Monday, May 27, 2013

To Drake--On the passing of Poof

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To Drake--On the passing of Poof
Posted By: TwinFlame [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 27-May-2013 08:32:21

To Drake--On the passing of Poof
Dear Drake,
I want to make you aware that Poof or Poofness passed away on May 23, 2013.
I am aware that you have not been familiar with him, or at least you indicated such on your show.
He has been carrying the torch of freedom for some 20 years and has kept hope alive for many.
I know that because he has kept hope alive for me.
And yes, the Prosperity Programs are very real AND ARE TOTALLY SEPARATE FROM THE COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS.
He was a great patriot, a personage great spiritual development, in other words a person of great depth and Being.
I mention it to you now because you made some dismissive comment about him on one of your shows.
I winced when you did this, but then again, you did not really know him.
I also wince if an individual makes disparaging remarks about you.
I believe in you, and if you had known Poof you would have been great friends I believe.
So many of our patriots have left us--Christopher Story, Tommy Buckley, Ted Gunderson, and now Poof.
It is especially sad now that we are so close to the finish line.
Please take care of yourself,
Denise N.


  1. Drake is irrelevant.

  2. Nice post. Thanks.

    I don't know that we can say that Drake is "dismissive" if he just doesn't know the man.
    My impression is that Drake is in "rapid-fire" mode and has to get through the questions.
    He is on a mission.

    But you are right in that if they gotten to know each other they could have been a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Drake has his moments but is, overall, a pompous windbag. There are numerous things that if he were so "connected" he would be familiar with but is not. It would be easy for most of us to "elucidate" a lot of his diatribe, however, he does not seem to know what the true meaning of his word is! NEXT!!!!

  4. Would like to hear from casper and patrick bellringer concerning poof's death. And please, people, don't start this conspiracy crap about poof's death. The man just died.

  5. Well anymore it's hard to say what really happened. As now a days it seems so common to either silence somebody intentionally, or they stage their death for they have no other way out, or maybe they just simply do die. You just don't know who to believe anymore. There has been some reference to the fact that Christopher Story is still alive somewhere and so is Michael Jackson like Elvis. Who knows anymore. For you Poof whatever you had to do, even if it was your final departing...Thank You from the bottom of my heart. And if you had to disappear for some other reason unknown. I am glad for you. Again Thank You for keeping hope alive in us that long.

  6. I started listening to Drake when he came on the scene taking about the "Soon to be GREEN LIGHT military action. My take on him now is that he is a DRUNK who likes to talk & very good at hearing himself taking to those who would believe his so-called INTEL. He appears to be drunk and rambles about nothing, except stories about HORSE HOCKEY and SUCH stuff with no REAL INTEL. Several co - host have left as a result finding out about him. I wish he were right and TRULY hope to be proven wrong about him. I am not here to discredit Drake but I see he has nothing of substance to provide INTEL on these calls. AGAIN I hope I am WRONG about him.