Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letter to all DIVINE Earth Beings:

Letter to all DIVINE Earth Beings:
At this 11th hour, following the 11:11 portal of energy
onto Mother Earth, as she continues her ascension
to December 21, 2012, all Human-Beings that are on
her surface planet need to be "aware" of this CRITICAL
shift and allow to assimilate this energy.  The December
21, 2012 date is not the end but instead, the beginning
of a new Mother Earth and a new time for all of her

All Earth-beings will co-create their reality according
to their own thoughts, feelings, and actions!  What you
say, what you write, how you feel, and the actions that
you take - all CREATE on this planet now, at increasing

It SERVES "no one" to send out NEGATIVE thoughts,
make negative statements.  The time to "BE" the men
and women of God/SOURCE/Spirit is now and to "Do
Unto Others" daily as you would want done unto you!
Just as importantly, it is TIME to exemplify the God
and Goddess that you are, as you have been created!

It is not a time to pull fits of rage, to throw stones at
leaders who are now in place by Divine Decree, or to
doubt.  The two emotions of FAITH and DOUBT can
not co-exist.  The two emotions of LOVE and HATE
can not co-exist.  The two emotions of HOPE and
MAYBE can not co-exist. 

As Human-Beings, free will still is the law and you have
to make a choice to do better now!  YOU can choose to
become beings of a higher vibration now.  YOU can live
in the high energy of LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, and
GLADNESS.  YOU can do this daily for this is how you
are able to make changes!  This is your free will and now
is the time to choose wisely.  It is long pass the time of
continuing to listen to the negativity that still exists on
your news and is still being printed!  CHOOSE to turn
off this negative energy for it does not serve who you
are.  CHOOSE to focus all of your energy on what you
DO WANT and not on the past which revolved around
fear, scarcity, war, hate, and lies. 

It is TIME to call in and ALLOW all of the abundance,
prosperity, and LOVE to flow to everyone and not to
just the few!  YOU can make it happen by using your
innate powers without allowing any doubt or uncertainty
to creep into your thoughts.  YOU can feel HAPPY and
overflow with gratitude for all the goodness that you
have right now so that it can and will expand.  YOU can
choose to do BETTER because you are so much better!

The days of the dark controlling your world have come
to pass their point of no return.  YOU only have to look
at each other and make sure that all are awaken.  YOU
control your destiny because you are no longer a slave
to the untold truth. 

Forgive all those who have caused you harm and visualize
your life as you so desire with complete certainty that it is
so.  Visualize a new United States and a world that thrives
for all people.  It is in the process of now being co-created
by so many right now.

THE TIME has come where talking out of both sides of
your mouth and not walking the walk will not work.  This
is why you are seeing so many resigning, leaving their
positions, or even passing on/off of our Mother Earth. 

The light that is within each, seeks only to be ignited so
that it can shine into every corner that needs to heal. 
YOU have the power.  YOU are the co-creators of peace,
of abundance, of goodness.  YOU are divine love.  It is
time to at last, remember who you are.

Rejoice today, for as you do so, your energy accelerates
which becomes the power that is needed to manifest your
your true abundance and prosperity that you so deserve.

Rejoice today and you will see a better day much sooner.
It is already available, just call it all to you and give great
thanks to yourselves for being able to do so now!
~ Namaste.

Dwell in possibility.  ~ Emily Dickinson

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  1. Encouraging words, thank you.

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