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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michael Savage: How Obama fixed 2012 election - How they DID it 3 min video

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Michael Savage: How Obama fixed 2012 election - How they DID it 3 min video
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Date: Wednesday, 7-Nov-2012 10:07:32

I think they give the little puppet too much credit by saying he fixed it. We all know his masters did it.
Months ago this was predicted.
Make sure you watch it all. Then pass it far and wide.



  1. According to the Election Commission 100% of the polling places were open, even in the Northeast where Hurricane Sandy hit.

    We need to thank the Election Commission for having the electronic Diabold voting machines available even when there was NO Power at those locations, and people still can NOT purchase, gas, food, and water!

    Those people that died in Sandy came out to vote as it shows in the registrar that they did, so miracles happened!

    Maybe it's time to Arrest everyone on the Election Commission as they have just proven there was Election Fraud as there's still NO Power in those locations, except to vote!

    Now Obama can spend 300+ days per year on VACATION as he is STILL President!

  2. United States Inc still moving right along without any problem. The puppet masters and Obama won again the good guys are nowhere to be found just waiting for the next Paul Revere.

  3. Doesn't this just validate the fact that the entire election voting process is nothing more then a fraud and illusion and has been for generations?


  4. Hahaha you fucking ass hole give it up. Obama didn't fix shit he won because we the people voted for him....your kind are not the ones with the power anymore the 47%, so get on board or hall ass to an island.

  5. RE:11:34 A.M.
    John you'll post anything to promote hate but you won't post My comments that make sense.

  6. Gosh, Romney was not chosen this time guys! Get over it already and start uniting... You are falling into the elite's plan of fear,anger and hate, and thus, lowering overall vibrations. Haven't you all learned anything?! Find something positive about this... Maybe the "Good Guys" are in control and President Obama has agreed to work with them.

    1. Really?!

      "Maybe the "Good Guys" are in control and President Obama has agreed to work with them."

      Ok Pollyanna...

  7. So when the tax credits end in the next couple of months and everyone is paying 30% more in taxes, you get taxed for every electronic transaction at your bank, you our your parents can't get the medical attention that is needed because their too old (comfort care), the Obama fans have no one else to blame but themselves because they voted this into being.