Friday, January 17, 2014


Update For the GCR
I'll try to make this as brief as possible, but there are a number of things to discuss today.
As a preface to where I'm going today, let me take you back to a prophetic Word issued by Chuck Pierce perhaps as much as a year ago when he was in Beijing. Speaking to a large group of economists and business leaders, Chuck prophesied that China (and I'm paraphrasing him here) would reverse its financial position in the world with the United States. Holy Spirit has on several occasions prompted Chuck to prophesy with regard to a move of the Spirit in China, and he has visited the country on several occasions, being welcomed by both government officials and Christian leaders in the country.
Following that visit of a year or so ago and his ministry to this large group of economists, one of China's leading economists and a member of the current government stood in that same meeting and made a rather bold statement. "From now on, China will begin operating financially after the model set forth by Jesus Christ." (Again, I'm paraphrasing his comments since I don't have the text of that statement in front of me.)
Other prophetic leaders in the body of Christ have for the past years been speaking about a vast turnaround in China and a move of God to come that would transform the nation.
I'm not suggesting that we've seen this incredible change as of yet, and certainly the mainstream media only focuses its reporting on the international political wrangling between the U.S. and China, as well as China's efforts to influence the global currency reset. That said, China has certainly become a driving force in the ongoing process to release the GCR.
For some time, now, we have been aware of a growing shift as the "button-pushing" capability has moved towards China. We've already commented on some bond issues and bond-swap (or debt-swap) issues between the U.S. and China that have been a factor in the hold-up, and have also noted that American investors have (or may yet) held more Chinese debt than the Chinese government holds of U.S. debt. Don't misunderstand or misconstrue what I'm saying here, please. There have certainly been other factors influencing the delay of the Global Currency Reset including political events in Iraq. With Iraq's currency being the pivot in this process, they certainly play a major role.
Again, I want to stress that this is far more than an Iraqi event, and if folks only keep their eyes on what is happening in Iraq, they will be misled. Nevertheless, let me remind you that before Dr. Shabibi was so rudely and corruptly removed from his post as the Governor of the CBI, he several times made the statement that the CBI would need a three-day period in which to revalue the Dinar. Some months ago, I made comment on one of Frank's CC's that I had been on the CBI website when they were testing out new WebPages in preparation for a new website.
I note this only because the CBI website has been down, and today is the third day the information -- at least on the English-language portion -- has not updated. We saw the information completely removed, then saw the work being done on the Arabic side of the site, and then watched them put numbers back up on the English-language side in red. The humor in the numbers on the English-language side is that they are the same numbers that were up prior to the take-down of the CBI site. It almost appears that there was an auction today using the old rates, but when you compare today's numbers against the numbers of three days ago, they are identical; and the odds of duplicating to the last detail on two separate trading days are pretty remote in my opinion.
Moving along, we note that Vietnam's Central Bank has also been making significant changes to its numbers and its website. When one realizes that China is a primary backer of Vietnam, this portends great significance. Repeating something I wrote perhaps 15 months ago, PriceWaterhouseCoopers has projected that Vietnam is due to become the 17th largest economy in the world within the coming decade. The revalue of the Dong should be of real importance to us in our strategic planning in the days to come, and it is possible (according to some of my sources) that the eventual return on the VND/VNN will outweigh the return on the IQD/IQN.
I've said all that to say this: Because of a number of political and economic events unfolding behind the scenes that I will not comment on in this post, it appears that there is significant cooperation taking place between China and Iraq in the timing of the RV/GCR release. A number of people have asked me if Iraq will revalue its currency first, and then -- a few days or weeks later -- the GCR would be released. The straight answer to this question is a resounding, NO! With the potential return on the VND, the IDR and other revaluing currencies, a gap between the RV of the IQD and other currencies would spawn double-dipping on a scale you can't even imagine, and it could tip the balance of economic power in ways global economists shudder to think about.
Let's get to the end of this report, shall we? All of the evidence in front of me suggests that China is going to pull the trigger on the GCR in cooperation with the CBI. It is my position that we have seen a shift of the favor of God towards the Chinese, no matter how you might want to characterize this otherwise. The timing of events behind the scenes is simply too coincidental to ignore. Will they do that this weekend? Could be! Will they push it off yet a few days or even a week or more? If I could personally talk to the central bankers who are all cooperating together in this move, perhaps I could answer that question more specifically. Let's just leave it that the event is absolutely imminent. I'll take it one step farther by saying that we are literally on a moment-by-moment basis.
I won't speculate on the various rates of the currencies -- we've done enough of that in the past -- but everything I've heard from within my sources (IMF, WTO, banks and USG agencies) tells me that the numbers have not shifted much from what I have previously discussed -- and I won't rehash that here.
Suffice it to say that everything has moved along, even if at a snail's pace, and after more than ten years of waiting through Basel III, Babylon II and international political and economic wrangling we are coming to a conclusion: one you will all appreciate!
Again, it is important to remind everyone that while we see many hands and many voices in this entire process, there has been one overriding force in bringing this to conclusion and that is the Lord Jesus Christ! The benefit to the Kingdom of God as this event matures is principally to fund the last great harvest of souls prior to Jesus' return. Beyond that, it is a promise of God -- a covenant promise clearly stated in Deuteronomy 8:18:
"But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day."
Blessings on you,
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  1. Maybe ERASMUS OF AMERICA doesn't know about Bill Benson and his 2 volume book set, 'The Law That Never Was' which is all about the 16th Amendment.
    Bill Benson went to ALL 48 States that were in existence in 1913 to Ratify the 16th Amendment and to get Official Documents, but as I recall only 4 states Ratified it Constitutionally!
    The FEDS Ordered Bill Benson to Stop selling his book, yet they still allow his website.
    There are Numerous ways to Stop the FEDS, but you can NOT just go to the Admiralty Court and file a Lawsuit!

  2. Comment from Erasmus of America. Had a problem with computer cutting off this morning and accidentally misspelled radio name for Saturday. Is Wolf Spirit Radio. Include link for it below. Will be on Saturday Jan. 18 at 4 PM Eastern time along with a good friend of mine. See you there.

  3. People always making the wrong argument over the income tax issue. Whether the 16th amendment was legally passed or not is irrelevant! Assuming if it was properly passed and is valid, that amendment did NOT give Congress any NEW taxing powers! That amendment ONLY clarified the powers Congress already had before that amendment. This is ruled by the Supreme Court in the same year they passed this amendment! In other words, the 16th amendment did NOT give Congress any power to tax a private man's labor!

    They merely MISAPPLY what the 16th amendment actually says which the key word is "INCOME"

    The Tax Code does NOT define the word "INCOME" but the Supreme Court has defined that word pertaining to the income tax to MEAN, "profit and gain"

    There is NO "profit and gain" made when a man provides his labor in exchange for anything of value. To claim all of a man's labor is PROFIT AND GAIN would mean a man's life, time and labor has ZERO VALUE which would reduce man into being nothing but a SLAVE!

    A man's personal TIME SPENT is PRICELESS and no value can be placed on that by no one. Only that man himself can consent to what he will trade time off his own life for in exchange for something.

    As an example, assume you could actually sell time off your life where you could actually give that time to another man? For example, let's say you could sell 5 years off your life and give that 5 years to another man where you would die 5 years sooner and the other man having received those 5 years of your life would live 5 years longer?

    What PRICE would you put on that 5 years off your life and how much of that price could be actual PROFIT AND GAIN?

    If you agreed to accept $5 million for those 5 years and that $5 million is taxable as "income" meaning the entire $5 million is all a PROFIT AND GAIN then that means YOUR LIFE HAS ZERO VALUE! It means you are reduced to just being a SLAVE owned by someone or something else!

    This would be exactly the same thing by claiming all you receive in exchange for your labor is all "income" MEANING all PROFIT AND GAIN!

    A man's TIME OFF HIS LIFE cannot be treated as profit and gain!

  4. Looks like 'Erasmus the Shill' pulled it off again. I am convinced this jerk is a dis info agent. Bust on the financial gurus but at least they keep it to one paragraph. Dropping names, terms, and inconclusive verbiage is becoming the American way. Throw this guy on the gut pile.