Sunday, November 11, 2012


Let us start with massive voter fraud in the November 6, 2012 national election. These acts of voter fraud could not occur without the active legal support and cover-up of Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Justice Dept. He is as corrupt and criminal as the head of the U.S. Justice Dept. as any Attorney General has ever been. Just for illustration of the extreme corruption in the leadership of the U.S. Justice Dept. I am the head of the Confederate movement in America since three branches of the descendant Jefferson Davis family turned over all legal claims to the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America to me. This was diplomatically recognized as valid under international law according to a letter of diplomatic recognition sent by a British Commonwealth Parliament to me back then. This and other legal evidence was examined by Confederate supporter Judge William Roy Bean who then reported to other Confederate supporters that I was for real the valid President of the Provisional Government and the Confederate States of America since under the terms of the Confederate Constitution the Confederate President and Confederate Congress never voted for, authorized, signed for or ordered Gen. Robert E. Lee to surrender the Confederate States of America or Confederate Government to the Union government in Wash., D.C. under Pres. Abraham Lincoln. Put into language the public will clearly understand, U.S. intelligence sources including the U.S. Justice Dept, foreign military intelligence sources all over the world have been watching like a hawk all my 80 or so postings of national reports to Nesara News for the last 7 months. I even addressed national reports to the F.B.I. or U.S. Justice Eric Holder to answer back. Dead silence from U.S. Justice Dept. sources except for obvious federal plants trying to block and discredit my reports of federal scandals and high treason currently going on in Wash., D.C. under Obama who is the most corrupt and treasonable man ever to occupy the White House. Now a man who gave himself the pen name of deep knight and operating out of Wash., D.C. was bold enough to issue 4 murder threats over the internet as public record so I and others copied his 4 murder threats over the internet addressed to me. He indicated he issued these murder threats as federal murder threats against me and in the name of Obama in the White House who ordered me to be murdered. That folks is totally 4 federal felonies under law and 4 state felonies under law as murder threats as well as attempted murder is a felony under federal law and in all 50 states. I raised in several national reports posted with Nesara News the topic of the 4 murder threats against me in the claimed name of the federal government and Obama which had been going on for 2 months in open internet posting for potentially all of America and the world to see and copy from the internet. I asked if Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General and head of the U.S. Justice Dept. approved of these 4 publicly posted murder threats supposedly issued in the name of the federal government and Obama in the White House. For 2 months no move to arrest or silent this person operating out of Wash., D.C. who calls himself by the pen name of deep knight. It is very obvious that Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Dept. secretly legally sanctioned these four 4 murder threats issued in the alleged name of the federal government and Obama or else they would have arrested him for 4 counts of major felony over internet lines over the internet  for 2 months without legal interference or legal stoppage by the U.S. Justice Dept. under Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General.
     Deep knight is just small fry fish in the ocean, but a colossal mistake by Obama and criminal crew as deep knight made it plain legally for all of America and the world to see that the U.S. Justice Dept. under Eric Holder is totally crooked, criminal and treasonable under American national law and the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. It was not deep knight I was after as I am not intimidated by murder threats, but I needed him to prove there is no legal integrity in the U.S. Justice Dept. as this situation now clearly documents for all of America and the world to openly witness. I call for the immediate resignation of Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General as he is the most crooked, criminal, and high treason Attorney General of America in American national history. A number of US military sources reported on the plan of Obama to take over America by military coup in October, 2012. This included a retired U.S. Major General of the Army reporting that Obama planned to murder 25 million Americans or more in his planned Communist takeover of America to make the American government Communist and all opposition opposing this intended Communist takeover of America to be executed by Wash., D.C. under Obama and Eric Holder who without his support to cover for Obama could not have plotted to end the U.S. Constitution and place America under planned for entire Communist takeover, occupation, and total Communist police state for America. As the former Director, American Counter Intelligence Agency, Wash., D.C. for years and set up by secret authority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon so we could outwit and outmaneuver the Soviet intelligence services KGB, etc. from abroad and native American Communists called the "100 Columns" in top secret Communist circles in America, the Pentagon then did not want America militarily defeated in the Cold War or America taken over from within by the very secret 100 Columns of the Communist Party who were secret Communist leaders in America posing as American patriots, etc. These "100 Columns" of the Communist Party were 100 American leaders of which one-third were in the federal government and the other two-thirds were outside of Wash., D.C. including a top civil rights leader of the Blacks, a top falsely claimed "child expert" whose assignment from Moscow as he once admitted to a Black undercover agent for the F.B.I. was to invent principles that would raise families in America with no moral character to the children they raised and discredit the Bible principles of how to raise your children in America. Once destroying the moral character of the young in America, it would then be easy to take over America for Communism with no resistance from the young now grown as adults who no longer believed in moral values in America.  As former Director of the A.C.I.A., I used military spies across America and we successfully stopped the planned military takeover of America planned for October, 2012 by Obama as he then made America a Communist government and nation after murdering from 25 million Americans up to 150 million Americans if required to force the American people to accept Communism for America as a nation. Find federal agencies buying enough ammo to kill off all the American people 5 times or more or enough ammo to start a World War III with, these were civilian federal agencies and finding FEMA building enough FEMA concentration camps to imprison  millions of Americans overnight, enough FEMA graves already dug to bury many millions of Americans murdered overnight and you get the flavor how bloodthirsty Obama really is as he is secretly but not so secretly a Communist and a Muslim fanatic.  
     Wash., D.C. stole a fortune in money from me over the years to block me from reestablishing my father's Vatican endorsed industrial food process that would have saved maybe up to 3 billion humans from dying so far due to starvation and malnutrition across the world. When I demanded Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Dept. to deliver to me at least $4,400,000 to me by yesterday Nov. 9, 2012 so I could even small scale begin reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process for America, they did not deliver any of the stolen money. A few years ago when I was guaranteed from around $7 billion to $25 billion in business and profit from a giant deal I had lined up, the U.S. Justice Dept. charged in and smashed the deal so I would not have the money to reestablish my father's Vatican endorsed food process in America. After costing me up to $25 billion in profit the first round, these total traitors to America would not even deliver to me $4,400,000 of my own stolen money back to me so I could start again my father's Vatican endorsed food process. At one time, my father's plant was big enough it could have supplied the need of 10% of the American people. That is what Wash., D.C. smashed by secret genocide plot against the American people as the federal government is secretly run by Satanists who want to kill off all but I understand latest figure is 20 million humans left alive on earth and the rest of mankind killed off by using Wash., D.C. as their front. The 20 million humans left alive on the earth if these figures are current now are would be because of computers and automated equipment the Satanists believe will make it that they need no more than this number of humans left alive on earth to serve as their slaves in their planned Global Plantation of slaves and Satanist masters because modern technology makes obsolete the prior need for 500 million humans left alive on earth. Then they lowered their figure to 200 million humans left alive on earth. Now so happy they figure they don't need to leave more than 20 million humans left alive on earth as their slaves to make life very comfortable for them as they rule over their conquered lands in America, Canada, Mexico, Central and Latin America, Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan, Middle East, Africa, Australia, etc. Get the picture? I once met one of the Rothschilds who boasted to me how he and his clique ruled America through Wash., D.C. as the American people were "too stupid, too irresponsible, and too morally unfit" to rule America, so this secret banking clique ruled the American people through Wash., D.C. as their front (for the Satanists for this clique is Satanist all the way and savagely hate the American people and all other races on earth as they hate as roaches under their feet to be crushed by them once Wash., D.C. completes its job of conquering the world for their plan of world genocide against all races and nations on earth. Folks, do you begin to catch on why I have pushed so hard for passage of my proposed Omni Law and immediately. Without it, you have no one in Wash., D.C. effectively on your side even if they want to be. All the good are checkmated by the evil and Satanist leaders until my proposed Omni Law is passed.
     Under Eric Holder, the U.S. military mass had their votes cancelled which were sent from serving abroad. This is already mass voting fraud and some claim already enough votes that Mitt Romney both won the popular vote and electoral college in America, but Eric Holder and the crooked U.S. Justice Dept. blocked the U.S. military vote so they were sabotaged by U.S. military mail under order of Obama and other tactics the U.S. Justice Dept. are stonewalling so they are supposed to never be investigated by Congress or grand juries of America. This could only happen because my Omni Law was not passed in America in time to prevent and block this from happening. We of the 10 American Civil Tribunes under authority of the Omni Law would have come down like the Wrath of God against any in the federal government trying to throw the U.S. military votes from abroad into the trashcan so Obama could claim to be reelected whereas the military vote if counted would apparently show that Mitt Romney won the national election, not Obama. The old saying is, "If treason prospers, none dares call it treason!" So long as Erasmus of America (me) is around, I will call this bloody murder as treason against the American people as it is! I will raise up such a legal storm in America until we kick out of government all the traitors in Wash., D.C. I maintain the Confederate authority as a threat so the other side can't militarily take over America and make it a combined Communist and Muslim nation as Obama wants to do. When I am satisfied that Wash., D.C. is once more loyal to the American people and once more an honest national government, then and only then will I retire the Confederate authority from being a threat if justified. I prefer peace over fighting, but I am not afraid of fighting if required. And I am in street language "a son-of-a-bitch" if required for the other side to fight as I fight to win and I play hardball until I win. I will hang traitors if that is what is required to end high treason in America.     
     The U.S. Justice Dept. used its legal tricks so millions of illegal Latin voters could vote and be counted to win the election for Obama. I have nothing against the Latinos, but Americans get our jobs first. If leftover jobs, then foreign workers welcome and fine. But obey our laws and I have no interest in supporting you with welfare if you came here to get jobs as claimed and found welfare such a good racket, you don't need to work in America to live nice and comfortably!
      In at least 5 key states, the voting machines were rigged. A device costing around $9 was put on many voting machines by one or more labor unions installing these and startled voters found their votes for Mitt Romney were suddenly now switched to Obama and no way to have this swindle of their vote undone locally or certainly by the U.S. Justice Dept. which legally approved of this mass voter fraud as the U.S. Justice Dept. never intends to legally investigate this mass voter fraud by tricks of the Obama political machine in America. And in some counties, nearly 100% of all voters voted which is an obvious legal fraud. Maybe many ghost voters resurrected to vote in this national election. No wonder the U.S. Justice Dept. wanted no voter I.D.'s checked in many states or else how could the Obama criminal syndicate steal the national election if the voting nationally was actually honest?
      Now for the nail to the coffin! Under the U.S. Constitution showing how crooked, criminal, and treasonable is the U.S. Dept of Justice under Eric Holder. Article II of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that no person may run for President of the United States who is not a natural born citizen of America. The legal definition of this when the U.S. Constitution was written was that you had to have two parents who were U.S. citizens or you could never run for President otherwise. By the U.S. Justice Dept. under Eric Holder looking the other way and not enforcing the U.S. Constitution which denies Obama the legal right to run for President of America, the U.S. Justice Dept. proves it is illegal, criminal, corrupt, and treasonable against the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. Boy, our federal hackers must be really upset over this report they are reading as I compose it. My computer just mass attacked and they tried to wipe this report out. With computer tricks by two of us, they were blocked from wiping out this report as they just tried! Resuming this report now. Article II says Obama may not legally run for President as his father whom he legally admits to was never an American citizen. No one may legally run for the White House under the U.S. Constitution who does not have two parents who were U.S. citizens. This avoided any candidate from having divided loyalties between America and the nation he originally came from. The Founding Fathers of America were smart to add this to the U.S. Constitution! But Obama and the U.S. justice Dept. were giving the finger to the U.S. Constitution when they said "Screw the U.S. Constitution! We will do what we want and to hell with the legal U.S. Constitution!" That is what they thought or else they would not have legally mocked the U.S. Constitution like this. All votes for Obama are automatically null and void as they voted for a man not legally qualified to run for the White House according to the U.S. Constitution which still happens to be the national law of America despite the U.S. Justice Dept. trying to flush it down the national toilet in its legal contempt for the national law of America. Whether you like or oppose Mitt Romney, he along won a big national bloc of votes as all votes for Obama are automatically null and void despite the effort of the Democratic Party to throw the U.S. Constitution into the trashcan as they have no legal integrity towards the U.S. Constitution in this national election.
      If we still believe in the U.S. Constitution as the national law of America, then we have to put Mitt Romney in the White House in January, 2012 as none of the votes for Obama were legal as they voted for a candidate who had no more legal right to run than the national dictator of Iran, etc.
      Okay, one more final legal issue. Obama is the greatest con artist ever to run for the White House! As soon as the national election was over, suddenly the Cliff Hanger announcement comes out that all Middle Class families in America will have to pay $5,000 more in federal taxes starting in January, 2012 than now. This same Obama said he would not raise taxes on the Middle Class. How the con works in part is he knew before the national election that this tax increase was automatic for the Middle Class unless he acted in time to avert it. A simple trick is extend the Bush tax cuts until the problem is solved in Wash., D.C. By the way even though I do not always support the Republican leadership and sometimes roast them alive too when I disagree with them, it was Bush who set up these tax cuts for the Middle Class and it is Obama who by con and double-talk is trying to raise $5,000 in federal taxes on all Middle Class families in America starting January 1, 2012 while trying to pin the blame on the Republicans who gave the Middle Class families of america these $5,000 in tax savings as the Republicans, not the Democrats, wanted to protect the Middle Class families from higher federal taxes. Having studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe, I assure you that it is easy as pie to stop the raising of $5,000 in new federal taxes on all the Middle Class families if I were President! Close down the U.S. Justice Dept. if it does not pay me the $4,400,000 in federally stolen money back to me which is a drop in the bucket to how much money they really stole from me. I did this as a legal test to see if the U.S. Justice Dept. gave the slightest damn about the American people and America as a nation or not. And trying this obvious federal hacking attack to stop this national report from being released by me today, now pay the other party who was federally hacked to run their business laptown and business operations now $40,000 also at the same time. I don't let federal criminals of the U.S. Justice Dept. get away with criminal acts against me or associates. I will hang under law those I catch trying federal criminal acts against me or associates.
     Now to teach the American people that they should back American patriots when standing up for their national interests, those who  back me now with $20.00 for financial support for passage of my Omni Law, you may later register with me for how much to be reimbursed for money stolen from you by Wash., D.C. if you backed any serious business plan in America and Wash., D.C. closed it down without ever returning to you any money you had placed in it and Wash., D.C. under the U.S. Justice Dept. pocketed the money instead of returning your money to you. I legally act for those who pay to register with me or financially backed me already for the Omni Law drive. If you don't register with me, then file on your own behalf later on as you did not pay then to join my legal drive to restore federally stolen money of yours back to you. $20.00 or more is required and now or you are not on my legal list to register when we act to recover the federal stolen money they stole from you in Wash., D.C. Send any checks, etc. to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Send any emails and say "Add To List" if you want to be on my national email list. Send to . Want to see my Omni Law? Go the search box at the top left of the website for Nesara News and put in Omni Law. You can then read the Omni Law as posted with Nesara News. Or put in my pen name of Erasmus of America and read up to 80 or so other national reports of mine also posted with Nesara News. When I legally bloody their nose enough, then Wash. sources will learn the hard way don't pick a fight with me! I will win and I am a mean boy to pick a fight with! I fight to win! When it comes to fighting corrupt, treasonable and corrupt government, I am no pacifist when all they understand is having their teeth knocked down their throats by me!
     I still haven't revealed how the U.S. Justice Dept. racket of the grand larceny theft ring operated. Next week I see the$4,400,000 check arrive from the U.S. Justice Dept. and now I guess make it $80,000 for my associate who was mass hacked by apparent plan of criminals in the U.S. Justice Dept. or associates of theirs. Otherwise, I show how the U.S. Justice Dept. mass swindled the American people and maybe citizens in 100 or more foreign nations. Got the message in the U.S. Justice Dept. now or are you going to play dumb for one more round?
     Folks, mass pass this report out all over America and watch those resignations continue until maybe Obama has no one left in his Cabinet!
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. The honest patriot the treasonable and criminal in Wash., D.C. love to hate!)


  1. Failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted. Hmm.
    Asking a question of whether someone approves of an act not committed by them and no evidence of being endorsed by them, is not stating a claim nor requesting relief.

  2. Let me just preface by saying I don't support either Obama OR Romney.

    I feel very strongly the evidence is undeniable that Romney has a criminal history and Obama is probably one of the most deceptive crooks hiding in the dark with Islamic Sharia fascists in this nation's history.

    With that out of the way, let me explain why this country needed to get Romney/Ron Paul elected over Obama and why.

    Firstly, both Ron Paul and Romney understand the existential threat Israel faces and would have not signed any agreement to be a part of the United Nations unity on social partnership, thus they could have prevented the united states from merging with a larger government.

    And they would have, given the untenable situation to our allies - allowed the completion of a Confederate States Alliance overseen by Gary Johnson to break away.

    Yes, I know Mitt Romney is corrupt but we could have sent him to court for a month while Paul Ryan/Ron Paul conducts all needed duties. We could have easily held his feet to the fire, sent in a Wet Suit team and eliminated Iran's nuclear facility in Datsun(sp). This would have worked, and as result we would have stopped a world war from breaking out.

    The problem for all Americans is we did not do that, and Obama is there instead, who has got to be the most Sharia Law obsessed president in U.S. History and who WILL merge as many states as he can into an international world union!

    The problem Americans have got to face, is instead we believed in Obama and got an insane man - one who has Muslims/Israeli colonists pulling the strings everywhere who are the biggest crooks most of us has never heard of.

    The problem is instead we elected a mad man to office, who looks squeaky clean on paper but is really one of the most fascist mistakes we could have ever elected - due to the amount of unknown criminals he's putting everywhere.

    The issue we need to address, is we put into office a man who the Book of David says is going to literally destroy Israel. He is arming Iran, Pakistan, Lybia and others with weapons that will cause World War 3 everywhere - and Americans thought they dodged the WW3 bullet!

    Most importantly, Obama has agreements with all U.N. leaders already signed and unlike Romney he will actually carry them out. That means most of America is forced to wake up and start seceding from this agreement, else they be sucked up into a hellish international "Dictatorship" which is optional but deadly.

    America, think for once!
    This President Obama is going to look oh so squeaky clean, until you pull back the curtain and see the tens of thousands of crooks who is running his polices- whether Muslim or otherwise. It is all going to be worldwide, there will be no more state of Israel, and it is all due to the stupidity of Americans!!

  3. I have little doubt about what this POS Obama and all his czars will attempt to do in the name of Islam. Like all cia disinfo,this guyERASMUS is a f-ing dirtbag,how stupid does he think we are? Obviously very! How tacky and two bit theif he is to ask for $ from all who read his BS! You know its trash,due to the fact he supports Romney and the Bush cabal faction! Just Garbage.After listening to this enemy Drake today,obviously he is listening to Gordon Duff,says Obama could be a good guy? What a bunch of absolute BS! They are going to say the original Obama was kidknapped and cloned and the clone is responsible for all the nefarious and evil actions of Obama thus far! Absolute BS again! It's time for the Militia to act and get rid of that traitor Minuteman,he works for the enemy.Any person holding a top position in government or military for the last twenty years is a compromised POS traitor and their mission is to abate any resistence by any militia!Listening to these assholes is sickening and they like the commie government insult your very existence with lies and deciet! So Militia get your stuff together and get moving now!The insane suggestion by Drake today thet we writ in a letter form to our government who we want to be placed in our government is so over the Looney,sprinkle ferry dust will be next,they are so f-up on drugs that the controlers of Drake(MK Ultra) are testing the sutpidity and gullibility of the dumbed down morons on Universal radio,blogtalk radio etc.Just absurd and insane! IMO

    1. Wow! Are you just now realizing this. Drake, Erasmus, Fulford, and all the rest of these asswipes are mind controlled agents. None of them have anything to say but BULLSHIT over and over again. I get a real kick out of people that have been led along by these characters. That's why I come to these blogspots to see what's going on. It's better than any TV show series. You've all been had. What a HOOT!

  4. I am NOT a neocon, so please do not even start.

    But this is the most disturbing video to me I have seen in a long, long time and it is real plus confirmed footage.

    If you want to criticize America's foreign policy, go ahead. But for the love of God, do not apologize for Islam. How can virtually any of you apologize for what Islam does!?!!

    They are the furthest thing from peaceful there is!
    It just flat is not true. And Obama was seen on national news arming Islamic Al-Qaida Jihadists, who kill and cut off people's arms and legs. Flat out, that is what he was doing.

    You realize that this fact, this FACT, destabilizes the Middle East. Islam cannot be apologized for - they are evil and insane. They do things that are murderous and terrible, far worse than what our soldiers are caught doing in Lybia. They actually cut people's arms and legs off and this is tradition for Islam.

    How can any of you, George Soros, Bush, Negroponte how can any of you even sleep at night knowing you enabled this!?

    The radical left in this country is insane, Islam is utterly evil. You can not make that religion into one of peace, when the rules of the Jihad state you must burn and torch the infidel. Who is described as anyone who wears designer clothes, eats chicken, enjoys western culture or in Saudi Arabia shows their shoulders.

  5. If one gets their kicks by seeing or hearing the false testimony of a Drake,Fulford or whom ever,you are a sick M/F that needs to check in to a mental hospital,because you are sick in the head! Join a militia,don't gloat cause you found after ten months of BS coming out of the mouts of these traitors that you are right! Do you just want to be right or do you want to make a difference! You idiott! Do a check up from the neck up! We are all so desperate to see some evidence of a resistence doing their job and I believe their is a plan with no leaders with any balls,just whimps and traitors keeping it from happening.The necessary action should have started fifty years ago and been maintained by patriots,but no,instead they were all bought off and became traitors like frauds we here on freedom radio programs. They have no intention of mounting any resistence,that's why they need to be arrested for treason!It's past time to arrests these terroists treasonous traitors to the USA constitution!