Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza WWIII started by Israel killing a 13 yr old child

An explanation of my previous post now removed due to pressure

This little conflict in Gaza, which may well lead to world war 3, was sparked when Israel used an Apache mounted .50 cal to blow the guts out of a 13 year old kid playing soccer. This kid, it has been reported, was great at the game and was out practicing with other neighbor kids. When the other kids went to him, the Israelis shot them to death also. When the parents ran out to help the kids, the Israelis shot them also. This is news, not hate, facts are facts and the truth does not hate, it just is.
So regardless of what is going on now, or how this escalates, REMEMBER, if this really does spark World War 3, it all started with Israel shooting children, not Palestinians shooting rockets, as ¨their¨history, the ¨elite¨history will surely record.
Of course, only a hater would tell you this. I was pissed about this helicopter incident, even though this actually happens often in Gaza, and that is why I wrote the comment many of you saw earlier. Kudos to the Palestinians for FINALLY having the guts and the means to fight back for once. With regard to my removed comment, If you have it, pass it on. It won´t be here anymore.
I have had technical difficulties the last couple days, please bear with me while I get a workable computer that is not bugged. Things will be very sparse for a couple days, but not more than a couple days. If it is more than a couple days, something happened to me.

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