Orders to CEO/President Donald J. Trump

You ask what We THE People want, we are telling you.
Immediately deliver Ambassador Leo Wanta's money to him
Immediately end inland piracy and prosecution of victimless crimes
Immediately end direct apportioned tax against the people
Enforce the original 13th Amendment

Signed: We THE People 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Definition of Insanity...

Definition of Insanity...


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  1. As a living man or woman if you believe you are a citizen to any fictitious entity such as United States Corp or State of Corp, then you are a SLAVE volunteering into servitude.

    If you are a born FREE man or woman then you cannot be a citizen of anything because you are the highest power and authority over you. A citizen is a subject that is subjected to a higher power and authority. Why would a living man or woman relinquish their God given sovereignty in exchange to become a citizen subject to a higher power and authority to some fictitious corporation just to become a slave?

    Living beings are not the citizens. The fictitious Title (Name) they use is the citizen. Only a fiction can be a citizen of a fiction.

    Wake up people! Time to come out of that deep sleep you have been living in your entire life!