
We enjoy perfect health
Money freed up by peace is redistributed
Everyone to be happy
Fairies, elementals, dragons and other groovy beings fly free
We do a happy dance with our healthy, immortal bodies
We gather in love on a daily basis
We recognize the Light in ourselves and in one another
SaLusa – where are you?
What is a tax?
Gaia is in her most exquisite and pristine state and we are one with her
Harmony, peace and love for all beings
We are One
We feel the connection to one another and to all that is
All realms, beings, and kingdoms are honored as expressions of the One
The planet surface is healed, the planet has Ascended and is repaired
There is magic! It comes from the heart
I endure
No more borders
Peace vanquishes violence
We are One
All humanity lives in True freedom
All addictions are healed
An eraser for polluted minds to remove negativity, greed, envy, etc
To use music to raise the vibrations of billions
We don’t need to eat anymore but have replicators if we want to
The day when the only extinct species is the Cabal
Love conquers all fear
I intend and create Now perfect Ascension for Gaia and her children! Almighty I am! It is done!
Humans understand how free we really are when we love ourselves
We can all appreciate all the wonderful gifts that Mother Earth offers us, for our joy and enjoyment!
Earth is restored to her Pristine Beauty and Health, including all life forms on her
All have food, clothing, and shelter without struggle
Communication is a mere Thought away!
Words do not describe
When big pharmacare is no longer required because the healing power of the cosmos is all we need!
We’re 1
The absence of fear
Reach high self
Where we each reach our full potential and fulfill our missions
We are all awake
We won’t have to go to the bathroom anymore
I dream of humans being free, unlimited, and being galactic humans again
We work in cooperation with the divas, the nature spirits, the elementals to clean and heal Gaia
Love, Light, Peace
God/Goddess realization
Global Reiki healing sanctuaries
Unity Consciousness – We are all one
No prisons
We can communicate with plants and animals and they with us
We can travel in an instant
Everyone knows and communicates with their own loving angels
We find forgiveness
Unconditional love should be exercised
We’re connecting with our space brothers and sisters. Amen!
We are free from the war machine: armies, navys, militarys, paramilitary forces
Animal rescue jobs obsolete
Pure Love!
“I am” – you are too
Full consciousness
All lessons learned gently in love
Peace and Love Baby!
We return our planet to her pristine state and preserve those historic sites that make earth/Gaia a totally special place
May all creatures be cherished
I see a world where all intentions and creations are based on the foundation where the best of all is taken into account
Return to our source
Make yourself proud…make a difference
So all will…do what you love and love what you do
No language barrier
Smile and awaken love in everyone you see
SMILE = Shared Message In Love Energy
Where everyone who came here finds the answers they are looking for and discovers the reasons why they came
Everyone awake and aware
Love is the way home
Sacred Partnership
Love is everywhere
The skies will sing the perfect song for our hearts
Truth on every level
Santa is real
Laughter and joy and happiness for earth and her children
A world where you can see and feel God’s light in every soul on earth!
A system of education that is “wholistic” and based on truth
Teachers are honored
Love is all there is
Love always
Where all explore and play for the complete joy and love of it
No smoking
The love at the 2012 Scenario will be felt by everyone on mother earth
Ultra fast and electronic transportation noiseless and no pollution
Perfect waves – All Ways
Easy transportation like the UFO’s and/or transporters (free of course)
Hold the wisdom and love of creation…and use it to serve!
No more Rulers, only Leaders
Everyone realizes their full creative ability and we create new planets, galaxies and universes!!!
Just to “Be”
Sacred partnership
Respect! Acceptance! Love and Light!
2B and Let 2B
Forgiveness ends the cycle
Everyone everywhere
A world that works for every living thing’s highest and best good
Love is truth is all there is
Teleporting – being able to teleport and have lunch with these beautiful people I have met here and connected with
Free energy with no pollution
All our children are safe and loved by supportive family and friends – the entire planet
Direct communication with Source
Sharing all with everyone
All illnesses healed, all handicaps healed
Say Yes to Freedom, Freedom to choose
Every person realizes the power of their divinity and expresses it with love
Let it be
Kindness to animals
An earth without borders
Socially free from need to exchange. Free giving of what we have to offer
No need for money or any kind of accounting
Adamantine particles
Harmony through diversity
A world where we no longer struggle to be who we really are
Feed ourselves with energies from this room
Oneness, We are the matrix of the light!
So our heart sings every day
Harmony through diversity
All concrete and man-made structures revert to the earth. Replaced with gardens – we breathe the energy of plants for sustenance
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Gaia free of pollution, free of GMO’s
Inclusiveness – absence of poverty and hunger
Food, shelter and clothing for everyone
Full spectrum of colors. From diversity to university of life. Oneness
We are all one – peace in the world
World full of Light
Music everywhere
A world where everyone desires to be of service
World full of Light
The greening of the world
Everyone feels safe…to Be to Create, Peace and Serenity
Smiles plus hugs equals love for all inhabitants of Gaia
Full consciousness
Free air fare, take away all suffering, replace with joy for all
All nations United in love and Peace
Full spectrum acceptance
A world where herbs and plants and flowers replace chemicals
Bypass your prefrontal cortex and move in your subconscious
Communicate with animals and other life forms
Free energy, clean water
Every animal has a home with love
I hold this Vision, co-creating with every Brother and Sister a New Earth in Peace, Love and Oneness. Where All sentient Beings on this planet are returned to their true Sovereignty and full Abundance that is our Divine Birthright. Where All have access to Food, Shelter, Clean Water, Health and Education.
I hold the Vision of a Grand Celebration like never before in Earth’s history where All Hearts are open, everyone is joining hands, dancing in the streets, breaking bread together no matter gender, race, creed. There is laughter, joy, peace and harmony throughout the land, air and sea. Even the Animals join in our Celebration!
I hold the Vision that Peace and Love reign in our World forevermore. There are no borders. All the gates are Open! We are Free at last. Free at last!!
I hold the Vision of true Unity within. All sentient Beings and together we restore Gaia to her pristine beauty together we cleanse her oceans, purify her air and refertilize her soul.
I hold the Vision that All will awaken…will remember the Love that we each other are, the beautiful sparks of the Divine that we each are…And we see this in Everyone and Everything around us.
All this, by the Power of God That I am, make manifest with every moment of Now, with every breath I take in Gratitude, and Love for this opportunity to be of Service to Humanity and the Light.
Thy will be done
So be it!

SaLuSa: November 9, 2012

SaLuSa: November 9, 2012

Channelled by Mike Quinsey
Andrew: Today SaLuSa looks at the plans for the next few months following the re-election of President Obama, who has been briefed on his role by the Galactics and knows what is expected of him. The real start of the removal of the top Illuminati is about to commence, followed by a general clear-out of the lower levels of the dark Ones.
We are asked not to let up in our efforts to spread the Light to expand Man’s collective consciousness, though it will not be long before the Galactics can openly communicate with us. SaLuSa points out that that they are appearing more often at gatherings of Light spreaders, as experienced at the Sedona Conference.
In future, our elected Leaders will be highly spiritually evolved, rule by consent, and their decisions will be based upon love and bring joy. Life in future will be ecstatic and, with our own powers of creation, we will have all we desire and will want for nothing. SaLuSa asks us to rest easy and enjoy what is about to take place.
The long wait is over and Obama is aware of what is expected of him, and is the man for the job. Like every other soul he has been working towards this time in his life to achieve the main objective of his soul plan.
He will soon be set up and able to go ahead with changes that he knows are necessary to take humankind forward. We have been in constant touch with him and he has been frequently briefed as to what his role is.
Several legal actions are about to be taken that will see the real start of the removal of the top members of the Illuminati. That will effectively remove the last vestiges of power that they hold, and put paid to their last hopes of holding on. It will then allow a more general clear out of the dark Ones at the lower levels.
We ask you not to let up with your efforts to spread the Light, as the collective consciousness of Man still needs every support and encouragement to expand. To say the least, there will be quite an awakening when the truth starts to come out and we want it to have a positive effect and not cause fear. Human Beings do not like change, feeling that it threatens their stability and comfort with what they know and are used to.
However, it should not be very long before we can play our part and openly communicate with you. It is one thing to channel our messages to you, but we want to be seen for what we are. Our presence will soon overcome any fears about us, as it will be seen that we come as Ambassadors of Peace.
We still require that your Military are ordered not to fire upon us, if we are to move more freely in your skies. Although we can avoid danger we wish to be able to move closer to you and make contact without any risk of harm to you.
Those of you who are psychic will have noted that we appear more often where there are gatherings of those spreading the Light, and so it shall continue. It is our way of not only protecting you, but also enfolding you in more Light so that all involved are lifted up even further.
This was your experience at the Sedona Conference, and some of you were overwhelmed by it. Just imagine if each day was the same, because very soon that will become your normal day to day experience. You have touched the higher vibrations and realize what a wonderful feeling it is.
This month and of course the next one will be one continuous round of energetic inputs that will successively raise your vibrations even higher. Every soul will feel the effect in one way or another, and those of you who are already way along the path of Ascension will absorb them quite easily.
For others who have not yet opened up to them it can be a difficult experience, as the body is not yet prepared to receive them. It is likely to leave them confused and unable to comprehend what is taking place. It is a time to centre yourselves and relax, as stress is your worst enemy when trying to prepare for upliftment. Your eventual release from the clutches of the dark Ones should help to release any tension or negative feelings, so that the Light can come flooding in.
Our allies are now more motivated than ever, and can go ahead with their plans that have long been held up. They can, as it were, do the paperwork that will allow us to move everything forward. Like you we have eagerly awaited this time when the action can commence.
We have to thank all of the Lightworkers for their dedication to their individual tasks, as without you matters would not be where they are today. You now deserve to reap the benefits of your work, and soon you will enjoy becoming part of the changes in which you can take an active role. Duality is fading away to be replaced by freedom and peace for all people.
At the moment it is a case of “wait and see” how things develop from hereon. Our focus is upon the governmental changes to allow our chosen representatives to be identified and speed ahead with their work. That will result in the foundation of a new authority that has your best interests at heart.
Soon you will be able to trust those who are given the power to make decisions on your behalf. No longer will there be double dealing and false promises. You have attracted so much Light to Earth that you have quite rightly set up a high vibration that no longer allows the people of the lower vibration to take charge. It is for this reason that it is in order to have them removed.
In the future when you elect your leaders they will be from those who are highly spiritually evolved. Wise heads will rule by consent, and decisions will be based upon love and all that brings you joy and happiness. Not one soul will have an ulterior motive in their hearts or mind as, at the higher level, all is pure and of the Light.
In the company of other loving souls life is ecstatic and whole, and a continual celebration of the Deity. Absolutely everything you could desire is available to you, and with your own power of creation you will need for nothing at all. After living in duality for so long the changes will be literally out of this world. Life will be unlike anything you have experienced so far, and greatly exceed your expectations.
So Dear Ones, rest easy and enjoy what is about to take place. Any inconvenience while the changes take place will be short lived, and with us in support we will ensure that you are looked after. There are obviously massive changes coming up and we will be more than equal to the task.
We already have hundreds and hundreds of craft within your atmosphere, and massive Motherships just beyond that can provide whatever you need in very short time. Many of you have visited us in your dream state, and when we can freely meet you will remember the contacts that you made. Our Galactic Federation of Light comprises those Star Nations that most of you originally came from. So there will be some very emotional reunions once we get together as you meet your true family.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the different members of our Federation look upon each other as One. On Earth you tend to keep to your own clan and do not readily mix as we do. Be ready to cast aside such feelings and rejoice in the knowledge that you are All One. Until we meet we continue to send you our unlimited Love for your well being.
Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey

Steven Greer: Contact: Countdown to Transformation

Thanks to Kathleen and Shannon.
Excerpt from

Contact: Countdown to Transformation

by Steven Greer M.D.
The outcome is assured.  It does not and cannot happen by itself, but requires us as the children of Earth to be the means for that change and transformation.  The extraterrestrial beings cannot land here and make it happen or force it….
We are the primary agents for the change and the transformation because we are in the physical plane; we are living and breathing the free air of Earth together, and we are the children of Earth.  So it has to come through us, even though the source of the inspiration may be Celestial and extraterrestrial and Divine.  It is very personal because each person must choose to make that transformation.  It is a beautiful mystery and humbles us, and yet has enormous power.
Do not think that we need ninety-nine percent of the world working on this in order for it to happen.  That is not how significant transformation happens.  It is always done with a relatively small number.  Do not underestimate the effect you, as an individual, are having.  When you are in right action, great change is created, despite our imperfections, weaknesses and limitations.
Question:  So what you are saying is that we are the bridge between heaven and earth?
Absolutely. We are the means for that transformation, and the ET’s are very happy when we put ourselves at service.  Do not be concerned whether you can carry a thimbleful or a gallon or half the ocean.  If everyone carries what they can, then it will happen.  Everyone has gifts and abilities, so it is about stepping into the state of service and providing what you have to the work.
When people are all linked up together in a coherent state, seeing and feeling what we are feeling tonight, every atom of the earth is revivified – every heart on earth.  That is really true.  That is the mystery of the non locality of Mind, and the interconnectedness of all.  I could see that happening through this small group as the Orion Transmissions were streaming through us.
We have been trained in our society to be very acquisitive, but actually that pulls us down.  If we let spirit and love come through us and give it back, then it is continually renewed and gets stronger and more beautiful.  That is the power of love and forgiveness flowing through you.  So view yourselves as pure channels and let it flow through you to the world and to others.  Be as pure and innocent as a child, and it will flow forever through you…..
As we leave now, view yourselves as true Ambassadors of Peace and Enlightenment to the entire Universe, and to the world.  Ask for guidance in your service so you may find it and fulfill your destiny.

Sananda: An Explosion of Love

Sananda: An Explosion of Love

Stephen: I love that Fran’s chosen image today features Australia!
As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ November 8, 2012 (Website)
Greetings, beloveds, Beings of the Light that you are.
The time has come for you to see just exactly what you are made of. You often get glimpses and in these changing times, it is becoming more apparent to you. You are becoming again that immense ball of Light that permeated so much within and around you so many eons ago.
Yes, dear ones, the stage is being set for you to emerge as your True Selves in all ways and at all times. It will be astounding to you, for you so far have just had a glimpse of it, and I must say some more than others, but that will all even out as more and more come on-line.
There is thus to be an explosion revealing everyone’s true make-up that has been and is being precipitated by the raising of the frequencies and by the raising of your consciousness. It has been and is contagious, as you know, and for this we give our assistance. For everyone who asks our assistance in the raising of their light quotient and understanding, there are many more that are affected just by that act.
You all are so capable of this new venture that is beginning anew with the next portal opening of 11-11, which is widening as we speak. The stakes are raised, so to speak, and the stage is set for a unifying event not ever revealed or experienced before.
This is due to the tipping point having been reached and so the light quotient stands to be tripled as the days go on. You most likely feel the quickening in energy and the rising need to pay attention to where your focus is, dear ones.
We see some of you still struggling with letting go of old patterns, but you are well on your way to their completion and being out of your life for good. As long as your intention is to focus on your Heart and your Love for yourselves and others, you needn’t worry about your ascension. You can relax and enjoy the process. You can feel yourselves expanding, knowing that you have made and are making a huge difference in the well-being of Mother Earth and of its inhabitants.
You can rest assured that it will be easier from now on to hold to your intentions because of all the support from on high and from the fact that you have completed a new phase in your development.
You have entered a period of acceleration in your maintenance and building of your frequencies that only requires you to let go of expectations and anticipation of your progress, and to hold fast to your visions for the New Earth as if they are already happening in this moment.
Live in it now, work in it now, look around you and see it now and that will commence your actions to match the vision. You are so capable of putting aside the last vestiges of duality and to live in the new higher dimensions, which are being revealed to you now.
What I am saying is to allow yourselves to get caught up in this new wave, this potent yet gentle wave of new beginnings. The time is now and the necessary ingredients are Love, of course, and also an unyielding focus on what you are seeing and feeling when you join in and meld with others’ hearts bent on establishing once and for all a world of Love, Peace, and Abundance for all.
Let this be your focus and let this be your every breath. Yes, do the unifying meditations to this effect on 11-11 but align yourselves now and forever on in this mindset, or for a better image, Heart-set. You will experience an explosion of color, light and euphoria that you have yet to experience.
Until we speak again,
I am Sananda, at your ever-loving service.
As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)


This is a quick memo from Casey.  Several people approached me during the conference and asked questions and for things which I promised I would follow-up on later.
I unfortunately misplaced my notes during my travels back home, and I have no way to remember who needed what.  If you remember having a conversation with me, and still need something, please use the Contact Us form.  Address the message to me, and they will see that it gets to me.

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: Just Be An Excellent Carrot

Rainbow waterfallsArchangel Michael Through Ron Head: Just Be An Excellent Carrot

As channeled by Ron Head – November 8, 2012
It is time we spoke of the things which are happening inside of you as you increasingly entrain with the frequencies of light which are surrounding you.
For some this will seem far outside of their frame of reference still. But for the greater number, who have been paying attention to their inner changes for a longer period, we will mention these things so that they may know that they are not unique in their experiences nor are they even rare.
There is a purpose in all of this, as you well know. That purpose is to raise your energies, your understanding, your consciousness, to a level which will permit your ascension to a higher state of being in the very near future. This is resulting in some common… let us call them symptoms… which you may recognize in yourselves.
There are those among you who are perceiving flashes of light, changes of colors, and other things which may cause them to wonder about their eyesight. There are those of whose sleep patterns no longer seem to actually have a pattern. Some are experiencing periods of what you could only call euphoria. There are other things which we could name, but those who are experiencing them are far enough along to understand them.
The extremes of pain which have been so prevalent for such a long time in lightworkers will be diminishing now. Gradual but steady healing of long time physical conditions will become obvious. And, importantly, though it may not seem so, you are discovering that your “buttons” are no longer responding when they are “pushed”. You may take that as lessons that have been learned.
Each of you is in his or her unique state of being and therefore will need and experience these things and others in a unique way. Do not, please, try to be other than what you are. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. After all, the reason for you to be here is precisely that you are who you are. If you are the carrot in the soup, it would do no good for you to try to be an onion. Just be an excellent carrot. Be grateful to yourself for being who and what you are.
We smile to ourselves knowing that you will be amazed when you begin to see who that is. As these things occur for you in ever increasing frequency accept them with gratitude for the “you” that they are helping you to grow into. Again we chuckle as we say, “resistance is futile”. Actually resistance would not be so, but please recognize that you are experiencing only what you, your higher selves, and your Creator have determined that you most need.
Some may worry about whether or not they are progressing “on time” or whether the state of the world is progressing “on schedule”. Let us point out that – and this is admittedly not a perfect explanation – you are progressing through what you experience as time in order to jump to a state of no time. Therefore you are exactly where and when you need to be. When you arrive it will be exactly on time. (Chuckles, high fives, and hugs all around. We love that one.)
A few whom you may read on your internet have said that they are ceasing the struggle. That it just feels as if it is no longer needed. Exactly so, dear hearts. Throw your arms open and dance the rest of the way. Accept, accept, accept. Ride the crest of the wave and you cannot fail to arrive where it is leading you.
We love you. We honor you. And we await you with open arms. Good day.
Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

The Race is On. Time to Put All Other Matters Aside

Perhaps you’ve watched what happens when a race starts. Prior to the starting gun, people maintain their ordinary stance. Some make sure that they have enough to eat and drink during the race. Others talk to each other about the affairs of the day, awaiting the starting signal. Still others educate themselves on the finer aspects of the race – the fitness of the participants, road conditions, weather for the day, etc.
But once the starter gun goes off, all eyes are on the race.
Whatever you may think about the re-election of Barack Obama, and some are saying it will cause a mutiny among military officers while others are ecstatic, I firmly believe that it’s the starting gun for the rest of the events planned for the wrap-up of this cycle on the planet.
Why do I say that? Because the sources we follow are saying it.
Archangel Michael has said it. In An Hour with an Angel on Nov. 5, 2012, he asserted that the election of Barack Obama “will result in what people may think — and I emphasize ‘think’ — is radical change. Will it be the whirlwind? Well, yes, it probably will be, actually. So, get ready.” (1)
In a personal reading I had with him on Nov. 7, 2012, he said:
“Yes, [the re-election of Obama] heralds massive change upon your planet and things are unfolding rapidly now so when you look to things like events, Disclosure, NESARA, pre-NESARA, you will think, well, these are all happening simultaneously and it is true they are, both inside and outside of time.

“So look at it as if the cork has been taken out of the bottle and it is not a regular bottle, it is a genii’s bottle, and it is miraculous. So anticipate, welcome, open to the changes. But also acknowledge, sweet friends, that you, each of you, are the change. It is the change in heart. It is the change in values. It is the change in the dream of the collective. And it has shifted.
“So take heart. Take heart, my friends, and know that as you slide through this last bit of time, or what you think of as time, the change will be very rapid but it will be very easy.” (2)
In his message on the day before the election, SaLuSa said that the President’s re-election was assured:
“In the U.S. the Presidential elections are coming to a close, and President Obama will return to power to take you all into the Golden Age.
“So far you have seen little of his real abilities or desire to bring about World Peace. The dark Ones may have used their methods to appoint their choice, but we of the Light are not without our way of making sure our choice succeeds this time around. It is a victory that is assured.” (3)
He then added that the re-election of President Obama was the signal for things to really start happening:
“… and then you will really see things taking shape. Indeed you will be taken quite by surprise by when things really start to take place. There are but few weeks left to carry out whatever is needed for you to enter a new period in your lives. Be prepared for the changes so that you are able to accommodate them without any difficulty. They are not intended to make your life difficult, but improve it beyond your wildest dreams.” (4)
In a certain sense, it’s as if we’ve all been interrupted by a special bulletin. We put down whatever we’re doing and listen. I contend that this is the time to put down whatever we’re doing and begin focusing on the task at hand for all lightworkers. And what is that task?
That common mission, in my books, is to help the largest possible number of people to ascend as possible.
I believe our shared task is to see that all the undecided, all the fence-sitters, all the people who are on the edge between not ascending or not receive our attention and assistance to ascend whenever the shift is destined to occur. For me that day is Dec. 21, 2012 but I’m fine with the date being different for you.
I’m fine with another’s view that Ascension will be gradual rather than sudden. I’m fine with the truth whatever it is or whatever it turns out to be. Our mission doesn’t change with the date of Ascension. And we’ve heard our sources say that the starting gun has gone off regardless of date.
I’m orienting towards President Obama’s re-election “as if” it were the event that brings on all the rest. And so I say that now is the time when we need to put all other considerations aside – our disputes with each other, our unresolved inner conflicts, our “druthers” and our “on the one hands,” and join together as lightworkers to accomplish the common mission for which we came.
Our sources have spoken about their common resolve.  Atmos of Sirius reminded us that “it was and still is the Divine Plan to help as many souls as possible to move back into the higher dimensions through Ascension.” (5) Matthew Ward has said: “As many as possible of Earth’s residents will accompany her into the higher planes.” (6)
SaLuSa agrees: “The object is to return as many of you as possible to the Light, and able to be uplifted through Ascension” (7) and “every effort is being made to lift up as many souls as possible.” (8)
He told us some years ago: “Nothing would please us more than if you all had a turn of heart, and every soul made the transition.” (9)
Saul as well has reminded us:
“Rejection and separation are of the illusion; Reality is infinitely inclusive.  None who desire admission will be turned away – this is the unconditional Love of God in action” (10)
And just a few days ago we heard Archangel Michael say:
“So this is a very significant indicator of change, that those who have been in containment, from full containment to what we call very light containment, are being penetrated and their hearts are shifting and opening.
“We have been very clear. Everyone is expected, invited, and welcome to ascend with Gaia.” (11)
And in that same interview he repeated: “Our plan, and we do not give up, is that everybody goes, everybody.” (12)
So even the cabal is being invited to ascend.
So this is our marching order: to help as many as possible ascend and the re-election of the President is the signal to begin that mission in earnest.
So again I ask everyone to put aside personal issues and unfinished business and join now in the common task. The starter’s gun has sounded and the race has begun. This is the time we incarnated for. This is the mission we agreed to undertake together and to see to its successful end.


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  1. John Smallman is a false prophet; pass it on.

  2. I can't believe you post this BULLSHIT. Didn't you put these channelers on notice about a month ago to prove up or shut up?

  3. Now we will see, having put up with and sometimes being made to think a little harder in order to clear the manure from the wheat, and also the entertainment value should not be discounted in these channelings . I don't plan my life around star wars stories and I caution others to be aware of manipulation in the word patterns, (see Milton Erickson's writings on this)being told to walk around in a state of bliss is screaming "Danger Will Robinson" time will tell, always does.............