Friday, February 28, 2014

Eagle1 Post from KTFM Forum Wednesday Emailed to Recaps

Eagle1 Post from KTFM Forum Wednesday Emailed to Recaps

Eagle1- KTF Always Good Morning, Family! You've all heard Frank and I discuss the Global Currency Reset (GCR) from time to time. We've been fortunate enough to have some interesting inside contacts within the IMF who've provided us with some intel as they have been freed up to release it.

This information has not yet made the financial news, but here is a heads up for all of you on the group of currencies in the first "basket of currencies" out of the 168 scheduled for revaluation or devaluation.

I'd strongly suggest that you study these currencies, know what their current value is, find out what the nation's asset base is, and make your own determination as to the feasibility of investing in them.

Time is of the essence in this -- obviously!! Two of the currencies listed are two we've talked about and are very familiar with -- the IQD and the VND., or within days What is interesting about this list is that these two currencies are obviously revaluing either at the same time of each other.

The IQD's revaluation is literally "moments away", if I can put it like that, and the Dong will follow almost immediately thereafter.
Following is the list as it was provided to me: Jordanian Dinar, Somali Shilling, Seychelles Rupee, Sao Tomean Dodras (whatever that is), Tunisian Dollar, Syrian Pound, Tanzanian Shilling, Malaysian Ringg, UAE Dirham, Peruvian Nuevo, Philippine Peso, Qatari Rial, Namibian Dollar, Euro, Nigerian Naira, Omani Rial, Chinese Yuan, Kazakhstani Tenge, Lebanese Pound, Vietnamese Dong, Iraqi Dinar, Colombian Peso, Bolivian Bolivano, and the Venezuelan Bolivar. 

The Venezuelan Bolivar devalued this past week by something on the order of 50% against the USD. The Euro is slated for devaluation and elimination several weeks or months from now, and it will be replaced by the new German Mark (the Mark II), which will be the new currency of the European Union.

You'll notice that the USD is not among this list. The USD is going to lose value, but from all I've seen and heard, its value will drop and then gain in stages in relationship to other currencies.

One currency not on this list that I was advised was going to devalue this week is the New Zealand Dollar. I'm not sure if that was an error or not, or if it is supposed to be in the next basket, but keep an eye on the NZD.

Blessings on you. Eagle1


The IMF's growth projections for Iraq through 2030:

Posted by Flashing

Iraq’s Oil Export to Increase, among All Members of OPEC                      

Starting from this year, Iraq’s annual oil export is anticipated to increase gradually. This trend will continue until 2017. By that time (2017), the oil export volume of Iraq will be around $150 billion. It is to be noted that other countries, participating as the member of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), are expected to experience fall in oil export in coming 5 years. It is only Iraq, who will experience the positive growth in this context. The whole thing has been forecasted by International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Saudi Arabia Will Continue to Be at the Top

Total oil export volume of Iraq has been anticipated to rise by $102.63 billion this year to $149.74 billion by 2017. On the other hand, the total oil export volume of OPEC, including all its member countries, is anticipated to climb a massive figure of $1.27 trillion to $1.15 trillion during this period.

Although, except Iraq no other OPEC member countries are expected to show any positive growth in oil export, Saudi Arabia is predicted to clinch the top spot again as the global oil exporter. However, the country will experience a decrease from $334.16 billion to 296.44 billion in their oil export. Presently, Iraq ranks 6th, in the list of the oil exporters of OPEC! Iraq is expected to become the second largest oil exporter by the year of 2017, overtaking United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Nigeria and Qatar.

According to International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2012, Iraq will be the second largest global exporter by the year of 2030, surpassing Russia. By the year of 2035, the country will occupy 45% growth of the total growth in global production.





Replay is at      805-399-1500    409029#

We remain at high alert today and through the weekend.   Tony will tweet the 800 number (s) , be checking, .info, or .net if you don’t get his tweets. We will send the 800 numbers to this list when we get them.Tony will do a call as soon as he gets exchange details from the banks and as soon as the conference call people can set up a call, which should take about an hour.  The call will be archived unless Tony’s NDA prevents that. 

You can choose to call the 800 number immediately and not wait to hear Tony’s call.   We shall see.  Once again, for the 800 call, you will need name, phone, zip code, unused email, number of dinar and dong you hold, and know which bank you want to do business with.

DC Guy has seen a sample bank contract, and it, he said, didn’t seem unreasonable, but it required you leave 20% of your money in the bank for 3 years.  If you did not like that condition, you could shop other banks, but you may lose a higher rate because of the delay in doing that.  I personally would be ok with such an agreement as long as the bank guaranteed return of the full 20%, preferably with interest, because I can still diversify the other 80% or invest per my personal plan.

When he goes to the bank, Tony’s posture will be “What are you going to give me that would convince me to leave my money here, because I will shop around, and if I find a better deal elsewhere (after the exchange), I will move my funds, except for what I agree by contract to leave here.”


Yuan ranked 7th "most used" currency in January 2014-02-28 18:53:44

BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhuanet) -- The Chinese yuan became the seventh most used currency in January, surpassing the Swiss franc. That's according to global transaction services organization SWIFT.

The yuan now claims 1.39 percent of market share after payments increased 30.6 percent last month.

Still, the transactions remain heavily lopsided as Hong Kong has clinched a market share of 73 percent, followed by the UK, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, France and Australia.

The yuan has overtaken 22 currencies during the past three years, including the Singapore and Hong Kong dollars.

The Chinese government has steadfastly promoted the yuan, notably clarifying details last week for cross-border yuan transactions in the Shanghai free trade zone.


  1. "Quote from this post "The whole thing has been forecasted by International Monetary Fund (IMF)." The IMF is an arm of the Federal Reserve and a monetary country KILLER. The Federal Reserve is now 100% exposed as a GLOBAL ponzi scheme. It's 100 year charter is expired and all the money of this criminal slave trade is at the top. Great scheme and it worked. Yes the changes are coming and I pray that this OBVIOUS paradigm shift goes the way of GOOD vs. BAD. After all evil can only win if good men do nothing! Talking in ways that leaves anything associated with the Federal Reserve in place after the shift is just bad karma folks! Watch CT for a Concorde/Lexington moment soon! Go CT patriots you are in my prayers!

  2. The Venezuela bolivar VEF did not devalue by 50% per reports made to IMF during the month of Feb. 2014:

    The old bolivar VEB is no longer used. But the claimant provided no symbol, so who knows what this person is talking about - it is not the VEF.

    I bet no one verified this statement, probably because most people who've invested in currency have no education in this area and do little to gain their own knowledge.

    Having traded in the forex market these posts & calls are hilarious entertainment for me. On the TNT call Friday 2/28 'DC' actually stated the federal reserve was created to stabilize the economy. That is so wrong, I won't even attempt to correct. All I can say is get off twitter & read a book!