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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." – Aristotle

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Earth and its People Will DEFINITELY TRANSCEND Very Soon (as Reported in my Research).
This Is Beyond Exciting to be Sure!! There is Nothing Religious or Man-Made regarding This Event
or ASCENSION to 4th Dimension. What IS SAD for me is that but Very Few people in my Life cycle
Understand OR Care to understand. BUT that is OK.

Video Below. No One or Nothing Can/Will Prevent the TIMING of this Illustrious Event. I do not intend to bore you but my Excitement can hardly be contained. I'm like a little child about at Christmas with FREE Gifts un-imaginable. "I-SON" is but a drop in the bucket compared to Things in store for Earth and ALL People. The words "Awesome or Incredible" can not begin to explain what I SEE, Hear, FEEL and Understand.. Thank you for watching and Get Ready. -cary 

The Video below can be read in English by pressing the CC Button on the LOWER Right Side of the screen.. AND the Square Button will create FULL SCREEN.. Hit [Esc KEY] to reduce size of Picture. 
Any Questions Call /email, I will Try to help. There are 2 More Videos available. IF you like let me know.  Comments?

COMET ISON; The Event, Tolec and The TRUTH. (1.5 Hrs) Click here >


  1. John,

    Do you know the source of this post?

    Who is Cary?

  2. The only place you're going to transcend to is your local FEMA camp.

  3. I wish Tolec understood that we are already in the 4th dimension. We are moving to the 5th dimension.