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Sunday, November 11, 2012

How and Why would Obama Turn to Support the Republic? Commentary on Recent Ben Fulford and Drake Bailey Interviews

                                         Expositions of Forgiveness
For all of these self-evident offenses against the Almighty Creator and his children declared herein, we the People respecting the unalienable rights of all men and women, are required  by our status and do hereby forgive all men and women who have planned, executed and profited from these self-evident sins and crimes against mankind, upon such men and women repenting all of the foregoing, and do hereby share and declare the unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the united States of America to restore and reinhabit the free American republics. The people have spoken, and it is so. 

Excerpt from; "The unanimous Declaration of the Sovereign People of the united States of America 2010"  Otherwise know as The Restore America Plan 

The above paragraph is a the last detail and exposition of the Declaration of the Sovereign People 2010 that was submitted to our United States Military, Federal Government, and Supreme Court. The Restore America Plan was indeed a plan that was conceived by our United States Military as part of a greater venture that Drake calls "The Plan" We are now hearing reports from Benjamin Fulford and Drake that Obama has kicked out the Cabalist in his cabinet and has begin in Drakes words "Support the Freedom Movement"

We were informed in the early days of the Restore America Plan back in 2010 the "Principle of Forgiveness" would be the transformative element or X Factor that would help restore the Republic, end the Federal Reserve fraud perpetrated upon the People and set us back on the course to Freedom by granting amnesty to those who actually worked to permanently distinguish the Republic that was founded some 232 years ago, by simply taking the necessary steps in their particular and specific office within the United States Government to uphold the Constitution  In a nut shell if those in high office will basically flip the switch, and help to limit chaos and destruction in the inevitable resurfacing of our great Republic, in the wake of that long train of usurpations that are described in the Declaration of Independence,  that We the People, will not forget this act of honor to help restore what could not be accomplished without great bloodshed and hardship. Drake spoke on his show today about the Apostle Paul, who persecuted the early Christians and was an outright tyrant of the People turned to be one Christianity's main Patriarchs when he underwent his own personal transformation. 

The fact of the matter is only Obama, who is a natural born US citizen, now that we know that Frank Marshall Davis has been unequivocally proven to be his father, despite his crimes against the people, is in a position to facilitate certain Executive acts that would end the tyrannical grip of the British Crown on America. 

Look at what John Kennedy tried to accomplish completely on his own. End the Fed, stop world wars, and free the people. All doing this in direct opposition to a very organized, highly intricate and fortified government that was hell bent on keeping the Status Quo in place. Kennedy's heart was in the right place and his actions showed that. 

Obama's presidency is different, that highly organized, intricate, well fortified network of people working throughout the vast network of Government now have turned all their power, expertise, and  oath of office to defend the Constitution against all enemies Foreign and Domestic, on his ass. No matter where his heart is, whether he is a Patriotic American or not, Obama, due to his genetics and upbringing is Muslim, and is antithetically opposed by mere nature to the Zionist/Nazi Regime which is a proxy of the British Crown/MI6 Gestapo wreaking havoc in America since 1812. Obama was always meant to be a one term president. If you haven't notice one simple thing about Obama, he did not start war with Iran via proxy for Israel this year, and Romney was on schedule to do so. 

The old adage "My Enemy's Enemy is My Friend" is exactly what seems to be the case with Obama. According to the most recent interview by Ben Fulford   Obama for what ever reason has betrayed Wall Street and the Neo Conservatives Zionist and has emboldened and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood possibly beyond the point, to where their Sovereignty has superseded their capacity to be mind controlled and thus kept in check, helping to destabilize the Middle East and foment WWIII. For this disobedience, although he has not necessarily done this to fortify America, has created enemies that he possibly would be in a better position to defend against by not stepping down from the Presidency and coming under  what could be considered protective custody of the Positive Military working to free the People,  end the Federal Reserve, and Restore the Republic.

Now that the Nation States Project has been completed for almost a year now, the Military through various actionable and non actionable operations seem to have completed everything that would be needed to intercede in a most certain global economic collapse that would end National Sovereignty worldwide and lead to the cabal creating their New World Order. It is impossible to predict what Obama will do, in lieu of all that he is done, but those of us who keep our sniffers out their for new information and to interpretable events as they unfold might wonder,  if it is a possibility that Obama might help bring all this to a close and help bring about a true victory for the Republic. For no other reason to save his own ass and in my book it makes no difference. If the man is willing to step up and fulfill his oath of office to the Constitution,and do his part to Restore the Republic,  than I say let the man do his job and God Bless him. I guess we will all wait and see.       



  1. As long as he allows the Confederate States of America to secede from the New World Order!!!

    No more United Nations socialist backed omni-present government.....I can't trust Obama on this angle.

    If he allows the Confederates to opt to willingly secede/leave the planned construct without further war....I will accept this offer.

    Does not matter if he is Muslim or not....I'm not going to judge the circumstances if the free people can choose to not live under Sharia Law or whatever comes next.

  2. Are you kidding me? Newsflash...Obama signed the NDAA. Fighting for the republic my butt...

  3. Oh please, Americans!!

    Would you listen to yourselves already?

    Who do you think Obama is?

    You're essentially agreeing with Drake, and saying lets make a deal with the anti-christ.

    You are going to the President and saying, "Okay, I'll let you do whatever it is you wish....Just leave us alone, let our Republic opt out completely."

    So as in the Book of Psalm, 70% of America is willingly turning their back on Israel.

    Which only allows the Book of Psalm to come true, so you are all turning your backs. By making this deal, you are only allowing the Book of Revelations to come true!

    Just as God warned, America/Babylon would turn their backs on Israel and be judged for it.

    "Don't you dare tell me it is our fault, it is Israel's fault The Book of Revelations came true and lies on their shoulders."

    Is it really? How do you know!?! Israel did NOT ask for this to happen, nor did they enter seventy plus countries to kill random women and children for sport or for fun.

    They were not at all trying to allow this prophecy to come true, what they were trying to do is wipe out Islam which is the most evil religion on the face of the Earth. You know it!

    "The onus was on Israel then, to come on national T.V. and display the writings of the Koran to prove it in legal terms. If Islam is pure evil and the work of the Devil, Israel should not have desired to deal with the problem by themselves."

    Granted, Israel made a slew of mistakes in creating too much surveillance. I'll give you that. But Israel was only looking out for the future of America - we did try to warn you. The laws were not to attack you, in reality these laws were crafted to wipe out Islam before this threat tears apart Europe, the Caliphate and plunges the Mid-East into chaos. Our intelligence officers thought we had trained younger Jihadis, effectively and proactively - to stop the spread of Islam by making it null. Our mistakes are many, in how we chose to do it in isolation.

    We did extreme things we shouldn't have that did not work, killing thousands we believed would turn evil, but it was only to get rid of a much worse danger. Islam is pure hatred in they teach students to kill people just for wearing shorts or earrings since childhood, how is anyone supposed to remove this poison? Only by destroying that very book which began this religion, would anyone ever be spared of it.

    "But Israel did nothing of significance which would demonstrate they understood the threat."

    Oh, please! But it was you Americans who consistently ignored our documentation about Turkey and the serious threat we face. So it was your fault the Book of Revelations came true! Islamic dogmatic law is vicious, vile and cruel....so is Abrahamaic Islamic scripture. Everyone in the world can see that. By you allowing Barack Obama to make this peace treaty, you willingly endorse that policy.

    You Americans in so doing, willingly turn your backs on the city of Jerusalem whom is God's capital. God will judge each and every one of you with wrath, when Israel is destroyed by a Jihad your president armed for revenge. And do not forget, this is due only partly to Israel...the rest of you ignored their warnings about the Islamic caliphate in Dubai. If it later throws Europe and Russia to start war, the fault is your own.

    1. Starting with your paragraph, "Granted Israel made a slew of mistakes in creating too much surveillance" tells it all. ISRAEL IS A LEECH UPON AMERICANS, PERIOD! Israeli SNIPERS kill American soldiers to gin up more hate against Islam. Israel USES AMERICAN blood and AMERICAN money for their wars....the Zionist children of AIPAC, PNAC, JDL the "policy" think-tanks, etc. don't sign up for military service to DEFEND AMERICA..."they" prefer careers in the PROPAGANDA NEWS or BANKING. Watch this video -- THEN call Israel a "friend" of Americans!!!!



    2. Right on 6.07....look at these poor souls turning on Israel.
      I am pretty sure america is doomed, and this is why I left.

    3. Previous poster, give it up. They are not hearing you.

      Americans are brainwashed drones who wouldn't care one whit if Israel was wiped out. All they want is their own selfish needs and to hell with what the rest wants!

      People are so pacified and dumb down. Nothing about Islam is peace at all, because the entire religion of Islam is false and evil.

      The Quaran scriptures speak untold deception by Allah, who loves to declare war to fulfill some made-up test. Because Allah is not God, he is not the merciful, he is just evil.
      Knowing Americans they would all go follow Islam within a few years and couldn't care less of the consequences. That is why this fake religion must be torn apart, our grievances are not with Muslims. Islam just needs to disappear along with the main school who spreads Islam in Istanbul, Turkey. Allah is all evil!

    4. http://www.barenakedislam.com/ This site is the best for Islamic truth.

  4. Oh please spare us the religious zealotry. You guys are so hateful that you defeat your purpose and isn't your purpose to believe the way you do. Who would want to be like you?

  5. I have never read so much hate...

    Sad really.

    All of your "so-called" Christians judge someone you have NEVER even met nor spoken to....you pass judgement because you hear what so and so says or hear by someone on MSM or lately, worse yet, from one of the HATE posts on this site!

    SHAME on all of you!

    The most sickening about all of this is -- you let the NWO NAZI Prince get away with 9/11, 2 WARS in the middle east, the PATRIOT ACT, and crashing WALL STREET....but all of that was AOK, because he is a REPUBLICAN?!


    1. Barf all over you, you silly Christ hater.

  6. Sounds like Drake has new orders from Headquarters. This is comical. Now he has done a 180 and is claiming Obama is a good guy and we only need to "modify" the banking system. No kidding! Now how do you modify a ponzi and counterfeiting scheme that has enslaved a nation?

    1. Probably cuz Obama was a "good guy" in disguise from the very beginning. No one really knows, and bashing isn't going to change anything.

  7. This is the biggest bunch of crap by a coward and physcopath who thinks he is to lead the Muslim brotherhood of the world and implement sharia law throught the world,including the Communist USA!Fuck these disinformationists! They need to be taken out as they are the enemy!Obama is a traitor plain and simple! you don't murder and steal trillions for the Rothchilds and banksters then all of a sudden realize your'e going to be likked for treason,so he has his evil buddies in the CIA write this kind of garbage! He needs to locked up pending trial found guilty then exeHim and all the executed!Him and all of the cabinet and czar treasonous traitors!We need to show the world that communism will never be allowed in this country ever again!All commies jailed and tried for treason!Millions have died because of these evil criminals,men,woman,children blown to bits and killed for their greed,I have no mercy for these low life murders!

    1. Here, here...you are so right. Thank you I couldn't have said it better myself.

  8. Ok- so now Drake is Pro BO (but he can't say why-hmmm curious), and claims to have direct contact with Lucifer. Really? This one man is in contact with ET's, Lucifer, Pentagon Principles, Intel, and his woodland flora and fauna- what a remarkable man he is indeed. What a heavy burden this PTSD vet must bear.
    Am I the only one who is finding this to be pure fantasy or are you "Grown Ups" with the gift of reason really buying into all this Bullshit. Pardon my french, but I am assuming we are all big boys and girls here and can handle a few naughty words- as they hold emphasis in conveying a point.
    I cannot wait to see who the next shepherd you sad and feeble minded hopium addicts cling to as the "intel insider" who will distract you all from doing what really has to be done. Sitting on the edge of your seat is the best you can do, huh? I truly feel sorry for you all but I feel more sorrow for the newbies who will buy into the next snake oil salesman.
    Shame on all of you and your blind allegiance. It's sad that you do not turn inward for the real answers and see that you are the only hope this world has. How many more hours, days, weeks and months are you going to let slip by believing in these guru's. You reap what you sow as they say and everyone is entitled to their own just reward. Real Hero's lead by example- not by empty promises and un-verified information. The Fun n Games are being pulled over your eyes. Git 'r done! Get what done? He can't even specify. Some would call you idiots- but I would just call you misguided. If I am wrong then give examples that ManDrake's updates are not the same ol same ol.
    Truth be told you all should be ashamed of yourselves for not doing you own part on a local level an you all sit around waiting for the knock on the door thinking your going to get a package full of prosperity. Isn't that like those you bitch about who get help from the govt each month when their EBT cards get refilled. Both are hand-outs. They say there's one born everyday and guess who loves and benefits from that. Lies, distraction and mendacity and most of you've bought right into it. Yes, on the 11th hour with not much time for you all to fill out an "application" for the St. Germain Trust. Drake even claims to know what the word "application" means- but by all means apply, apply. St. Germain allegedly set up that trust for the world but you must apply to receive. GIVE ME A BREAK! This is why ManDrake refuses to go on a radio show where would be hit with the hard questions- he wouldn't know what to do and would be debunked by intelligent interviewers. What a wimp to not do this and yet he claims he will be one of the first to go on live MSM to explain "THE PLAN". It's a lot easier to asked questions posed where no one could do a follow-up to his generalized answers. How convenient. I mean, how strategic.

  9. LMAO...you idots are so damn funny, speaking on govermenmental issues that none of you asshole knows anything about. You peolpe are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Get real folks. President Obama is not the problem...take a look in your mirror!

  10. Yes. I heard what Drake said about Obama today as well, about forgiveness, etc. I got the impression that was just wishful thinking on his part, and I actually like Drake and have defended him in this place more than once. On this point, however, I must disagree.

    Regarding the nature of forgiveness, this is for our own wellbeing and not to exonerate someone of their wrongdoing. Forgiveness keeps our own well waters clean from bitterness, hatred, revenge, ill will, etc. No one suffers from this but ourselves when we harbour unforgiveness. Taking the "law of atraction" into consideration, it's also why God says he cannot hear our prayers for the good things we want when we harbour unforgiveness within--too much negative energy dragging us down. We make ourselves sick when we want to be well. The ill we wish on others comes back on us instead because of unforgiveness.

    Having said that, I have also never known God to erase someone's debt for the good or bad they have done. Karma is still in place, or, what goes around comes around. The Apostle Paul was mentioned. Should he have gone to prison for the ill he did to Christians? Absolutely. Even though he had a remarkable conversion, however, Paul still ended up in prison and was ill-treated for quite some time. The imprisonnment and torture he wished on others still came back on him. He still paid that debt. King David out of lust was responsible for the death of Bathsheba's husband on the battlefield. David was eventually repetent, but that still did not stop God from allowing David's baby son to die when God could have saved him. Even as much as God loved David, he still allowed the wheels of karma to role. We have all been warned that what we sow, we also reap. This is the nature of this world. God does not do this to us; we do this to ourselves--good and bad. A debt will be repaid, even to the 3rd and 4th generations according to God. The father's sins can still be visited on the children. Because of Moses' disobedience to God, he was not allowed in the promised land regardless.

    We already know the evil Obama has to this date committed. Whether or not he becomes "enlightened" he has already incurred a burdensome karmic debt upon himself, and he will never escape this regardless of what the freedom workers do. I would caution the freedom workers to be wise as serpents, though, as when you allow evil to flourish when you could stop this, you are also incurring a karmic debt on yourselves.

  11. First, there is NO PROOF that Obama IS a "natural born citizen", even IF Frank Marshall Davis was his father. We will NOT accept the fool on that premise, PERIOD!

    Next, he will NOT be forgiven for his THOUSANDS of TREASONOUS ACTIONS against U.S. citizens, specifically robbing retirement funds to give to big zionist banks, and mass foreclosure FRAUD by those same big banks, with his DOJ sitting on his BIG DUFF. Obama is absolutely HATED throughout the U.S. All 310 million Americans KNOW he was re-elected via MASS vote fraud (13 precincts in Philly reflected 99% votes for Obama). SAME FOR THE SENATE - MORE VOTE FRAUD.

    Today, 15 states are petitioning to "peacefully secede from the U.S." There is NO WAY an Obama "about face" will be accepted, PERIOD! He's done the work of the NWO Bushes/Clintons/Rothschilds/Rockefellers/Federal Reserve Bankers only too well, and the country will NOT forgive the IMPOSTER-in-Chief/TRAITOR.

  12. "do hereby forgive all men and women who have planned, executed and profited from these self-evident sins and crimes against mankind, upon such men and women repenting all of the foregoing"??????? Says who? These people who wrote this don't include me - I do NOT AGREE with this and, if I had the money to bet - but don't because THESE EVIL BASTARDS STOLE IT FROM ME - I would bet that nearly ALL INFORMED AMERICANS would NOT go along with nor abide by this statement. To those of you who wrote this bunk - SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. Don't presume to speak for or write for the rest of us. We can - and will - speak up for ourselves. These traitors deserve to be executed for their crimes against humanity and I, for one, hope and pray that this will be their 'reward' - repent or not - and this includes those on the way up to and among the 'very top'.

  13. Everything works out like clockwork in reverse of what you are made to think. Obama is a white knight in dark skin working at the black house.

    The president does not run the country the illuminati do and if he wants to stay alive he jumps when they say how high, until the very last minute when everything turns around - by total surprise.

    Obama has been in place setting things up for your release from tyranny at the very last minute by total surprise and by no mistake It is the only way it works and you don't understand it.

    No-thing or No Republic is going to be "restored".

    Everything is going to be "Re-Formed" into something completely different that you cannot possibly comprehend right now.

    Anything old does not, did not and never worked properly and correctly for the people. The US was intentionally built up at the time with the idea that is was going to be broken down.

    The illuminati build things and they break them down to keep you forever off balance, so you never know whether you are coming or going. And that is how you have learned to behave.

    This country was never a great country nor was anyone ever free or had any rights. You have always been slaves to a system of tyranny brought to you in living color by your annunaki warlords running the prison planet operation for total domination over your minds.

    The smartest of you cannot figure out how much and to what extent and degree you have been hoodwinked. You have been rendered incompetent to do anything about anything except moan, bitch and complain about your grievances to your crummy illuminati government, who, could care less what you want or think, because they are in the business of enslaving your mind and you just cannot seem to understand that fact, because you think that was done to other people, but not you. lol

    Collectively you have proven that you are not a serious enough of a force to be reckoned with to overcome anything, because you feel you have too much to lose in the process of trying to obtain any kind of freedom from tyranny and the illuminati know it, because they made you that way.

    Why do you think when you go to court in a case you cannot represent yourself? Because they classify you as an incompetent to be able to stand on your own, because you have no authority or do you know how to handle yourself with a fiction corporation that cannot speak words out of IT's mouth to real people.

    But you keep answering when IT tries to talk to you. You do not know who you are, or remember where you came from. And that IS the problem. It is YOU not THEM.

    1. Actually the next to last post is unfortunetly right! :(

      We are all de balled warriors who have the right ideas,but lack the ability to act? Don't drink the water!

    2. we have all played the fool, we are waking up , every day there are more of us than the day before, there is no going back , it is not about race or religions or politics etc.... all to divide us and keep us distracted and weak, its time to let go of our differences, let go of being self righteous and demeaning to make a point to others, this all leads to more of the same. be kind to others and we will soon see what will come.