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The following is from a trusted source. Hope the analysis is correct, but that the timing for the end of the resistance to change is shorter than projected.

Multiple sources are reporting that as of October 17th, 2014, the Dragon

family has taken over control of the international operations of the Federal

Reserve Board and that as a result, the cabal’s ISIS and ebola campaigns,

which were negotiating tactics, will be wound down.

Under the deal, the United States, Europe and England, respectively, will be

issuing their own domestic currencies.

However, the world’s reserve currency will no longer be controlled by the families that used to own the Fed, the sources, including pentagon and CIA officials, said. A Chinese government source was unable to confirm that a deal had been reached. Nonetheless, he did note that China, Indonesia and Japan had been printing dollars of their own under the old regime but that all new creation of dollars world-wide will stop in October.

This implies that any new currency issued internationally will be something

other than dollars; most likely a basket of currencies centered on the Chinese


A British MI5 source, for his part, says “Europe is in no condition to make

any agreements based on the future use of the Euro. Italy, France and Germany all need to expedite the issuance of domestic currency and this is now a recognized fact.”

Moreover, there are still major power groups, notably in the Middle East and

the US, that are unwilling to accept this deal, dragon family sources say. As

a result, geopolitical turbulence is expected to continue until the final

resistance groups are subdued and controlled.

A dragon family member says they will push for complete cabal defeat by the

Chinese lunar New Year , which falls on February 19th in 2015.

A high level “G7 source” independently confirmed that as a result of the new deal, “The New Economic System will be developed founded on the truth

namely that there is Abundance of resources, not scarcity.” If a deal has been reached at the highest levels of Eastern and Western esoteric power, then there will be many public signs appearing.

Published on Oct 17, 2014 This is one we've been waiting for! Yes, the

Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal

Reserve that has waged war on humanity for over 100 years. They are responsible for operating the largest and most oppressive criminal operation, an extortion racket and human slave trade, in the history of the world. They totally failed in their mandate to serve humanity; and their mandate has not been renewed.

Instead, steps are being taken to transform society, restoring people's natural rights along with principles of limited government (Republics) outlined in the founding documents of the united States in America. Again, he admonishes us to look in the mirror and to stop aggression, greed and the illusion of self importance.

Hale Ali'i > It's true, they have taken control.

I have a close source that states as of last week it is done. The Rothchilds are no longer in control and dragon family has paid our trillions in debt. We just have to ride it out another little bit and this will all become transparent to the entire planet.

I just choose to believe they are correct because for the past year everything

I have been told ahead of time has come to fruition. Crossing my fingers and

toes.... :)



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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After Sandy, Bloomberg refused National Guard’s help because they have guns

RT: After Sandy, Bloomberg refused National Guard’s help because they have guns

Posted on by Jean
Published: 05 November, 2012, 23:38

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg views damage in the Breezy Point area of Queens in New York on October 30, 2012. (AFP Photo)
As New York City was just starting to assess the damage from Superstorm Sandy last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismissed asking the National Guard for extra help because “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”
Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of the most populated city in the United States, was speaking to the media on Wednesday when he unleashed a quip that wasn’t quite picked up by the press immediately besides a short New York Post article. Five days later on the one-week anniversary of Sandy’s arrival on the East Coast, the mayor’s comment is now being pounced on as the city continues to try and rebuild.
The mayor made the remarks on November 1 after Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said the city needed more help from the US National Guard following a frankenstorm that left much of the city powerless and eventually caused the deaths of over 100 people across 10 states.
“Governor Cuomo also acted quickly by activating the National Guard prior to the storm, and I urge him to allocate as many troops as possible to Brooklyn — troops from New York or any other states that can spare them,” Mr. Markowitz said in a statement that Tuesday. “During my tours of the hardest-hit Brooklyn neighborhoods yesterday and again today, it was apparent that the devastation is so widespread and overwhelming that it’s in the best interest of all of our residents for a more significant National Guard presence to supplement the great work being done by our brave—but overwhelmed—first responders, including our amazing NYPD and FDNY.”
“All of our resources have been stretched to the limit,” Markowitz said. “In the name of public safety we need to send more National Guard personnel into Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Red Hook and any other locations.”
“[T]he sight of an armed soldier would deter criminal activity in the still-inaccessible evacuation zones — such as the rash of break-ins that took place in Coney Island hours,” he said.
In the nearby Rockaways area, 15 suspects were arrested by Thursday and charges with looting.
Still, Bloomberg initially refused the borough president’s plea, saying the city didn’t need any more militarized police. It’s safe to say that he’s content with the New York Police Department’s efforts, though, especially since he has regularly praised them despite calls for changes from people who cite the continuing stop-and-frisk policies and ongoing corruption as reason to reconsider the NYPD’s role.
“I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world,” Bloomberg told reporters nearly one year ago during a press conference.
As of Monday, November 5, the Pentagon has placed more than 4,000 Guard troops in New York and New Jersey where the most devastation has been reported.
“These are soldiers that have trained for combat but serve in domestic operations,” Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Murphy, the adjutant general of New York National Guard, says in a statement released by the US Department of Defense. “They’ve done just incredible work in the area of security, logistics distribution and working with law enforcement and their local partners. Our soldiers and airmen … are true professionals and they want to help the citizens that they live with every day, their neighbors.”

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