Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Subject: HOW DUMB AND DUMBER CAN WE BE?????????????????????

                         Am I a sore loser. Of course I am, but the real "losers" are those that once again had a brain-fart and elected this fraud (and trillions of other things) to again preside over this once proud and patriotic nation.
                      Yes, I know that some folks on this list of mine did 'not' have a brain-fart and voted for someone who could bail out this sinking and stinking country.
                       But those who again fell for the Barry Soetoro/Barack H. Obama charm, lies and no regard for our Constitution, couldn't have listened to what BO BO spoke about, because he never said anything that wasn't a lie. He and Joe, the lying couple.
                      Yes, the real "losers" are those who decided that BO could 'lead' us through another four years. Well, good luck as this Muslim does what he wants to do, meaning put this country out of business. Now you will see what a brain-fart can produce as the 'messiah' holds court again.
                       How dumb and dumber can we be?????
                           Well, how about Jesse Jackson, Jr., who was recently released from a hospital after having a nervous breakdown, did not campaign, and won his Illinois Congress seat in a blowout. Get the point?
                           What a joke we have become. This is not the same country I grew up in. Thanks "losers."   


  1. Sweet delicious tears! Better turn in your guns and report to the nearest FEMA camp sucka!


  2. Obama's point of view on Terrorists:

    Obama can use the NDAA to go after the persons that killed the US Ambassador and others, but refuses to do so!

    With the USA going into Lybia, Assassinating Gadaffi, handing the government over to al-Queda, handing them Millions of US Tax Dollars which they then buy AK-47s, then they go into the US Embassy to kill the Ambassador and others that tried to defend the Ambassador is NOT considered TERRORISM.

    People trying to get on planes or just walking the streets in America are considered TERRORISTS if they:
    are blind and have a walking cane,
    are crippled and need a walking cane,
    are paraplegic and use a wheelchair,
    are an infant or elderly that use diapers,
    have a cast on for any broken bones,
    have surgical pins in them from injuries,
    or any person that wants to carry on fingernail clippers!

  3. What do you expect when the bankster cabal gives you no choice in Puppets?

    1. That is the correct analogy :thumbsup:

  4. What else can you expect when you have a mass of apathetic sheeple who trip over themselves to believe those who lie and deceive them, but despise those most violently who try to tell them the truth?

  5. Sir you are the loser and I think you should keep your Opinion to your self or go find yourself a new country to RULE, it will not be happening HERE. It over get on with your life.

  6. Damn! What did you expect? This country has been going down the tubes since 1913 and really vamped up after Kennedy was assassinated. Most Americans are brainwashed and braindead and it's too late to change it. The cabal is in full control and their NWO agenda is falling into place. So you guys can forget about the military, militias, white knights and ET's saving you cause it ain't gonna happen. People who believe in Drake, Fulford, Wilcock, Erasmus, Giles, Nidle and all the rest of these gurus are brainwashed and braindead also. These characters are psychotic liars and con artists who prey on the weak minded who believe their crap. So get ready, hunker down and get ready for the ride of you lives cause it ain't gonna be pretty. For those of you who can't take care of yourselves, FEMA camps will be waiting.

  7. A nation of people get the government they deserve. BUT I DON'T.

  8. It's part of the ascension plan. PRESIDENT OBAMA is of the light and will lead not only the United States, but the entire world into the Golden Age.

    Romney was always lying through his teeth, but since the Republicans live in a bubble as Bill Maher says, they think their lies are truth.

    Congrats Barack!! We LOVE YOU!

  9. The problem with the "other party' is that they would have a hard time being a Republic, and that has nothing to do with being Republican.

    Rhetoric. The old Either you are with us or against us mentality.

    The ole, you are dumb/poor/illegal/muslim/(any number of adjectives meant to demean your brothers and sisters) if you vote like I say vote, doesn't work any more. As a matter of fact, it turns people off to your cause.

    Who want's to support more of the same status quo.

    In a world where all discover We are One, and people are still speaking divisively as 'us and them', well your ideas and thoughts have not caught up with the planet.

    She/we are tired of the bickering and tired of the separation rhetoric.

    No matter who won, the other side was going to live with it for 4 more years. Seriously.

    Some of us are just more mature about accepting a 'democracy' where the majority rules than others who pitch it as a 'vote like we say or you aren't one of us, you are an idiot' people.

  10. I have a little tale to tell. My sister in law votes in every election that comes around. She avoids research like the plague and actually runs away when political conversation comes up. From My experience the majority of the white people are like that. The majority of the blacks vote for blacks even if there communist, murdering,homosexuals with forged birth certificates and hates the country HE/SHE is running for office in. We as free men are done finished, stick a fork in us. We don't have the guts as a group to stand and resist, do what's necessary to leve a free nation to our children and grandchildren. Shame on us!!!!!

    1. I am so SICK of homosexual being used in a derogatory manner. You people are absolute bigots. Nobody chooses their sexuality and just because you dont like them doesnt make them gay. There is nothing but freaking hate speech 24/7 on this godforsaken website. I am so...burnt out on negativity. Burnt out on anger, fear, spite..Im so done with it. Half the time things posted here cannot be independently confirmed or they are absolute fallacies. What is all this for? What have we proven as human beings? With ANY of this? That we are petty,small-minded, hateful people. For any of you that still seriously believe advanced life out there wants to bail us out ask yourselves why. Ask why any sentient creature would travel the cosmos with all their wisdom and might to communicate with people who speak with such venom of others who are unlike themselves? Let that sink in.

  11. Keep your panty hose on.

    Since this is God's world, lets see what He wants to do with it now.


    Time to find out WHO we really are, along with what in Heaven's name has been going on so much so that the Illuminati felt they HAD to hide it ALL from us and lie about EVERYTHING.