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Gulick Update with Nancy about Fallout


Thank you for confirming this is worse getting worser. Asking for help is not my ability to do so from here.

My NexBoom Champions, for the most of them, are 'spot on' with you and your findings. Others, for the most part,
are like 'dear readers in the dark' and this e-mail is being sent to many!  How can this much stupid be fixed?

At this very moment, we have high radiation showing up, based on monitors turned on, at:

Moments ago, New York & New Jersey were up to 78 CPM and now fallen back to 53 CPM.

Notice your reading is not listed. Wonder why?

If you have a moment, please listen to Alex Jones radio show that will repeat until 12:00 PM EST.
On the Thursday, November 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the continued implosion of the economy following the reselection of Obama and its promised acceleration under the mandates of Agenda 21. Guests today include Prison editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson, who will talk about TSA Opt Out Week over Thanksgiving as the gropers at the federal Gestapo agency gear up for a feast of molestation over the holidays. Mike Adams of Natural News also talks with Alex about Proposition 31, the GMO labeling initiative defeated by the corporatists, and the future of the movement to find out what they are putting in our food.

I am up and enjoying another 'perfect day' on this end. About to face a few of the 330 million 'dumbed' Great Americans
as I drive north of here for auto repairs. Life happens.

What is your take on the BP Gulf Oil Disaster? I have business & need to start visiting Florida soon. East side

I really have to go. Thank you for keeping me informed from your good works.

G. Gulick

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Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 5:10 PM
Subject: YOU have poisoned by radiation, and YOU can help stop the radioctive contamination

To the folks that have just been copied into this email thread:
This is an example of the challenges we face, trying to save your lives from the radiation poisoning.
ALL LIFE on Earth has been affected by the ongoing Japan nuclear crisis. Hurricane Sandy damaged several nuclear reactors, and we came dangerously close to a "Fukushima event" on the east coast.
Consider what YOU can DO to help, sending this email thread to others, and posting on blogs.

Email thread as follows (most recent first):

If you do not believe that the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan is an Extinction Level Event, then TELL ME.
I will stop bugging you.

How many times do I need to ask for someone to handle the testing?
John Hutchison is NOT an "academic scientist". We all should be thankful that he is able to think outside the box.
He does not write reports. He has others test and evaluate his technology. They then write the reports.

The "academic approved" testing and reports are a requirement for mainstream credibility.
Why should we care?
Because the more this technology is proven by "academic testing and procedures", the more places will be available for us to bring the technology---like the mess at Hanford.

This is where we need HELP.

1. Find a LAB to do "before and after" testing of the samples--we prefer close by, in Oregon.
2. Define what SPECIFIC equipment (Geiger counter, scintillation counter, etc.) is needed, and where to purchase it.
(Within budget, we have funds for equipment)
3. Define what samples are to be tested, and where to purchase the samples.
4. Define what tests will be acceptable to "academic scientists".
5. COME here and set up the testing. (I can monitor, once the tests are set up.)
6. Write the report and publish it.

John and I have come here with the equipment, and are running it 24/7, for FREE.
Andy has provided a place for us to stay, and has donated funds for the testing equipment and remodeling of the building.

Do the people who have been involved in this email thread expect us to solve the global radioactive contamination by ourselves?

John and I have been having some heart to heart talks about "humans".
Frankly, we are both quite fed up with the apathy.
Because of John's technology, we are in the safest place on Earth.
We could just sit here, in a protective bubble, and let everything else on Earth slowly die from the radiation.
However, ALL life on Earth is poisoned.
We have to think about our responsibility to LIFE, and not just saving the apathetic humans.

People who know me, understand that I don't mince my words.
You want to get bitch slapped? Just tell me some lame excuse of why YOU are too busy to save the life of someone else.
Tell me how whatever you are doing is more important than my grandbaby, a statistic, one of the 38% increase in infant mortality along the west coast.

Meehow, Tenasi and Andrew. You folks "came here to visit". I told you we need you guys to come here and HELP in what we are building. Since I sent you that email, saying people coming here need to WORK, you have been SILENT.

Kent--the email I was hoping to see from you, was, "Yes, I can handle that."

There ARE people that understand the crisis the world is facing.
Most of these people do not have the knowledge and expertise to set up the testing.
Many of these people have emailed us, asking how THEY can help.
What am I to say to them? "The people here in Oregon that CAN do this testing, refuse to come and do so."

Okay, I'm copying these people on this email thread.
Folks...maybe you can find some scientists that are willing to actually come here and set up the testing.
There are many ways you can help, even if you do not have the scientific skills for testing.
Send links to the website to everyone you know.
Have people that want to help email us at:
Send this email to others, post it on blogs.

Peace. Be well.

Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison

Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2012 10:39 AM
Subject: RE: scintillation counter

These are CZT detectors, a little different from what Steve described. Sensitive, and less expensive.

These are vendors for a wide variety of gamma detectors and spectroscopy. Some good literature available there too. Berkeley is a good company, works closely with the company I work for. Helpful. Not too closely linked with nuke industry, but they are tight with the Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley groups.

And also check ebay. I saw some of the same scintillators there recently.
Study before you buy anything. There is much to know, even I am not prepared to try to be an expert in that. For starters, its not a scintillation counter, its a scintillation spectrometer. Way different. It separates each pulse by the amount of energy and creates a graph that shows the mix of energy lines, from which you can identify what the isotopes are. You need a scintillator AND a multichannel analyzer, which separates the energy of the pulses.
Each source has a unique blend of energy lines, and it gets very confusing quickly because you are also measuring the energy lines of all the daughter products. So a uraninite sample will have thorium, polonium, radon, and all the other stuff all mashed together. You really need a system that automates the isotope recognition, meaning advanced software usually.
With these graphs, you can even identify WHEN a source was made (out of a reactor) by analyzing the ratio of various daughter products. So if you get a sample of polonium, an expert could tell you which reactor it came from and what date. This could be very useful in your work because you could show an unusual ratio that could only happen by unusual methods, and how it changed over time.

Also there are many different kinds of scintillators. Steve described a liquid scintillator. More typical is a solid crystal that you point at a solid sample or simply wave around in the air. Different parameters, harder to make a quantitative activity measurement.

Check this online course out


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Subject: scintillation counter
Anyone know where I can purchase a scintillation counter?

Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: Update on samples being tested

If the group got a scintillation counter, the difficulty of accurate measurement of sample radioactivity would be much less of an issue. Scientific papers almost never report geiger counter measurements, precisely because of the difficulties discussed here.
The manner in which a scintillation counter measures the sample, by converting the particle energy into light flashes and  counting in a small vial, a fixed distance from the detector, with the sample either in solution, or as powder in suspension in liquid, eliminates issues deriving from sample shape, distance from the detector, sheilding amount, and sample self-absorption.
Most scintillation fluids are also specific for beta radiation; gamma can be detected by Cherenkov counting, without fluid, and alpha can be detected by using a vial with an alpha sensitive coating, such as zinc sulfide. I think that a scintillation counter should be the first major instrument purchased by the group, both to lay some of these measurement issues to rest, and also to be taken more seriously by mainstream science, when we publish our results.
Steve Colbern

From: Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison <>
To: "" <>; 'Steve Colbern' <>; 'jason klubben' <>
Cc: 'Peter Hoyt' <>; 'Asha Deliverance' <>; 'Dr. Richard Alan Miller' <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: Update on samples being tested

Kent (and all),

The uraninite sample is very small, approx. 1/6" x 3/8" x 1/4"
I place the sample on the counter.
I use a piece of trim molding that is cut a right angles and creates a platform
the molding is approximately 1/2" tall
the sample is placed, on the counter, in the inside corner of the molding
the Geiger counter straddles the molding, with the alpha window directly over the sample

this is a constant distance that has been established

When I took the beta gamma reading, I turned the Geiger counter so that the tube on the side of the Geiger counter (beta gamma reading) is in the same position the alpha window was in. I will also test with the paper and the aluminum foil, per your suggestion.

Okay now, folks....this is when you you get really mad at Nancy, or you grow up and act like adults

Anyone think that Fukushima blew out enough radioactive contamination to kill everything on Earth?
A nice, slow radiation poisoning that will take some years to mutate and/or kill everything?
Other scientists are reporting this. John believes the contamination is massive.

John, Andy and I came to the coast of Oregon because we KNOW how bad the radioactive contamination hit the west coast. We left our home in Minnesota, made the commitment to help HERE. We run John's equipment 24/7.
The current radiation levels here are VERY low.

We do this for FREE.

Now I'm going to do the Catholic guilt thing. (I was raised Catholic, so I can identify and use this technique).

ANYONE who is aware of the radioactive contamination, and that we are here trying to help,

COME here and set up tests.
Bring samples.
Document what is happening.
Find us some labs that can test the samples before and after.

Kent, I have asked YOU to do this.
For YOU to come here with samples and to set up test criteria.
Peter, you offered that I could take a BATH in your house. I don't want a bath, we need HELP in this testing.

Call me a bitch, I don't care.
If you have the ability to assist in eliminating the radioactive contamination, and you do not COME and HELP, then you are selfish children. John, Andy and I gave up our homes in Minnesota, drove for days to get here, slept in the front of the bus for six weeks and now live in very primitive we could try to save YOUR lives.

Steve Colbern drove from the L.A. area to stay for a few days and come and help.
Another gentleman drove from FLORIDA and stayed for a month. He is coming back, from Florida, with a truck full of supplies and going to stay for a year.

Kent and Peter, you do not live in Minnesota, Florida or L.A.
You have knowledge and skills that are needed to help save LIFE on this planet.

Please don't tell me "what to do".
Instead, consider what YOU can DO, here.

There's the guilt trip.
Tell me if it works.

Peace. Be well.


Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 10:15 AM
Subject: RE: Update on samples being tested

Hi Nancy, Kent Noonan here. I have some questions and observations about this. It would be really helpful if I could see a photo of the test setup, how the sample is arranged with the detector while it is being measured in each of the positions you mention. What is the shape of the sample?
There are many  things that can change your readings. So some indication that those things are being systematically eliminated goes a long way. One way to easily show that is to make the same reading repeatedly and show that you can get the same reading, remove the sample and just put it back in place and read it again. This will provide a range of readings that you can confidently say the "true " number is somewhere in the middle. It appears you may have already done this from the range of numbers you stated, but it is not clear from your description.
One of the most important variables is distance from the sample to the geiger tube. As that distance becomes shorter, the small variations become more important. So if you are measuring at say 1 inch, the shape of the sample could easily introduce an error of 1/4", which would be a large change in measured activity. The same test and error with a distance of a foot introduces almost no error in measurement.
Another factor to monitor you have already indicated is a big question mark. What is the mix of alpha/beta/gamma? Your Rad100 can measure the combination of all three. You can make a controlled measurement with that, then do it again with a piece of paper as an alpha filter between the sample and the detector, then again with a piece of aluminum sheet metal in there to filter alpha plus beta, all while not moving anything but the filter.
The same technique can be done with the beta/gamma meter using only the aluminum filter.
Doing this and logging the differences in readings will give you a lot of information with almost no extra work. You can simply subtract one reading from another and estimate the balance of alpha, beta, gamma, and be able to say definitively what changed.

You should be very careful when making alpha measurements, because the particles only travel about 1/2" to 1". That means the sample surface must be flat and closely spaced to get a reproducible measurement. It is very difficult. I have done testing with the Rad100 to try to document the repeatability of calibration tests, and I found that the distance needs to be accurately placed in all 3 axes to a tolerance of about .025" to get results accurate to about 15%.

Another material you could test is easily obtained. You can take the Am241 out of a smoke detector. It is a very high activity almost pure alpha source. Be very careful with it after removing the shield. Its HOT. You can get alpha counts over 150,0000 CPM with it, and the sample is only about 1/16". If your beam is changing the activity of alpha emission, this would be a good way to show it. If you set up the measurement apparatus near the interferometer on a breadboard, start taking data, then move it into the path of the interferometer, you may be able to document the increase of alpha emission and the decay to beta/gamma daughter products (using the filtering method described above).
Attached is a photo of my Am241 source. The disc is a holder for the source in the center, part of the smoke detector. I stuck it on a piece of wood with double sticky foam tape as a handle. The lead container came from the scrap metal place in White City, storage container from medical sources, cost about a buck. I have an extra one here if you want it. They are the right size to hold a 1" plastic disc commercial Cs137 source. Available here

When you are ready to shock the world with irrefutable data, buy one of these sources (maybe Cs137, beta/gamma?) with "NIST calibration" and serial number, do your treatment, then send it to a calibration lab to be recalibrated. Then all testing would be performed by an independent and traceable lab, with serial number tracking and a tamper proof container (inside the plastic disc). The whole thing would cost a few hundred dollars. I am about to get involved in a test at a lab in California that could do the second test, I think they charge about $75.  I'll let you know how they are to work with, and get contact info for you. The first test comes from the source vendor, costs an extra $50-100 I think. I think the calibration is for gamma only, so you want to be sure your method produces results on gamma before doing it.

Another caution in data gathering: If you use the Geigergraph software to collect data, it is only accurate at low count rates. As the rate goes up, more data is missed by the Windows operating system USB interface. So at high rates, you need to rely on the Rad 100 display. I think I measured 5% errors on the Software measurement with a rate around 1000CPM.

I hope this is helpful.
Best Regards,

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Subject: Update on samples being tested
Nov. 5, 2012
Okay folks, if you haven't been in the loop for all of this, we have two different samples being tested.

1. highly active uraninite
2. pellets of bismuth

the bismuth did a wild "event" a couple months ago
we did a video on it
just recently, the broken pieces started growing crystals
I'll do a video on the bismuth crystal farm

Steve Colbern said that before he gave us the sample it was reading over 10,000 CPM on his Geiger counter
Colbern's counter does beta and gamma...NO alpha
typically, uraninite is about 2/3 to 3/4 bet and gamma, the rest alpha

we have been doing a TOTAL (alpha beta gamma) count for a couple months
have gone from 7800 CPM to 2800 to 3500 CPM depending which side of the piece is tested

a very small gold color began to appear on the tip, hardly visible
that area is now about three times the size

now here's the interesting part

I decided to check just the beta gamma on the uraninite
each side was only 700 to 800 CPM
I'm going to be REALLY curious what Colbern's Geiger counter says, because he was at 10,000 CPM beta gamma

the sample uraninite has become a different "mix" than what "normal" uraninite is.
it is MOSTLY alpha (normal uraninite is 1/4 to 1/3 alpha, the testing sample has become 3/4 alpha)

now here's a twist
the "gold tip" is about 800 to 900 CPM total alpha beta and gamma
is is EXACTLY the same beta gamma as the flat sides....700CPM
the gold tip is MOSTLY beta gamma

I was talking to Steve Colbern about this a few days ago.
My theory is the alpha is getting wildly increased as the uranium is rapidly decaying.

and..the flat sides of the uraninite are changing, have a gray color and speckles appearing
and the rock itself looks "etched".

I'll do a video on the bismuth crystals and take some tight pics of the uraninite.

We sure could use some HELP in finding a lab close by here to test these samples!


Peace. Be well.

P.S. Website for Life Ray has been built, hope to have it upon the internet and live in the next day or so.

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