Friday, November 9, 2012

A little perspective from across the pond

Dear America / Americans

After watching the complete decimation of your country over the last 15 years as an adult, you truly have become a nation of insane people, screaming and shouting about "Democracy" but yet you still let your corporation run wild around the world Raping, Pillaging and Killing anyone who doesn't agree with U.S.S /AMERICA INC.

You have let yourselves be talked onto becoming the Bullies or the world, and what do you get for that, Hatred, Anger,Resentment, Mockery, Laughed at and Ridiculed.

You Strut around the playing field as you own even the air in the sky, chanting "GOD SAVE AMERICA" and that you the "GREATEST NATION"on earth.

Well it's time to wake up young children, plain an simple, you are NOT! America and Americans are not better than any other country or human beings on this Planet. You must now, throw away your diapers and join the majority or adult Men and Women who also inhabit this Planet.

Everyone is sick and tired of your your bluster, arrogance and letting and consenting to your government feel that is is their Right to be the Police of the world, well i have news for you, myself, and im sure other Men and Women feel so and agree that they do not need to be Policed by anyone! we are quite capable of standing at our word, holding our morals, ethics, integrity and following the rule or do no harm, we do not need your help or force to do it.

I know there are many of you who will agree with what i am saying here, as you feel the same about your lives and that is a truly great thing i send you my upmost respect for that, but there are many adolescence out here who just dont get the game an what is really going on.

Stop your whining about voter fraud and election this, election that. Your government is just a private corporation, so what makes you think that you have a choice and say as to whom becomes president!

you have no say, the president of a corporation is not chosen by the employees. If you don't like who is in charge of you, then leave the corporation, renounce your citizenship to the corporation and kick them out or close them down, simple as that.

You are like a 16 year old who has been given the keys to a formular one racing car and you've jumped in and sped away without regard for yourself or anyone else on the track and you've caused a lot of crashes, problems and holdups.

It's time to pull over, get out and learn the Rules, Theory, Safety and Etiquette of driving before you go for a ride. 

You have many many great minds over there and you have to start listening to them.

My opinion form across the pond.


  1. This no-named pencil neck is unfortunately right. Until we stand up and protect our constitution from the denigration it has fallen under, we are nothing special. What made us special is our Declaration of Indepedence followed by our Bill of Rights and our constitution for the united States. We were the special country of the world who stood for something great. Now, who knows what is going to become of us.

  2. The writer of the article has a point about the American people needing to clean house but is misguided in thinking that the US Corporate government is in control complete, its the UN and elitist families of the world and all puppet governments put in place by them. The people in all countries should not allow themselves to be "policed" by the US/UN Corporation, kick them out of YOUR country.

    Now a reply to rogue: Yes..we have the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, but we've lost our virtue...morality is bankrupt in our country and without morality, virtue, and honor the founding documents are just paper with no enforcement, this is why so few are standing to defend them. We need honor, and integrity based on absolute TRUTH to restore our founding documents to the people for their liberation and continued freedom. BF