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Wednesday, January 1, 2014



The Global Network has just completed the implementation of the new asset backed global banking system, and are ready to index the redemption of the People of God (YHWH).  Attached is the Bathsheba and Esther Trust which is under the Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Trust.  (This is written in plain language for ease of understanding.)   Dr. Henderson and myself are the Stewards of this Trust, by virtue of the fact that Dr. Henderson is also Steward of the Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Trust (SCPR).  The SCPR Trust is one of the principal trusts for the restoration of the 197 nations which have just completed their indexing. 
To understand the documents supporting the Jubilee for redemption of the people, please go to the following website,  As of November 3, 2013, the United States of America is now returned to our Constitutional Republic through Omni-Law, which has also been implemented in the 197 nations. Our US government officials have already seen these documents, and have been calling Dr. Henderson for the last weeks for their personal redemption as well.

The Bathsheba and Esther Trust document is also available under REDEMPTION DOCUMENTS (We the People), for those people you send to the website.  All persons, including infants, young children, must be indexed, until we have indexed everyone globally.  This will take time, but will be completed.  You may fax the completed documents to me at 501-330-2707, or return via email at

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 501-681-2386.


Shelley Bolling

Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights

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  1. Sept. 26, 2014 GLOBAL NETWORK UPDATE
    WITH DR. HENDO I. L. HENDERSON ​with Shelley Bolling THIS FRIDAY EVENING 9.26.2014 AT 8:30 PM CST/9:30 EST
    712-432-0075 PIN: 435424#
    To hear REPLAY from your phone: 712-432-1085 PIN: 435424# 2014