Tuesday, November 13, 2012

White House Forced to Confront State Petitions to Secede?

White House Forced to Confront State Petitions to Secede?

By Joe Wright
Activist Post
November 13, 2012
The White House website has been bombarded with petitions that have mushroomed to 31 states moving to secede.
The first petition came in from Louisiana the day after Obama’s re-election, and since then a chorus of others have issued their grievances.
Now, under White House rules stated in its “We the People” program, if 25,000 people sign on by December 7th, a response must be issued.
Just a few days after submitting, that number has been reached by the petitions from Texas and Louisiana — with Texas at well over 60,000.
The following states are close behind:
South Carolina, 13,888
Arkansas, 13,207
Georgia, 17,807
Tennessee, 17, 356
Colorado, 13,171
Alabama, 17,897
Florida, 19,135
North Carolina, 16,794 (Source)
Will the White House respond, or ignore the will of the people as it routinely does on the issues that matter most?
One Florida resident is making national news; former Navy serviceman, Philip Hoezel, who turned his flag upside down in protest on Veterans Day.
While his neighbors berated him for the blasphemy, and for “hurting a lot of people’s feelings;” as a Navy man he would know that the traditional significance is to indicate a ship in its final moments of severe distress before it sinks — a ship of state, for instance.
It is a form of peaceful protest that is increasing in numbers and is a statement as symbolic as these petitions.
You can find all open petitions here, along with updated numbers.


  1. Well, the Supreme Court ruled that secession is illegal, so the White House really doesn't need to have any sort of response except to brush them off.

    25,000 signatures doesn't mean much when a state as small as South Carolina has nearly 5 million people.

    1. Secession may be illegal from the United States of America, but it sure isn't illegal from the UNITED STATES INC. Why do you think nothing has been done about Obummer and his so called birth certificate in spite of all the evidence? It wouldn't matter if he was from the planet Mars and that wouldn't surprise me either. Ya better slow down my friend. 25,000 signatures is just getting started. The people are starting to wake up.

  2. Texas has the legal right to secede.