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Live Video From Sherry - At Marathon... "Run, Sherry, Run!"

Live Video From Sherry - At Marathon... "Run, Sherry, Run!"

On October 21st, I spent a sunny Syracuse Sunday morning doing
something that I've never done before in my entire life.

I ran a full marathon.
26.2 miles.
4 hours, 34 minutes and 5 seconds of running.  Not as fast as Forrest Gump would have done it, but hey...for someone who at age 50 is not exactly a "spring chicken," that was no easy challenge!
Now, I was thinking of all of you that day and prepared a very special video message for you--check it out here:
After feeling the sheer joy and elation of crossing the finish line, I couldn't help but wonder, "What in the WORLD am I going to feel like tomorrow?!"t;t;
Know what?
I felt great!
A little bit tired, a couple sore muscles for a day, but otherwise fantastic.
There's a very good reason for that.
You see, not only do I have eating and lifestyle habits that support health and fitness, but I also know how to effectively fight the main underlying cause of aches and pains.
Here's the scoop on inflammation, how it can manifest itself inside of you, and most importantly, what YOU can do about it:
Inflammation: The culprit behind your pain
Inflammation is the culprit behind aches and pains of all kinds.
Now, we all incur temporary inflammation at one time or another, especially if we get injured or have an infection. In those instances, inflammation is actually an integral part of the healing process.
But the problem arises when inflammation is not controlled and becomes CHRONIC. Then it can turn into conditions like arthritis, myofascitis (muscle pain), atherosclerosis, fibromyalgia, migraines and back problems.
Unfortunately, there are many factors that we ALL are exposed to that commonly lead to chronic inflammation.
They include:
- Environmental toxins
- Medications (both OTC and prescription)
- Acid wastes from food and cell metabolism
- Inappropriate immune responses
- An Omega-3 essential fatty acid deficiency

Since it's hard to always avoid the causes of inflammation 100%, it's important to do whatever you can to fight it and prevent it from making YOU feel miserable.
The good news is, there are three VERY effective ways that you can battle inflammation and thereby help prevent or significantly reduce YOUR pain:
1- Clean out your "inner garbage dump"
Excess acid wastes are THE #1 most common cause of inflammation.
Now, it's normal for your body to create acid wastes. They're basically the by-product of digestion and normal cell metabolism. And when your body is functioning like it should, these wastes are eliminated through your "exits"--the colon, kidneys, lungs and skin.
But many people have acid waste BUILDUP, meaning their bodies have SO much acid waste that they can't effectively eliminate it all...
So the wastes instead get reabsorbed into your bloodstream and lymphatic system, and can light fires of inflammation from head to toe.
Acid waste buildup is mainly the result of eating foods that are inherently acid-creating (especially fast food and packaged foods) and poor digestion.
But just as easily as you add to your waste pile by eating the WRONG foods, you can help empty it by simply eating the RIGHT foods. The human body is amazing in that it can bounce back and overcome years and even DECADES of "food abuse" -- often with lightning-like speed.
But for that to happen, you have to give it the proper inner environment.
And that is precisely what following my advice in the Great Taste No Pain health system will help you achieve.
The whole GTNP system is designed to help cleanse your body internally which can significantly reduce inflammation.
The GTNP manuals will spell out the few simple things you need to tweak in your diet that can make all the difference in the world.
Now DON'T WORRY! You'll be able to eat incredibly tasty, delicious, lip-smackin foods you LOVE. You just need to be careful about what foods you eat together to help your digestion to be accomplished thoroughly, and incorporate some more alkalinizing foods into your meals.
When you reduce your acid waste buildup, you'll be shocked at how much and how quickly your pain can dissipate.
How does THAT sound to you?

2- Smarten up your immune system
Probiotics support the development of regulatory T cells in your immune system. These T cells help reduce "mixed-up" immune responses where your immune system "attacks" your body, causing pain and inflammation.
These confused actions by your immune system are a major contributing factor in painful autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and Crohn's.
Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula can help balance your intestinal flora and ensure that you have a strong army of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your system.
Super Shield's 13 strains of potent friendly bacteria can help encourage more natural anti-inflammatory T-cells to develop, which in turn can help combat inappropriate immune responses.
That can lead to SIGNIFICANT decreases in inflammation and pain.

3- Get the proper ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 EFAs
A deficiency in Omega-3 essential fatty acids is a major cause of inflammation and pain.
You see, Omega-6 and Omega-3 EFAs work together in a specific way in your body. Omega-6 EFAs stir up inflammation when you need it (such as when you're injured) and then the Omega-3 EFAs come in and calm everything down.
But when you have too many inflammation-causing Omega-6 EFAs and too few calming Omega-3 EFAs, that's what can lead to chronic inflammation (and LOTS of pain).
And thanks to our typical diets, most people have WAAAAY too many Omega-6s and far too few Omega-3s.
So to help prevent chronic inflammation, it's essential to replenish your Omega-3 supply with a pure pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplement.
VitalMega-3 is a super-potent, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil formula that delivers a full 1,000 mg. of the necessary EPA and DHA essential fatty acids in every daily 2-capsule serving.
Study after study continues to support fish oil's capability to naturally reduce pain and inflammation from conditions like arthritis. Even doctors are recommending fish oil more and more to their patients with chronic pain and seeing impressive results.
Now THAT'S exciting!

See for yourself
Don't think that there's nothing you can do to combat pain and inflammation other than taking OTC or prescription medications when something hurts.
Don't shy away from participating in fun activities because you're afraid you'll "pay for it" later.
Calm inflammation and pain naturally, each and every day. Boost your body's natural inflammation fighting power and you'll find each of your new pain-free days a whole lot sweeter.
Let me help you experience the amazing power of natural healing for yourself.
Put Great Taste No Pain, Super Shield and VitalMega-3 to work against your pain NOW.
And feel as great as my 50 year-old body did after running that marathon!
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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PPS: At age 64, Susan is feeling great in so many ways!
Dear Sherry:
Thank you, thank you, and thank you - 1000 times over again.
I had been diagnosed with diverticulosis seven years ago. The truth is I have always had to be very careful about what I ate and when I ate it. Food was not my friend.
After a recent visit to the doctor (I had been experiencing non-stop tummy problems for 3-4 months) and the nurse practitioner looking at me and asking me what I wanted to do about it, I went home and decided that they (the medical profession) had no plan to help me with my situation.
I did a search on the internet for diverticulosis and up your website popped!
Life has been ever so much better since I have been on your eating plan. I have Iost 14 pounds (most of it poop I believe!); sleep very soundly at night now, no need for extra pillows because I don't get clogged up anymore (I thought I had allergies - I did - only the allergies were caused by eating the wrong foods together) and my energy level has soared.
My arthritis has also subsided. I was fortunate that I was not on any medication, but after following your plan, my overall aches and pains have significantly been reduced.
My brother, who has suffered from Crohn's Disease for 18 years, is also on the plan. He has basically stopped taking all of his medication. He tells me everyday how much better he feels and the problematic diarrhea is non-existent.
He can't believe how much better he feels. He just turned 66 and tells me this is the best he has felt in years!
For me, not having stomach pain everyday, not having to worry about eating (will I have to be close to a bathroom just in case the food ran through me) - all of those worries/issues have disappeared.
I feel released from an endless cycle that had me almost chained to my house each day for fear of having some unexpected 'accident' while out in public.
Again, thank you, thank you, and thank you.
Age 64 and feeling better than ever thanks to your plan!
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