We the people, the only ones on this land endowed by nature and GOD with full, complete and lawfull authority which is NOT subject to a higher authority anywhere on this land and/or the world at large,

wish to
thank you, our good military, for initiating the cessation of the chemtrail spraying over the continental united states of America! Thank you for remembering, it's not just all of us breathing the same air these toxic chemicals have been dumped into, it's YOU too who have been sucking it all in with every breath!

Looking forward to cleaner air to breath, clearer and bluer skies, and a drop in the humidity which these chemicals have helped elevate.

Additional Commands soon to be posted.

signed: we the people
Ps. Give it some time, people.. As big as these things are, it takes time to shut them down.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Corbett Report Radio 256 – Operation Betrayus: From Benghazi to Brennan

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Corbett Report Radio 256 – Operation Betrayus: From Benghazi to Brennan
Posted By: Coeus
Date: Tuesday, 13-Nov-2012 14:07:40

I don't think any of us here believe that extramarital affair is what took down Petraeus. Here's Colbert take on things:
The shockwaves of the Petraeus affair are still being felt in Washington. Predictably, the media focus is on the prurient nation of the scandal, but this is no ordinary sex scandal. Join us tonight on the program as we look at some of the implications of the affair from “access” journalism to blackmail to Benghazi and CIA secret prisons and the question of who will step in to fill his shoes.

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