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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Subject: dinar: UPDATE FROM GENERAL 64

General 64:
Hello everyone,
You have not heard from me in a while on the Dinar, but Now is the time for you to start paying attention again.
I have been in constant contact with several very, very connected people and I have chosen to stay out of putting info out that is always subject to change, but I do hear it all.
With that said, I want you to be aware that there is a ton of misinformation  that is hitting the boards and it has
set reasons for the misinformation.  Bottom line, like I have been saying there is a battle in the background going
on between the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys want this done like yesterday ( so we fund them for the next 1000 years), and it is the good guys, that are the ones holding it off.  The bad guys think they have the power still to put it through and that is why you keep hearing it
is happening today, everyday, but they are learning that they are no longer in power to do it.  BIG changes are in the works.
Now again I hear we are on a High Alert for this to happen, but I need to make you aware of a situation so you will know how to react.
There is info hitting the boards about all these very high rates and today they are putting out that the high rates will be very limited and you need to call the 800# as soon as they are posted on the different boards.
If you took my advise that I put out a long time ago, and signed up on the General64 list then you need to pay attention to this.
This is the list that was sent to Wells Fargo for the WU-China private placement.  General has no say about anything with this list any more and it is only in Wells Fargo Hands at this point.  NOTHING that anyone is saying, Tony or other wise, is talking about this private group.
So the info that was put out today by the Guru's does not apply to this group.
I am still hearing this Private Placement is the best place for you to be as the rate still has the premium.
What you need to do at this point is watch your email, If you are signed up on that list, you will be getting a email Directly from Wells Fargo with the 800# to call.  This 800# is not to be shared, as if someone calls the 800# and there name is not already on the list they will not be allowed to use it.
If you are on the list it is your choice to wait for the email from Wells for the private rate or call the 800#"s that the boards post but remember those will be the public rates.
We are hoping that the private email will come first but we are hearing it can all happen around the same time, no one knows.
If you are getting this email and are not already on that list, I am sorry but it has been closed for 6 months now.
I will keep you informed when I get my email and will also put out a text.
Lets all pray this finally happens and that the good guys are the ones that put it through.


  1. Thank you General64s!

    Thank you for taking the high road Sir!

    We see through the misinformation marry go round Intel..

    1. can you post the link to the group, i joined and that e-m account doesnt exist for me anymore

  2. How can I check to be certain I am on the List?

  3. odd this update is not on the general 64 blog.....

  4. Another Guru scumbag taking advantage of the people to cash in on their misery. I have a written statement from Wells Fargo that they have nothing to do with the DINAR RV, I also have a statement emailed from Ms. Lagarde that she has nothing whatsoever to do with this scam and that she has never written or made any public comments about the RV or Iraqi Dinar.
    Anyone doubt it, too bad, those that seek truth will find it.

    1. NO KIDDING!!! I don't have any idea what this "RV" is, nor do I know what the "dinar" is all about, but it just has SCAM written all over it. First it's going to be delivered, then it's being held up by people unknown, then it's going to be delivered, then it's held up again. What a giant boat load of excrement!!!.

    2. you all need to look in the mirro! what you critcize on the outside is merely a reflection of of what is inside of you! You speak of scams, the federal reserve system is the biggest fraud ever created on this planet, said Luis T. Mcfadden. Get your heads out of where the sun don't shine and pull like everyone else for the Global Currency Reset

  5. And I have a telegram from Pedro Gonzales Tines y Lopez that the RV will occur on the morning that the pope wakes up with a hair-lip. Long live the pope!
    Respectfully yours,
    Tonto Goldstein aka Bubba

  6. And I have a telegram from Pedro Gonzales Tines y Lopez that the RV will occur on the morning that the pope wakes up with a hair-lip. Long live the pope!
    Respectfully yours,
    Tonto Goldstein aka Bubba

  7. Good post if true, but f you listened to Tony's call today, everything is far from good and they continue to get away with it. And guess who is is...The Banks as John Mcaffie called it before they knew about it. So I guess john was right and it's the dirty corrupted banks that it comes down to. And the saddest part is that like Tony says.. they are having a meeting right now and this meeting is not to correct the situation to get people paid and on with it, but rather a meeting to see how they can stop dinarland from cashing out all together. Wow, what a saga......if I do say so myself.


  9. Have a friend who was a member of Generals 64, had to move and change e-mail address because of new location. How to let master list know this???? Thanks for your considerations.

  10. Have a friend who moved and had to get another e-mail address because of location. How to notify master list from Generals 64??

  11. I sign ed up in Oct 2013 would like to now if I'm still on list I do have confermation.?

  12. I have also moved and Have a new Address and Email How do we get this imformation to the proper people

  13. I believe that I signed up for your group but I want to confirm I am.
    How do I confirm

  14. Hello, I have signed up with this group in 2013, recieved the confirmation emails and a few update, but have heard nothing recently. e-mail is muddeled at the providers end... but phone remains the same....any way to update my info. red47@tds.net is listed email thanks red-hot-45@excite.com

  15. I originally signed up a few years ago, but now I would like to update my information. Recently married and moved out of state. Changed my email also, Need to be sure I get notified. What do I do ?