One Pissed Off American

Good Morning Pissed Off Americans

Yes, it’s high time this RV shit finally takes place. We are F***ing tired of this game back and forth because “O Factor” is not happy because he is not getting enough money. Oh boo hoo to you A**hole.

Most of you peeps probably don’t know this, our Military, those hairy legged skirt wearing girly boys, cannot operate as a unit in Washington DC. Did you know that! Why you ask, here is why, when congress of the past set aside land from Maryland and Virginia to form District of Columbia it was created as another country. And when the d***heads in 1871 created the “Act of 1871” it gave this geographical area called DC a false constitution which is to ignore our organic constitution. Go F***ing figure! F***ing lawyers again!!!

So if the hairy legged skirt wearing girly boys tried anything in DC, it’s an act of WAR. Ain’t that F***ing funny to you! So go home “O Factor” b***er and let us American’s run our own place. So you Girly Boys are you going to get off your cushion seats in that odd number building and do something??

Oh hell, why don’t we get together as you know “We The People” thing and do a grand jury. Yea, and say things in that grand jury like the law passed by old congress in 1871 was illegal and not valid due to fact that the south walking out of congress broke the contract. Lincoln was not president any more when that happened. He had no power. Sh**, my educated friend showed me, that the Constitution is a contract between States & Federal. The only one’s who could pull Congress back together is the states executive. So any think after South walked out is “void ab initio", blows me away, or another way of saying it "to be treated as invalid from the outset".

And that bast**** Lincoln, who monkey butt, floppy ears likes, usurped his authority and also caused the South to attack the north with the first false flag. Lincoln shut off the sea port in the south causing the South to attack a fort. That Bast****! And F***ing Lincoln wrote the first Executive Order to do that. What!!!! My friend is smart. Come to understand, that he could write the Executive Order because the law of the land was now under Military Rule. Sometime in 1863 they came out with government running rules that usurped the Constitution in Lieber Code. Named after some military general I guess. Whatever!

So how do we get this sh** cancelled, hmm, my friend said we need a “Cease War Peace Treaty” between the south and north. This would stop this Lieber crap. No more Wars, novel idea. He pointed out that every Actor President would come on TV and declare some “War on DRUG’s”, “War on blah, blah blah”. He said it had a frequency of every 2 years. I asked why, to “RENEW” since if we did not have a war every 2 years, they would have to stop Lieber sh**. Wow, so how did this a**hole get around this one, he wrote an executive order with renewal. Da**it! This sh** is getting old, you know,

Personally, we don’t need this crap. And I thought “We The People” per the Declaration of Independence tells us we are the Government and we allow some portion of our authority to PUBLIC servants to manage the day to day work. Notice the word servants. Who are the servants, oh, those who are elected or appointed in PUBLIC eye view. Oh, shit, you tell me they ain’t Royalty. They damn sure think they are and we are to bow to them.

At work, I know “johnny” did not do his job so they fired him. OK, we can fire all of the Federal executive, legislative, judicial people because they have not followed the oath – duty of their office and they plain F***ed us for years. And I since we are considered to be a PRIVATE Nation, you know, not traded on Wall Street, we can fire the D***heads because they are D***heads. Private owners can release people because they can or need to. We certainly need to since they ran us into the financial ground with this alone. And monkey butt, floppy ears has been the worst.

Did you know that the new USA currency was to be publically released in paper form on Monday of this week. The rumor, some bullsh** around monkey butt stopped this from release. Ok, move forward assw*pes and move this into public. They – the F***ing Cabal seems to tie everything up to stop the release of wealth to the people. You get my drift.

We need the RV thing done. I need a new truck. Mommy needs a new pair of boots. We need that Lieber code to stop, so we need to have that “Cease to War Peace Treaty” between North & South. Sh**, I’m up here in North, I’ll sign, you Southern’ s ready to sign. We need those hairy legged skirt wearing girly boys to pick up those Federal folks for derelict of duty and F***ing us for years. We living in our states can run things with those hairly legged folks until we’s be ready to put some real folks into those jobs not credential-less and lawyers. Those folks in states with borders, shit, shut them down. You got illegals, shit, send them back. My mommy was American before she birthed me, so you not American, you and baby can go back where you came from. War, you want pissed of Americans on your door steps? If you do, you are dumber than me.

Well, lets get this shit a rolling, I got to get back to hunting here shortly, you smart people, talk to my friend Bob, he’s got this shit down pat and wants us, American’s to get a new suit, clean shave, ours shoes shined and health both physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

One Pissed Off American, signing off for now. Remember, You too believe the same way, just scared to say or do, so lets change this together!



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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Judge Makes Order To Investigate Obama's Social Security Number

Subj: Judge Makes Order To Investigate Obama's Social Security Number

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  1. Jefferson said only an enlightened people are the safe depositary of power for the proper functioning of a republic and that the whole mass should be educated and informed because they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
    The purpose of NLA is to educate, organize, and empower “the People” at the grass roots level so that “the People”, not NLA and certainly not me, can save America, although I am one of those People. There is no short cut, there is no other way, regardless of what anyone says.
    We have been researching the political and judicial realms since the spring of 2008 (5 years), and NLA is the fruit of that labor. We started off with the name New York Committeemen, and then changed it to National Liberty Alliance when the people of other states drafted us. We had no intentions of going national, it was our hope to be successful in NY and other people in other states might follow our lead.
    Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, which he established in 1819 as a secular institution after he left the presidency he believed that libraries and books were so integral to individual and institutional education that he designed the university around its library.
    NLA was inspired,and we offer American History lectures; Constitution classes; Bible studies; Common Law lectures; We have the 5000 year leap and Lysander’s “Trial by Jury” on audio and pdf.; We have links to scores of Law Libraries; We have RSS feeds from Congress, Supreme Court and the Whitehouse; We have all the founding Documents, biographies, Roberts Rules and much more; We have "all the Great Works" - Jefferson’s beloved classical education; We, have the complete “Road to the Continental Congress 2009 in video; We have most if not all of G. Edward Griffin’s documentaries; We have extensive research on money, survival, poisons, health issues, JFK, and more; We have RRS news feeds and our own page on Common Law Grand Juries Breaking News.;
    We found no course on how to access our courts so we wrote our own and give it away for free; We have posted many of our own cases among them two land mark cases, Second Amendment & the Free Committeeman, that we argued.; We have written many papers to educate and guide people such as: State plan, National plan, Administrators Duties, Extraordinary Remedies, Grand Jury enforcement, Grand Jury Handbook, We the People -v- the 14th Amendment, Without an unfettered jury there can be no Liberty, … to name a few.
    We provide lists of State Coordinators and County Organizers with phone numbers so that people can work together in their endeavor for justice. We provide national and state forums, message boards and calendars.
    We are on Blog Talk Radio every Monday night where we discuss all the aforementioned things. In our first hour we give updates and endeavor to teach something new. And our 2nd and 3rd hour is an open forum where we answer any question no matter how difficult we put it all out there, we have nothing to hide. If “na-sayers” have something to say we listen and respond. We treat everyone with respect, even those who don’t deserve it
    We express daily in “His” words - HONOR, JUSTICE, & MERCY. We wrote a Jurist Oath and Constitution. We wrote a Declaration with authorities that we are filing in every county records department and every common law court upon every county constituted jury administration, for the education of the people and a memorial for the unalienable rights of the People.
    “True Liberty requires a spiritually mature People to be free and independent”, and we pray that, that is what we are building up.
    In conclusion the only place NLA is leading people is back to God and their heritage, and I pray unceasingly that we, by his mercy be found worthy of his blessings of Liberty again, and if not, “so help us God”.
    John Darash
    Mat 5: 1-16
    Posted on behalf of John Darash and the NationalLibertyAlliance State/county Leadership

  2. There is NO Constitutional requirement to search into the SSN to press charges against Obama just to remove him from office!
    Why is it that anyone else that has tried to run as a Presidential candidate in which they had one parent as NOT a US Citizen, was DENIED, yet for Obama it is out in the open and he promotes it as well that his father was from Kenya!
    By the way, Kenya was NOT a Country till 1963, 2 years after Obama was born, so Obama HAS LIED TO THE PEOPLE!!!

    1. The requirement for being a Presidential candidate is that ONE parent has to be a legal citizen at the time of birth, and the candidate HAS to be born on American soil. It doesn't matter where Obama's father was born. These facts have been reiterated to exhaustion by the press, the courts, and public debate. I can guarantee one thing, as much as the Republicans hate Obama, if there was one shred of truth in these accusations, he would have been gone long ago. That fact alone is proof that he is legit.

  3. So what! Ain't nothing gonna come of it.