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Saturday, January 18, 2014




I know that the Federal Income Tax is illegal as it was not validly passed under terms of the U.S. Constitution. But if "They" want to pretend that it is legal, then let's play some aces once the Omni Law is passed. I just sent out nationally the Federal Income Tax Packages ordered so far. This collection of legal reports is offered on my website. I brought in a number of legal angles why the current Federal Income Tax is illegal according to the terms of the U.S. Constitution. Among many issues I raised the legal issue that the 2 volume book set, "The Law That Neve Was" by Bill Benson which I bought years ago and have in my large reference library asserted that not enough state legislatures ever ratified the 16th Amendment to make it an amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If this two volume set of books was written based upon fraudulent or forged documents, then there would be a basis for legally attacking and suppressing this set of legal copies of state documents, etc. But if it was written using valid historical documents showing what the states did towards the 16th Amendment (federal income tax) and it was forbidden to be sold because it told the legal truth about the 16th Amendment whether ratified or not, then when the Omni Law is passed, we will investigate and put into prison for life those federal personnel including federal judges  if they think they are a Mafia in control of government and so can by legal whim outlaw the U.S. Bill of Rights including Freedom of the Press when they think this serves their political purposes.
     Law is pretended law when not enforced with legal integrity. To make the legal distinction clear, a Dr. Henderson wrote a Omni Law years ago concerning land claims as I understand it when listening to him a few days ago and has absolutely nothing to do with my proposed Omni Law which is a proposed constitutional amendment to restore legal enforcement to the terms of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. The U.S. Supreme Court is now "politically correct" and not seriously loyal to the original legal intent of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. The U.S. Congress has next to zero legal integrity today towards the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. The federal agencies run by legal expediency and decrees from the Obama White House, not by serious loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights which was written to establish a limited government in America and not what early Americans called a "consolidated government" meaning a government which claimed all authority for itself and was therefore a legal tyranny according to the standards of law of the American Declaration Of Independence of 1776.
     I once listened in at a federal court hearing where the federal judge said that the American Declaration of Indepence was not the national law of America and now those in Wash., D.C. were wiser than the Founding Fathers of America. These were words of a legal coup within the federal government where they pretended loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Bill of Rights, and American Declaration of Independence, but in reality considered the law represented by these legal documents to be a legal joke to them and fit to throw into the trashcan if the public did not care. James Madison, "Father of the U.S. Constitution" and "Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights" once wrote that if the federal government in power did not obey the founding charter of America (which was the American Declaration of Independence), then their laws were invalid and illegal. Then the government itself would be  illegal as it had no authority granted to it to willfully violate the terms of the founding charter of America (American Declaration of Independence saying that the people are the source of all legal authority for government and can get rid of the government any time they felt this served the interests of their God-given rights and freedom and best interests of their nation.).  
     The U.S. Supreme Court cannot make laws. That is reserved for the U.S. Congress and when Obama issues a flood of executive decrees, this is not law but attempted national dictatorship mass violating the terms of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. Either the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights rule the U.S. Supreme Court or else the U.S. Supreme Court itself is invalid in legal authority and needs to be replaced by a U.S. Supreme Court with legal integrity to uphold the original legal intent of the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Bill of Rights, and American Declaration of Independence which says that the American people are the source of all legal authority in America and only delegate, do not transfer their legal authority over government to the government itself. That was called tyranny back in 1776 if the government tried to seize legal authority and power from the American people by legal doubletalk from con artists in Wash., D.C. pretending to be elected representatives of the American people. Too many do not represent the American people, but willfully misrepresent the American people as they do not want to do the will of the American people. They represent their own personal interests and private interests secretly backing them if they are not loyal to the American people to be their legal masters and not their legal servants such as Obama views all Americans today in his disdain, arrogance, and contempt for the American people!
     Abraham Lincoln asserted that the American people were the final authority over government when he said in his First Inaugural Address: "If the policy of the government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, then the people will have ceased to be their own rulers." The U.S. Supreme Court is basically a final court of appeal to decide specific cases of law brought to it, but not to rule the nation instead of the American people. As Napoleon once wisely observed, "To interpret the law is to corrupt the law!"
     A prominent lawyer T. David Horton was pretty blunt when he  said, "The course that lawyers take called 'Constitutional Law' frankly doesn't consist of studying the Constitution. It involves memorizing the catechism---studying the sophistries---by which one provision after another of our Constitution is construed out of existence." And as commented by T. David Horton showing what is the attitude of lawyers in general to the U.S. Constitution, "There are no questions on the bar examination on the Constitution, so why should we bother with it?"
     When the government lives by being a blood vampire and sucking the virtue out of the people so they will feel helpless before government, then the government perpetuates the helpless feeling of the people so they will be the slaves and not masters of government by brainwashing them constantly how helpless they are without the government running their lives for them! Wash., D.C. works to create the child nursery state where all your life you are treated as a small child and never an adult with legal rights to run your life by your own will and adult maturity instead of Wash., D.C. making all your personal decisions for you in your own private lives in America. You are treated as a small child from when you are born on through when you are retired and up to when you die. They finally leave you alone in peace after you are buried six feet under!
     Now I am no fool at law. Since the power elite want to stick us with bad law, let's turn the tables on them? I once had the secret investment list of maybe 47 pages of all the contacts across the world for the secret world investment market for the super rich. And as I understood it, they didn't pay taxes on deals such as one I remember was if you had one million or more dollars for this, you could get back 1,500% interest return in 90 days from when you put your money into it. This power elite laugh at the ordinary American people who pay income taxes! If a doublecross was pulled on the American people over the RV of foreign currencies, pass the Omni Law and we collect back taxes on them. Our national debt is paid off! Our state debts can be paid off! This releases a huge amount of new money as wages and business profits for the ordinary American to live with! Take the technical high payout on the RV for the super rich and the low payout given to you who were American citizens and held also foreign currencies for this pending worldwide RV, collect what was owed to you the super rich tricked out of you by using Obama and Wash., D.C. as their front, and on a fair formula of disbursement pay you at least much of the original money you were going to be paid until Wash., D.C. working for "them" instead of "you" secretly stole from you and gave instead to them!
     I studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe and make me temporary economic czar of America for six months. That way these clowns with super money won't be able to engineer hyperinflation on you to wipe out your money while their heavy wealth is stored up in gold, etc. so they are not hurt while you are financially destroyed by them! You the American people help me to pass the Omni Law and now and breathe fire down the neck of politicians to pass it or else face the anger of the nation. If you once stand up, the politicians are afraid of you and don't want the nation to turn against them! They will break and pass the Omni Law and fast if you put fire under their feet!
     I am supposed to be on Wolf Spirit Radio at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time today. A good friend of mine and very smart in various fields including natural answers in health will be with me. Mike told us that the program is ours and cover whatever topics we want to. Both my good friend and I are very unpredictable. This should prove interesting! Years ago I once was an unlisted speaker at a large national political convention and spoke to delegates from hundreds of Christian and conservative groups. I spoke on national economics with my free style and got a standing ovation from the delegates when done. They also asked me if I would run for President of America. But that took lots of money, heavy national organization, etc. which I did not have then, so nice thought but went no further!
     By the way, two of you with comments on my report UPDATE FOR THE GCR FORWARDED BY ERASMUS OF AMERICA - JAN. 17, 2014 posted with Nesara News showed good intelligence with your comments on the tax issue. You also showed good character by what you said. One other person was an obvious plant and his only arguments against me was to call me names. His style is very obviously federal intelligence plant trying to practice mob control tactics, so I will because of him now jack up the legal damage claims against Wash., D.C. up to $160 Trillion! I am not naive and don't try your psychological warfare tactics with me. Technically I justify this increase in settlement figure based upon that Obama keeps stonewalling paying me back the $525,000 originally stolen from me to block me from reestablishing my father's Vatican endorsed food process then. I know that I will not get back $525,000 as federally stolen from me. This would require an honest government and caring about the American people and the other people of all other nations as this Vatican endorsed food product is so important to world health and to prevent the pending extinction of the human race on earth implied by medical lab reports covering all parts of the world reporting on the pending biological collapse of the human race on earth. Only a super great health antidote can stop this if found fast enough! My father's great food discovery is the antidote to save the human race on earth and I am the only one who knows how to set up my father's Vatican endorsed industrial food process. Why do I mention this when I have mentioned it before? Legal maneuvering to show that Obama is quite comfortable with genocide conspiracy to kill off the human race on earth as he couldn't care less if the human race ever gets this incredibly powerful health food or not! Later on legal sources are going to want to crucify him over this issue! I want all this public record so he can't say that he did not know!
     My Federal Income Tax Package has many legal angles why the federal income tax is illegal under the U.S. Constitution. It is listed on my website if you want to find out how dishonest Wash., D.C. has been with you in law! I have won legal upsets before including beating a lawyer who had never lost in state court before until facing me. I have a trained military mind which works well in the legal field in important issues! I aim for the weakness or weaknesses that will defeat the other side. Once I get word that the Omni Law is going to be passed, then I withdrew this legal package from being offered any longer. This is to help generate pressure that Congress and state legislatures will want to pass the Omni Law and fast! State income taxes are also illegal and I show why Judge Roger Sherman and associates at the U.S. Constitutional Convention made sure that this was legally so! This is deadly law dug up from old historical legal records, etc. My federal income tax package is offered on my website under the listing of Products. I don't believe in just one angle to defeat the other side with, but many angles and this can overwhelm the other side if they try to fight it in court.
     Pass this report around and get America stirred up to pass the Omni Law. My website is www.boomamericaneconomy.com  My email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com My mailing address for any product orders or else support for the Omni Law cause is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. By the way, those who have credits in the Omni Law Loan Program, I was chess master in military school and we are much closer to checkmate on dishonest feds than they realize. We collect on this huge financial claim I now have built up against Wash., D.C. and we should (!), you should be able to retire for life off of your pro-rata share as stated in terms before. I will let the figure be lowered a little bit to get the land title I am after for building the Camelot Project on, but the remaining figure will still be colossal in size to state it bluntly! And I know where to get the money owed us at that time! And we are not going to be tied up in courts for years! This is a fast legal blitzkrietz once we play our hand and Wash., D.C. in shock never saw the legal ambush until too late!
     Enough said except for this. My financial settlement figure is really intended to create a giant fund to help start new industry in America and other things to bless the American people and other people all over the world before it is over! This is way too much money to ever take to the grave with me, and is just so we have the funds to do what is right for America and also the rest of mankind on earth. And America gets incredibly prosperous and wealth off of our legal financial settlement once completed. I intend to teach the boys in Wash., D.C. a little lesson in law they never saw coming!
     Pass this report around and let the excitement begin in America!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American who when in military school one of my professors said I would make one of the ten top lawyers in America if I ever became a lawyer. Don't remember why he said that, but people have always thought I had a very deadly legal mind and not to be underestimated! Maybe Wash., D.C. has learned the lesson! No more "dirty tricks" or do you want to shoot for $170 trillion in damages?)


  1. From Erasmus Of America, Typo error due to time factor. Correct website address above is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Time factor was short to do report due to radio show and made a minor typo error.

    1. Erasmus. What radio show. Is there a link to the radio show. I would love to listen to what you have to say.

  2. Erasmus, how can I/we turn the tables on the illegal Animal Cruelty laws in America that have been bleeding rightful owners of animals (animal racketeering?) who are innocent victims? I just won a case in Massachusetts. I am proud of the Jury in Mass. who stood by the Law of Evidence and cleared me and my good name. Finally, an individual and not a Corporation has won against Animal Activist Groups that took hold, politically, to steal the property (animals are property under the Law) of innocent ordinary people who love their animals and do not commit crimes against them. I believe my case is the first to WIN! I want to put a stop to what happened to hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent Americans. Can you help?

    1. Anon. Can you share your story. Is there a link to your case?

  3. all governments are legally and lawfully foreclosed. only need to repossess the PUBLIC property and financial instruments via writs of replevin. any thing else is just a waste of time. besides trust no one who will not identify themselves or hide things that could help people for ransom.
    Thomas David House of Deegan

  4. I guess they won't allow the Omni Law to be passed in Congress if that were to be the agenda.
    They won't let it happen like the Federal Reserve Act happen on 12/23/1913 with only a few present to pass it.
    The Cabal will get laws passed now by mandating Congress vote yes to even see the Law written by the Cabal.
    Why has it been 9 months since only 3 states were left to approve it, yet we are still waiting?

  5. Erasmus: Please do what you can to "pull the trigger" re the many changes we anticipate. I am a Dinarian with an extended family of 12 living on the razor edge of having a home and life and not, or the "street". My sanity is in question by my family. I cry for help. Please.

    1. You shouldn't have wasted your money on worthless Dinar. Your family should kick your ass dumbwad!

  6. search special assumpsit, armistice and accord in a search engine

  7. PASS THIS AROUND ,STOP BLAMING YOURSELVES WHO INVESTED IN DINAR, RV OR ANYTHING ELSE .Hang in there sick of seeing Governments are legally,and lawfully foreclosed. Governments don't give two hoots of a horses fart.about legally,OR how far you can through the horseshoe to the peg lawfully foreclosed that.Grow up Governments do not care.
    Fight for what you want , stand for what you believe, MARCH FOR WHAT YOU WANT , (FREEDOM)

  8. What is g₃oing om here mf, anonymous

  9. What is going on mr.anonymous? What are you talking about?