Thursday, October 31, 2013

De jure Grand Jury's forming across America

Hi John,

Thought you might like to post this. It is We the People who must ACT to restore our Republic and America. We must step up and do our part. Become a grand juror!


  1. It is MANDATORY that you NOT be a UNITED STATES Citizen as that MANDATES you comply with the Cabal!

  2. This crap is sending people to prison don't you idiots ever learn.Tim Turner got 18 years IT DOES NOT WORK

    1. not from forming a grand jury. From his ucc paperwork. anyone with intelligence can look the case up. how is it illegal when its the PEOPLE'S RIGHT!

    2. Turner was a fool. It does work...

    3. If this stuff works explain why :
      1.None of the Maritime lawsuits has ever been paid.
      2.Soverns are going to jail for running around without tags on their cars.
      3.Many of them are in jail for bank fraud,wire fraud and so on.
      4.Who is going to enforce ANYTHING these Grand Juries come up with.

  3. So until the Republic is back, What are we to do to stop the IRS from Seizing our wages and bank accounts to pay them, even if we did file a lawsuit and LOST?
    Spend thousands of dollars to fight when we are too poor?
    I think the ONLY case that needs to be brought before the De Jure Grand Jury is the Act of 1871, and that THE UNITED STATES, INC. is Unconstitutional, therefore everything since then is ILLEGAL!!!

  4. If the De Jure Grand Juries take action on the Act of 1871, THE UNITED STATES, INC. gets incorporated Unconstitutionally, then there CAN NOT be 50 states that would be needed to have the full effect of the Constitution as ONLY 37 states existed Prior to 1871.
    How can any of these last 13 states become Lawful states if they were approved of by only THE UNITED STATES, INC.?

    List of U.S. states by date of statehood
    Colorado was the 1st after 1871 as it was established in 1876, ND 1889, SD 1889, MT 1889, WA 1889, ID 1890, WY 1890, UT 1896, OK 1907, NM 1912, AZ 1912, AK 1959, and HI 1959.
    And even then Congress was Unconstitutional to PASS this Act of 1871 since the Southern states walked out of Congress in 1861, which would include these states are NOT states yet; WV 1863, NV 1864, and NE 1867 so there ARE ONLY 34 Constitutional States in America!
    ALL laws and statutes are NULL and VOID since 1871 and we don't need to go down the list to bring in front of a De Jure Grand Jury for the: Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax Act, Social Security Act, Patriot Act, and Obamacare as well all the others!
    And therefore all the FR Interest Paid to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers MUST be Returned with Interest and Penalties!!!

    1. The entire idea is that this is a Common Law Grand Jury. Which means We The People have the choice to remove ourselves from the international corporate courts that protect their interests. The people must have their day in court with the common individual always being judged by a jury of their piers. Common Law respect the Constitution.

      Unlike the corporate courts which has the Judge acting as the Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Today's Judges tell criminal juries what and how to think. The juries are hand picked with political agendas to insure the verdict. Corporate Law violates the Constitution and upholds illegal Statute, Codes, and Regulation which violates our Constitution.

      I ASKED a Judge in court if we were going to honor the Constitution. He barked out with ferver, ...

      At least he was honest. I've got his number and the witness' names!