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Friday, November 9, 2012

The secret truth of UFO”s now uncovered

RealTime – NASA: Hidden UFO Imagery Hacked
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Date: Friday, 9-Nov-2012 04:11:42

The secret truth of UFO”s now uncovered

The Editor World News Tomorrow
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enforced Counter Intelligence Agency

By Gordon Duff with Ricardo Baretzky

Veterans Today, working with Ricardo Baretzky, Operational Director of the Counter Intelligence Agency Asian desk has cracked NASA’s encryption block.
The craft shown above and in the video, we are informed, is in Australia without government approval. They don’t even know it is there.
This is an armed military craft, US Department of Defense, capable of use against any potential target on earth. Sources indicate that this craft has been used against “targets.”
There have been reports of unusual drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan where victims have dissolved or are found with their bodies in a “rubberized” state.
These are confirmed.
This allowed one of the TR 3C spacecraft to have been photographed at its mooring site in the Australian “outback,” where all “non classified” observation has been blocked.
This is the third version in the TR series, the first built in 1953. Full capabilities of this craft are classified.
This is a fully armed and operational craft, capable of planetary defense against any known weapons including but not limited to ICBMs.
The drive is said to be a mercury/rare earth plasma system and a highly classified “energy cannon.”
There are two types of systems in use, including a “round” UFO of gigantic size which is not of “terrestrial origin.”
Satellite imagery from within “Area 51″…in flight:

Partial failure of field generated camoflage of large craft moored in Area 51, a possible explanation of the “Phoenix Lights.”

July, 2008, Phoenix, AZ
WORLD NEWS TOMORROW -USA. For decades the UFOlogist have tried to proof the existence of UFO”s. Some believe they exist but although much evidence was presented with over 179 000 reported cases annually worldwide, the global entities persisted that they are a mere hoax and the fiction of the imagination of man.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

video+more here

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  1. i already posted a comment that these giant vehicles are not UFO'S any more,not since the late 1970's,because they are now AFV'S which means AMERICAN FLYING VEHICLES,so you if you have seen the phoenix cty lights you would have been looking at an earlier test flight,so if you note the behavior of it,like it was piloted by a moron who was given instructions by morons,because real UFO'S did not behave in this way,so what you see is the secret american government in operation like it always was since 1950,so their treachery will continue like it always has.yours sincerely tony lane