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Please see associated posts, dated Sept. 13 and 27, and Oct. 18, for additional details.

Thank you to those who have demonstrated your good nature, concern and generosity. Freewill still needs as much support and help as he can get with his legal expenses. Please, stand with us, as one community, in holding Freewill's captors accountable for fraud and false imprisonment.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drake's Weekend Update - Sunday

Subject: [Universal Voice] Replay of our Sunday show in case you missed it.

Replay of our Sunday
 show in case you missed it.
1:58pm Nov 20
Replay of our Sunday show in case you missed it.
1pm Eastern, Noon Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific Home of DRAKE. Today Drake will be giving vi...


  1. How are those "vital" weekend updates workin for ya? So well that we need a re-broadcast of a 3 hour show with five minutes of "relevant" info that keeps proving not to be so? Good luck with that

  2. Great! I haven't been sleeping good lately... The ramble babble nonsense is a good night-time remedy! better than nyquill!

  3. Yeah I am a member of the Universal Voice on Facebook as well...half of them are LOONIES! Believing in alien beings and all the crap...I stick around for the laughs.

    1. To think that we are alone in a vast never ending multiverse of never ending universes? You sir are just ignorant and are only laughing at yourself.

  4. More from drake the fake. Tune in sheeple!

  5. There is only one thing I can say about Drake ... he needs a shave.

  6. It appears that his (Drake) credibility has taken a nose dive many months ago. I don't believe any one person can be informed to what is on the mind and agenda of another person or group for that matter. Nonsensical and a farce for anyone to think that they can. No ladies and gentlemen there has never been a seer or prognosticator that has been able to tell the future. Allow the events to unfold accordingly to the Creator of whom I call God.