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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Below is an article alerting us about a new weaponized pandemic flu vaccine being brewed by the CDC  per Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.) 

General Bert: New Weaponized Flu!

"Be a Vaccine Refuser with Me!" - Dr. Rima


"Be afraid... be very afraid..." is exactly how "they" want you.  They want you in fear (it lowers your immunity) and they want you to do whatever they say -- take the latest, even more deadly, Flu Vaccine.  I have identified three instances in the past decade where I could see clear signs that an attempt was occurring to weaponize the "seasonal" flu.  Our strong PUSH BACK stopped those efforts, including the 2009 "novel" Swine Flu vaccine panic. YOUR millions of emails stopped that threat and left Uncle Sam with billions of dollars in happily unused vaccines.

I am now seeing similar intelligence data points leading me to conclude:  We must closely monitor the CDC ("Centers for Disease Control") to prevent another genocide attempt by disease.  This winter's flu "season" is a particularly risky moment when a deadly pandemic would serve the tyrannical, genomicidal intent of the globalist elite.  With the continuing disaster from Fukushima and the looming hyperinflation, expect the worst.

An example of one recent datapoint: "...government advisory committee yesterday endorsed the [sic] safety and immunogenicity of an adjuvant-containing H5N1 influenza vaccine proposed for inclusion in the US pandemic emergency stockpile, signaling that it could become the first adjuvanted flu vaccine to win approval in the United States..."


You must understand the serious threat that an "adjuvanted" flu vaccine poses.  In 2009 the Secretary of HHS confessed to Congress that the FDA's own scientists "would not sign off" on an adjuvanted Flu vaccine.  It is that dangerous.

At that time, indicated the Secretary, it could only be used if the safety system was circumvented by a National Health Emergency

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