Friday, November 2, 2012

Apology from Johnnie for 'garbage' posting

There was a 'garbage' posting that went in un-noticed by myself. A dirty photo get posted. I rarely wait for the photos to process due to the slow speed of my connection.

Nor do I review the postings afterwards. 

Too much is happening and I am an extremely busy fellow posting some 30 + messages every day, 7 days a week. I am a speedy Gonzalez but every so often garbage happens.

The offending posting was removed. My apologies and I shall try to be more attentive.

John MacHaffie


  1. John:
    You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Your last name is "Wayne" isn't it?
    Bill Porter

  2. John:

    You're a conscientious and morally ethical man; we all appreciate that. Treat it like a dream that crept in unbeknown to you and without request. I have issues like that frequently, dreams, that is.

    Now, if I could just find that "recall" button.

    Har de har - laugh it off, John. We consider the source. Pigs wallow in the fresh mountain stream (when they can).

  3. Lol I missed it.


  4. Thank you, John for having the integrity to 'apologize.' Another characteristic you have that makes us love you more. " to err is human ..." This is the best 'freedom' site I know of, thanks for the great work you do. Your reward awaits you elsewhere, please try not to collect it too soon !
    TYJM frj

  5. That's okay...

    We are used to garbage on this site.

  6. John we need good news can you dig up any intel for us? More false flag events more lives lost give us a ray of hope if you can? Thanks John.


    Deserves front page status on this blog, so citizens can see who they are out voting for.

    Are you excited yet America?

  8. I know the photo.It made me sick to see what one human can do to another. The photo did not reviel much but was revieling. Sometimes we need to see and be shocked so as to wake us up.I'm awake, can't spell but awake. Ken

  9. No problem. We see far worse garbage on television every day ... such as Romney and Obama ads.

  10. John, I did not see this. Perhaps it is good for me in that, after hearing what it was all about, I would have been sick with grief for this young woman. A man cannot fathom what it is like for a woman to be overcome by a man's strength and brutally violated against her will by demonic selfish force. On the other hand, for those who did see it - perhaps that was good (though not your intention) as Americans have been protected up to now and have not suffered the atrocities that those in other nations experience as a course of regular daily routine at the hands of the demonically possessed muslims. With BO and his group of traitors at the helm of America, you can count on these atrocities beginning to occur on our soil before much longer. They will come out of hiding, trained in America's ever increasing numbers of mosques, financed by Americans' purchases of gas and groceries at the corner markets, with their guns loaded and bombs readied for matches, and all Americans will find out the TRUTH about what Islam is REALLY ALL ABOUT. Fear porn? Yeah - right! THE PROOF IS IN PROCESS OF BEING READIED. Weep Americans, for your lazyness and laodicean attitude has brought this upon your own heads - sadly.

  11. "has brought this upon your own heads - sadly."

    At least we won't be dealing with the terrorist filled AIPAC group who are certified communists. Right or wrong for the future ahead.

    The nicest thing about an awake electorate is its easiest to get rid of the trash that doesn't belong, that being extremists from both sides, as well as the bank cartel. No state on the seaboard wants the bank cartel to continue, nor is it welcome across border.