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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voter Fraud: People Go to Vote, Ballots Already Cast in their Names; Others Vote More than Once

Voter Fraud: People Go to Vote, Ballots Already Cast in their Names; Others Vote More than Once

Reports flood in from social media outlets claiming widespread voting problems.
From: Twitchy.com
November6, 2012
@megynkelly @foxnewspolitics My Aunt Joanne tried to vote for Romney in Pittsburgh, someone had already voted using her name for BO #fraud

Brown_Man (@Jersey_Brownie) November 06, 2012
Evidently, Aunt Joanne isn’t alone. Other Twitter users report a similar issue. They show up to vote and are told they have voted already.
Apparently someone already voted in my name? #paininmyass #systemfuckup
Walker Funk (@callmedublya) November 06, 2012
A friend of mine (former GOP official) showed up to vote in VA this morning and was informed he’d already done so. He had not.—
Guy Benson (@guypbenson) November 06, 2012
It’s crazy cause when I went to the polls to voted, my name already had an by it like I voted n shit—
FlyAssHippie (@Sweetheart_Shai) November 06, 2012
@erikrush sorry, young man in line with me said his family in illinois was told they cld not vote they had already voted, they had not.—
Ricky Kirk (@rickykirk) November 06, 2012
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